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    we are so taken back by your OP

    who would have guessed you would hit feeders,

    we only defended Arties, Caps and hammers

    (cough) (cough) UT SPLAT (cough) (cough)

    I never knew how scared you are of our feeders !!!

    Important to note it's often forgotten that lower pop players that are not top heavy with gold still play a vital role for supporting a ww, there definitely worth their weight in gold Urk (pardon the pun) so you see it's not really about which alliances spend more or if it's good or bad. It's about acknowledging that there are still players that play without gold or very limited use, even in modern day travian, that are just as valuable if not more so then the gold lined ego driven, cheating players we have seen from the likes of Tasmanian devil, himmo and MZY1994 just to name a few from vices, now these gold greedy cheats usually hog defenses too. Could you imagine Urk what would happen if a player like this gets banned again when it comes to the crunch ?

    Can you go back to Arkham... please

    you seem so foreign to how the world works, I feel sorry for you.

    the world does not work on "Equality for All"

    it works on justice and fairness, something you clearly know nothing about.

    A player spending more time and resources in game should given more importance than others.

    A account's importance is decided by both how well developed ( troops + infra ) the account has

    also by how much active they are in ally-wide participation in CFDs, CFRs, OPs and Spam Room

    We are not some kids crying for getting hurt, ( that too on feeders, :D )

    All vices are mature

    We trust our leaders to make the best decision for alliance. and seeing how we have most of the arties since day 100,

    I would say our leaders are literally blowing you out of the water.


    Regarding TD, as a fellow player I am sure they didnt cheat, and best wishes to them to resolve the mis-understanding related to ban quickly....

    no you are the exact definition of a hippocrite as you say always spreading lies and doing the other thing you say. That gets old really quick just like your pride of winning a bot match in which you have to use cheats to win

    ofcourse you will say so.....

    after being exposed

    also, a person who spreads lies is called "LIAR" not a hypocrite

    man KID!!! at least come up with your own original insults.... dont just copy cat hippo what other said you

    clearly it showcases your mental level as a child

    FYI my user name is "BOT"

    does that make me a bot?

    if so, how does it feels, the bot is kicking your rear better than you both in game and in forums

    you dont know what you are talking about so be quiet woman

    LOL, FYI i am a guy...


    Your thinking is so 3rd world

    but then again what can we expect form a HIPPOCRITE

    Why discuss morals if you cant even handle logic. Simple as that lol I just say it out loud when others do not

    yeah its so logical to refer to someone as "Woman" and tell them to go quite...

    is that how your family treats women in your home?

    or did your family teach you that "Its logical to suppress women"

    Yes it is my fault. That is for sure. I have been one of the many encouraging more and more players to delete. You do not deserve any opposition for the way you play and the cheats you use. Best way to fight techs (read: multies) is to not fight them at all. Luckily theres only a few good players left on the server so you have nothing to be proud of when you win

    Have you deleted yourself?

    No ...

    hahaha, you sad HIPPOCRITE

    maybe change your DP accordingly

    here are some references

    hippopotamus images

    Gloat as much as you want about chiefing an already ghosted rammer, it is making all the more pathetic kiddo. Self-proclaimed pro OC... who didn't even know how to make a single op up until last month. Truly entertaining. Still waiting for your wildly successful OPs towards SGR

    He is not self-proclaimed

    the success of ops speaks for itself as strong facts

    which #Mega Meta dont have

    Not our fault, you ppl still holding on to all the Confusion Arties in the server

    1 month of OP experience is enough to beat you guys....

    LOL your DC must be from kindergarten

    Poor Mega-Meta / Motley Crew, they have lost so much

    They have lost Unique Arties

    They have lost 100+ players

    They know they will lose the server too,

    Perhaps they have known since day 100

    so they started making the story about Vices are all cheaters....

    to save their faces when game ends...

    Poor souls : m trying to explain its Quantum Activity

    maybe this post is Quantum too

    They cant do both : reading the post and understanding the post at the same time....

    If only they knew little bit about Quantum Activity, they might have been able to understand it.

    ahahaaa get your mind straight LOL!! no one wants to play against cheaters like you because theres no point. ofc they are losing you idiot.

    Is SGR is filled with wussies like you?

    if you win then you play fair, but if we win, then we cheat...

    seems like that your pea-sized brains cant comprehended our

    Quantum Gaming

    please #Mortley Crew

    go learn how to play game better, then maybe your 700 players would be a challenge to we 200...

    or you are welcome to come share your grief here

    its always fun trolling you guys.

    Good. Make them all delete. No one should be forced to play a boring server like com1. And no one should be forced to play against cheaters and toxic people like you.

    No need to get bitter...

    They are playing and deleting on their own accord, no ones forcing them...

    they must have realized that there is no pride in playing 3x1 and still getting beaten every Monday

    the only reason you wont want to play is because you are looooooosing

    Actually I think we should change your name from #Super Meta to #Motley_crew

    it will suit you better.

