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    this is the reply i got from support

    What you describe is a known issue. This might also happen in regular fights. The amount of exp gained by the Hero and the attack/defense points you gain can vary by +- 1 point for each combat.
    This was reported several times during the last 10 years. The way the game calculates losses and the way the game code calculates exp/def/off points varries. Fixing this would be a huge efford.

    Development run some statistics and they decided to not fix this bug, but rather put it into "known issues".
    The reason for that (besides the huge efford) is, that compared to the total amount of attacks that happen, this bug only appears in rare cases. And since its only +- 1 exp difference, the effect for a player (advantage/disadvantage) is very low compared to the total amount of exp a Hero has.

    I hope i could explain it to you in an understandable way.

    Hey guys

    I have seen hero getting lesser exp than what he kills during raid

    I have seen 3 very specific instance of this happening
    all includes wild boars (clay/clay-crop) oasis

    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    these 3 reports
    My hero should have received 21, 20 and 12 exp respectively
    but her received 20, 19 and 10 exp instead

    I raised this issue to support but they claim that they have no information about my hero exp prior to attack so they cant trace it back
    (3rd one in report)

    Initially i thgt it might be just me overthinking and let it go
    but 2 instances happened today only back to back (1st 2 in report)

    SO IS there any information about why is this happeining
    pretty sure its not supposed to


    Red bottle contains the cure

    Nil wrote true instructions
    Menes wrote false instructions

    Red bottle is false : made by Menes
    then Number of bottles made by meme is at-least 2, should be false
    hence we can say number of bottles made by Menes is at max 1

    and since red bottle is assumed to be made by Menes, it should be the only one
    which means Nil made other two bottles (yellow and blue)
    since both have written they are cure, both should be true
    but there is only 1 cure out of 3, hence our assumption is wrong

    Red bottle is true : made by Nil
    hence atleast 2 other are made by Meme
    that means both Yellow and Blue are made by Meme
    which means both are not cure ( false instruction on both of them )
    which means only Red is cure

    Since Assuming Red : false was proved invalid, assuming red = true must be valid
    and if red made by Meme
    then other 2 are not cure (false instruction)
    Hence Red bottle is cure

    Task Adventure 4, I see none replied
    must be because there was no answer to that puzzle
    I tried it for 4-5 hours and still could not get a logical solution
    must be one of the room's symbol was mistaken

    To all those who think demolishing Bakery was a bad, I bet they even made SAWMILL, Brickyard, IronFoundary in a 15c

    If not, then you look yourself into mirror and tell me, why someone demolishing BAKERY for a space is bad?

    Your argument is Bakery gives crop, tiles give crop, so why demolish Bakery for crop tile,
    Many reasons
    1 : after tiles are done, we can make Bakery Again,
    2 : 15c oasis with 150% + Egyptian, Bakery Bonus % is 25,
    but unlike other tribes, we are comparing 25% with 350%, instead of 25% over 200%, so for Egyptians Bakery is much less valuable anyway
    3 : Lets get over the actual numbers of running with Bakery and without Bakery, Referring to (from Ironik)

    Gold bonus (25%) for crop is active,
    Without Bakery Granary : 400k
    All tiles lv 18
    15 Tiles ((1 + 3.25 oasis_grain_water) * 2240 per tile) * (1 + 0.25 gold bonus) = 178.5k / hr
    ncp every 2:14:27 : 11 ncp per day
    All tiles lv 19
    15 Tiles ((1 + 3.25 oasis_grain_water) * 2800 per tile) * (1 + 0.25 gold bonus) = 223.12k / hr
    ncp every 1:47:34 : 14 ncp per day
    With Bakery Granary : 320K
    All tiles lv18
    15 Tiles ((1 + 3.5 oasis_grain_bakery_water) * 2240 per tile) * (1 + 0.25 gold bonus) = 189k / hr
    ncp every 1:41:35 : 14 ncp per day
    All tiles lv19
    15 Tiles ((1 + 3.5 oasis_grain_bakery_water) * 2800 per tile) * (1 + 0.25 gold bonus) = 236.25k/ hr
    ncp every 1:21:16 : 18 ncp per day
    Difference of not having bakery is about 13k per hour in about 200k so about 6.5%, not 25%
    Also you need to do 3-4 less ncps per day due to higher Granary

    Making all from lv 18 to 19 will take 15 tiles (about 2552k resources per crop tile) = 38280k resources,
    Without Bakery
    all lv18 tiles produce 178.5k
    so it will take 214 hours or 9 days to make all tiles lv18 to 19
    actually lesser given each tile converted to 19 will add to overall crop prod of 178.5k

    9 days Player will loose 13k per hour, that makes it 9 * 24 * 13 = 2808k resources

    so just 2808k resources are lost, but on the other hand you SAVING 3-4 ncps per day for 9 days
    and less prone to crop overflow,
    NOTE: 15-16 hours of overflow will make you loose about 3000k resources too
    so for a period of 9 days, choosing to remove bakery is definitely not a bad choice

    I HOPE these so called pro mathematicians, will do their math before insulting others in public and revealing their own stupidity.