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    Adding on to the "Enemy of Enemy is a friend" propaganda from SGR and Ten LL

    how long before you start sharing arties with each other?

    TenLL has only 1 LD, while SGR has 2 SD and 1 LD

    are you seriously telling me Ten LL wont get to park at SGR diets ?

    or your plan B is #SPLATS

    Posting on latest updates about Artefacts

    Vices have 35 arties, SGR and TEN 26 each

    and as we all can agree, Confusion arites and Fools are least desired

    so if we ignore the Confusion and Fools (even unique fool)

    Vices have 32 arties and both SGR and Ten LL have 16 each

    its clear SGR is high on confusion and fools, perhaps that was the reason they could not see even with Unique Eyes

    and LOST IT :P

    So. Many. Techs. I'd be surprised if there are more than 100 real people playing this server. Each VICE player is running 10 accounts at minimum, no doubt. I'm sure Loffe is showing everyone the gray area of the rules. I guess that's why it's so easy for them to defend against post-arti, single-shot cata attacks.

    Omg, I didnt know even I have 10+ techs working for me.... can you point them for me, I need to start using them.

    Vices is the most numerous team, I guess they'll do wonders :)

    Vices are 211, SGR 217 + 76 = 293, Ten-ll 284

    I think you meant only original accounts, not tech, multi-es and cousins !

    La Mala Ice

    Listen you could have praised sgr without bringing vices...

    But you choose to bring us

    Now you should not expect us to keep silent

    Hoping you have some mutual interest in playing gam3 n would calmly stop throwing mud n false accusations #AtTheSide


    You are like the worst kind of troll. Thinks he is witty, but is plain old pedestrian.

    Seriously, you should not bring such slurs...

    Wtf you havr against a pedestrain

    That you think you are better human then them?

    Insulting fellow players is one thing

    But insulting a class of society due to their age/economic/social status.. just too low.

    Only tells me about ur cheap character

    Completely agree with Obi-Wan, disagreement is common in multiplayer games and in forums, should not have gone to personal insults just because I dont agree with what others said....

    could have stated my opinion without bringing La Mala Ice.

    new to forum so, got really pissed off reading the post initially,

    now I think, it does not even matter.

    Fighting in games is much better than here :p

    Haha, Point proven!

    Oh some one had their feelings hurt? The bad name of VICES precedes them. What can I say where there is smoke there is fire. Artifacts don't give you the win, so I am not exactly bothered by arti outcome.

    WELL YOU STARTED THE ACCUSATIONS WITH RESPECT TO ARTI OUTCOME, so we all know how hurt you are.... no use putting on a brave face now :P

    still waiting for 1 solid piece of information from your side that we cheated! ...

    but no matter how much confused you are, even you cant create something non-existent

    If you dont have any facts to share, then dont go slinging mud first

    and expect a flower in return.

    your baseless accusations have no place here....

    but maybe thats all you could do, while my ally was busy getting Arties.

    New to forum so did not realize earlier, but thats all you couple of players actually do,

    if only you had spent more time in improving your game play instead of bad mouthing others.

    @obi wan : Thanks for the chill pill, I will go focus on game rather than play mud with your lonely souls.

    Hi. Could you allow Adventures to have a Spawn time. I would like to see a timer that tells you when your next Adventure will Spawn.

    What do you think.


    I agree with rest, this is something not required to play travian, rather must not be there.

    it will kill this randomness in game.
    but if you want to be better prepared, always make sure you keep 1 or 2 adventures in stack

    dont use them all

    this is what I do, because I need to do 1 adventure per day for daily quest, and sometimes its possible that adventure for that day will come at the last hour,

    and you may miss that due to travelling time or you are offline, or your hero is out for some other reason.....

    hoping it will help you play the game better!

    5 days past ARTI release

    Vices have 34 Arites in total

    SGR have 26

    interestingly TEN and Lowlands have merged leading to meta

    Ten-LL with 25 arties

    Others : FOX alliance seems to have rest 2

    Another point to note is VICES dont have any confusion with them,

    all the confusion seems to be split between SGR and TEN-LL members

    so my dear fellow readers, please keep that in mind when you read their posts on how much cheating we do.

    Well things are more or less settled. If you are on com1, you can look in the treasury to see who got what.

    I would say that SGR did rather well. Thanks to the artifact coordinators for all their hard work and doing a thankless job. We got a lot of good artifacts, missed on a few.

    I chatted with a few com1 veterans, note I haven't played in years, and so many mentioned the systemic cheating in VICES. Using proxies to launch hammers to make sure they get launched as quickly as possible. Multi accounts to set up catapult villages. So in light of all that reliable information from upstanding sources, I would say that SGR did more than good in comparison to the underhanded tactics of those across the border from us.

    Using proxies to launch hammers, are you this dumb?
    a player spends 100 days building a hammer to launch and grab arties, and wont be available at the time or ARTI release, you really think ALL SGR members can come during that time but not VICES... please MY DEAR VETERAN, go throw your thoughts at garbage, they are beyond recycling.
    Multi Accounts for catapult villages? please name one I dare you!
    share some of your reliable information with us, BET YOU CANT.......

    the only thing underhanded is you coming here, crying (YES CRYING) because we took more arties than you could ( even after you count the SC :P)

    Solution in attachment :


    1st Ladder :

    keep 1st end at top edge and 2nd end at right edge,

    make the angle to both edges 45 degrees

    2nd ladder,

    keep 1st end on middle of 1st ladder, and 2nd end on the top-right corner of exit-area

    Math Proof :

    DY = XY = 300

    lets say sq2 = square root of (2) = 1.414

    DX = 300 * sq2 = DC + CX

    DC = 300

    AB = 300, also AC = BC and AC + BC = 300

    hence AC = 150

    also angle CAX = 45 degrees = angle AXC

    angle XCA = 90 degrees

    hence AC = CX = 150

    ladder length :

    DX = DC + CX = 300 + 150 = 300 * (1 + 0.5) = 300 * (1.5)

    length needed is 300 * sq2 : 300 * 1.414

    hence ladder provide more lenght and are feasible

    UserName : BOT

    Domain : COM 1