    This gave me a good chuckle. Honest question - have you ever played this game before Vices/Villains? I have personally played (more than once) in a single wing alliance where we have beaten multiple 3-4 wing metas. I know of at least 3-4 other examples on top of my head too (not sure how imbalanced the sizes were in each of them though)

    and you still merged 3 quads against us


    lol ele dont you take part in this or you go nuts too. vices are all about illogical propaganda. run before the halfwits catch you too.

    So far it has been your propaganda that we are all cheaters and you SUPER LAMERS are righteous....

    now we do propaganda too....

    is there anything in your life we have not beaten you to !!

    Thanks for the update! SGR/TEN leaders are horrible at updating us on what has happened good or bad, but I guess mostly bad based on this post

    I heard that internally, you all are talking about how this server is a foregone conclusion. (I guess your super cheating plans are working out well)

    see ... here she comes again with same propaganda ....

    La Mala Ice

    Its not cheating,

    its called quantum activity :

    we are online and offline at the same time 24x7

    and no one knows our troops location and movement at the same time

    means super active defense team

    (our cfds are filled within an hour)


    highly mysterious offense team, even participants dont know who is being hit real...


    Typical Obi wan posts are like

    quote someone

    add his own imagination to the quote

    take the post way out of context

    and write non-sense that no sane person can understand.....

    I used to think only Batman is Delusional, but we got entire Arkham patients out in wild...

    We were disucssing Pizzas but you had to bring the boring stuff back didnt u?

    Coming back to Pizzas :

    I know ketchup is different from tomato Sause : but in India its 90% same :

    only 1% public knows its different and maybe 0.1% uses it differently :p

    I have tried pizza in Italian resturants, and there its no need of sauce / ketchup

    but big pizza vendors in India like "Pizza Hut" "Dominos" and almost every non-itallian one

    the bread is very differnt and you need sauce to eat it

    and yes I like both corn and mushrooms on mine : vegeterian : plus corn is well cooked and spiced up

    something you must try once and decide if its worth or not on pizza

    That is a pretty common pizza in România Plus, at most of our pizza places we have sweet and spicy bottles of ketchup on the table even before ordering. I did send some pictures on vices spam room, they said it actually looks nice But I understand that in some countries, putting ketchup on your pizza is seen as weird

    I am with Teo completely : In India we rarely eat pizza without ketchup : tomato sause

    Please try to understand both bread and the sause will be very different from what you guys have normally

    In India, baked items and bread go very commonly with Tomato Sauses

    Kids love it here

    and even my habbit of putting ketchup in literally everything has only reduced recently :p

    Although discussing pizza sounds more interesting than bashing SGR

    we should come back to Com1

    Respect for vices and what they did for us with the truce. I suggest vices also heed there own advice and try to stop baiting players by posting more nonsense here.

    you are the only one posting one non-sense post after another.....

    but then again, you don't have enough IQ to understand it

    so it cant be helped....

    I'm sorry vices that your unscrupulous play has led us to assemble a joint justice league strike force, combined to send another powerful message and statement to the com1 domain.

    It's true we originally preferred to play on our own merits, we united only because as a travian community we can not stand idly by and allow these type of villains to keep destroying the game we are all passionate about, especially when the villainy of those being punished far exceed even the rest of the 3 quads combined...

    You should be sorry, for your sad plays where you cant even defend one arti ....

    the only team play I see from you guys is attack timings which also have lost its taste !!!....

    how dare you compare yourself with Justice League...

    they were a proper team risking everything to protect each other.

    Your teamwork just sucks...

    I just have one thing for you....

    "Your thinking is so old, it makes dust look like a baby"

    Arti Stats on Day 154

    Even after all the drama about good and evil by some, especially( Bat Man , La Mala Ice )

    made in this forum

    How hard is it for you to admit, the Vices OP planned this time was leaps and bounds ahead of yours.

    even TD sacrificing his own CAP was something you guys cant comprehend.

    Kudos to a player taking one and giving back 2 hits for the team.

    TD was willing to that because they knew we whole alliance will back them up !!!

    The only fact which is clear is the so called "Super Meta"

    is not competent enough to handle Vices despite being 3x bigger

    Lost 3rd unique now !!!

    only shows the lack of team-spirit in your own Meta.

    If only you guys spent some time in improving your own game instead of coming here, falsely accusing us of being only cheaters and evils (OMG)

    the game will be so much more fun.

    I have a funny story of a quantum world

    Enemy fires 2 bullets on you

    1 at location A, other at location B

    15 secs gap

    you are at B

    Bullet Crosses A

    8 secs have passed

    You move to A

    and suddenly die

    from a bullet 8 secs ago,

    Welcome to Com 1

    A player losses his cap even when switching it after 8 seconds of chiefs.

    @TG change your name to QUANTUM TRAVIAN

    so we players know what we are signing up for.!!!

    @TG change your name to "QUANTUM TRAVIAN"

    this is how funny the situation is

    Enemy fires bullets at Location A, B (15 secs difference)

    Player was at B

    bullet crossed Location A, 8 secs have passed

    Player moves to A

    and dies

    FROM A BULLET 8 secs ago.

    Are we playing Time Travel here?

    Can you please explain to me : how can your server be in EVENT JAM for 8 seconds.....

    Least you can do is resolve this by restoring the cap.