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    I have known travian for 10 years, was really impressed when they came up with Hero system, Natars, ROA, and other various stuff to make game more interesting, NEW Tribes also a great initiative... BUT PLEASE
    Its the one thing u cant do no matter what
    I cant even remember how many times we got no-starvation in com1

    I am a software developer by profession, and I seriously cant imagine how ur UX updates breaks core game functionalities so easily
    Thnx for the map bug fixes btw

    going back to raiding

    The answer of our german CM today was, that the developer are working as fast as they can to bring a bugfix - but the "known issues" are the same as I read here, yes.

    • Marketplace: Coordinates disappear at village change.
    • Marketplace: Click on a resource-icon without function.
    • Autocomplete: Enter the first 3 instead of just the first 2 characters of the village name.
    • Card: The swords are not displayed correctly during troop movements.
    • Mobile: The card can not be pushed.
    • The escape key does not close popups anymore.
    • Meeting Place: Attack markers are not saved.
    • Farm List (Safari / FF): It is not possible to delete entries

    (I hope google-translate brings the right translation for the bugs ^^)

    Thanks Catz,
    it pretty much summarizes all the issues m having so far....

    AND I cant understand the reason for them to push these updates in com servers
    when they know these bugs are there...

    CAN ANYONE FROM Travian Admin comment on this part
    Why the updated was pushed thru if this many bugs were already known

    Why untested? This version is running on german servers since 23.01.18
    With the same known bugs ... btw. seems to be no bugs, more features :evil:

    running with same known bugs?

    are u serious
    u mean to say they launched a buggy version on us
    in middle of server with full knowledge of the bugs it will have ?

    and if they cant fix it from 23:01... then what the point of even writing it here in forums
    they made it clear, they aint listening

    I am unable to see swords on accounts I am raiding
    in the map

    no red/green or scout icon are coming

    on top of that, some abandoned valleys where i am not raiding anymore are getting them
    and let us play the game in peace

    Also, reports text are made lighter, its hurting my eyes
    the new resource tile looks is very bad

    I believe you guys should play for one server
    and yes Make TG ally, only limited to TG players

    it will give u good exposure of how we players feel about ur changes and what should be more prioritized

    PS: I still dont like the snow ux change, too much snow, almost made me blind

    for a game running over a decade
    you guys still manage to bring up new bugs every few weeks,

    I mean seriously, how hard is it to keep things simple and let us have a good game for only one server, is it too much to ask for?
    Your bug-fixes releases new bugs,
    would be really , literally nice if you can give us a bug-free server sometime soon