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    There is maybe a missunderstanding regarding NewOrder and the Meta.

    (1) I'm not sure if were in a Meta - idc anymore

    (2) There was mostly 0 interaction between NO and the other alliances

    (3) Our standing regarding some group (I dont need to define this more clear hopefully) was more than clear during the server, which established some huge conflicts.

    Sad sad. Lost top10 starting from rank 2 most of the server within 72 hours by simply only friendly shit, and whats even worse, is the fact, that its possible today to even discuss openly in forums without any consequences.

    I want a discussion about this and a solution. Whats happening here at the moment is not acceptable. The following points needs to be discussed openly Ameno   Minke   Ridder Huma

    (1) Friendly bashing/deffending regarding statistics ingame. Is this acceptable behaviour (maybe I'm wrong here)? Or better lets say: Is the sense of this game to act like this to get good ranks which should represent great players? Because great players cannot achieve this at the moment. Thats an overall problem of the full tournament servers especially also because of (3)

    (2) At the moment we have situation, which I see inside meta I was in past, but also in forum and personal discussions, which is like: Everybody cheats, if we dont cheat, we cannot compete. I know that this is also a problem of players and mentality as rinobit here earlier told. Anyways. The tournament is a *fucked* server like this and imho has zero glance.

    (3) Prices&benefits linked to rankings: Its a major problem, because as long we have prices (medals, extra keys, gold) for top rankings, people will try to achieve this. At the moment it seems like overall the most top 10 rankeds can be only achieved by questionable methods. As said before: Great players are not honored in most cases. That implicates, that people try to tricks the system, which is a clout for each fair player.

    (4) I expect thats not the only person but at least he openly showed hes real face here. Emerik should not represent the community as a "lot" participant when his alliance under his leadership with his authority at the same point manipulate the tournament.

    Maybe Ridder Huma , could you reply here to the discussion? How can it be, that the top ranking is dominated since 48 hours by self bash and deffense? I mean the ranks are linked to prices, but in the end that's a big comedy (like each year) and It's even discussed openly here in the chat (see eg emeriks statement why his alliance is selfbashing for ranks).

    I mean everybody sees, that this is not real and a joke ..

    Are you kidding me emerik? Exs for example did 1,5kk like the last 24h and you tell me something about secure deffrankings? This guy is far away from what he performed on this server. You punish the guys who seriously played here even It's a less amount.

    You talk about manipulating rankings?

    Oh, I'm partly with you, especially regarding our Meta (we didnt enter here, its lasting now for longer time in this constellation, only TG.EP was new).

    Anyways, as I said - NewOrder solved it by moving into another quad, to avoid just sim for tickets and thats it. We came for some competition on .com (.de/groupd was not exciting) and we found. We had several enemy groups in our sector, like VN, Wega, SH, AOTW, ... and as you may see in our stats, there was some action. We did a lot of mission and also found some enemy ones on us. Our target never was WW100 so we just played to improve ourselves. Besides all those fuck, which happened on this server, i'm fine with what we found and did (also several mistakes to learn from).

    btw did you also play on the anglo ptp x2 with maps&duris?

    We already decided internally that this was dumb idea.

    Let me explain: This is our finals meta (or was) and the most groups decided to play only for ticket. Thats also why we played in another quad as NewOrder, we mostly played solo. Overall there was not such a high interaction between the metas alliances. But i can understand, that this sounds dumb to you - it is probably, because the meta is simply too strong for a qualifications server (especially when playing real) ...

    Cup attacked us today, same as you, with earlier arrival, but was fake. Thats why it was renamed from Cup to TG.EP when we saw your heroes and Cup didnt add aynthing, was more obvious.

    For the stolen boots: Congrats! The account helped me via sitting to move it in Vigoz but then fall asleep and didn't safe his own. Sad, but happened. Not relevant in endgame. So celebrate yourself for a stolen artefact - we have stolen several ones.

    great work Emerik

    I'd really like to publish the pm about the fair friendly deffending you support. You're a lot representant and a leader of a cheater alliance! Good job! Good combination!

    @TG I want a statement here, why its possible since years, that 70% of the people going for those prices and medals are cheaters and you dont act in any way. The most players only do it by friendly deffense and scout bashing using multis and so on. Thats not to tolerate in any way and hardly punish each fair player.

    And dont come me with sending an ingame report to the ret. We all know that nothing is going to happen. You lost control about this game for too long. Each year is a bug desaster or a unfair bullshit, especially in tt server.

    I was inside in a lot of groups or got friends there, I saw metas from the inside and there is a common mood: Yes we cheat. We need to cheat. We cannot compete other ways. Yes we want medals and yes we let our players cheat for this. Because others do the same. Thats a circle which needs to be opened...

    And yes, i'm not happy about that - i was playing the whole server fair, now seeing the last 2 days how everybody bash friendly to climb in statistics. To get prices and medals. And you will be calm, as ususal. And you let the people do, because yeah - they pay money. good job! Is this the future of travian?

    Other topic, some reports just from the last few hours:

    Newface vs NewOrder

    ottomans vs neworder

    TG.EP vs Neworder

    We dont have a lot left of troops so That's not helpful. Anyways. We have a 125% 15c, finished field 19 with arte time, resulting in 430k/h. Furthermore we popped a lot as you Can see. Many villages, many Ressource. We were rank 1-2 mostly the whole server in production. We had 9 villas for anhur, 5 villas ash, 2 villas reseph + 2 Hammers (small in Wega area, 100k Hammer next to cap) for running missions and farm. With that infrastructure It's not hard to train so many villages. Since we started deffending at a very early stage of the server we always had the Situation of deffense, regenerate, deffense, regenerate so It's possible to go also for high Rankings without using any friendly deffense. Oh I forgot, we had total 1 Push Overall the server in alliance for the second hammer.

    Our raiders all have several Hammers and the accs are played by several people. They all use boots artefact and only farm micro and a bit macro, but not friendly. Like this It's possible to compete for weeks top10.

    You dont need to let me know that cheaters will catch us in Ranking. Sad, but True.

    They are talking about this player



    Plz stop b.....g about it. We all know that everyone “cheats” according to your methods including you. How did build all that deff and off armies with out getting resources one way or another. I guess Emric way with the “technical “ account. We see them the same as multis. I believe since you spent money effort and time I have the right to do whaterve in Thisbe game. You are the biggest hypocrite in This game. If your claims are right i do not think this game is for you. Everyone use multis for diff and farm. Look for another game that suits you.

    By the way no harm in killing my troops for off or diff I made them I use them the way I like in this game.i can not take my deff with me home after the game is done

    How bad are you guys If you think we need techs to build those troops? :D holy Shit.

    So Arabs? Have some nice reports from the guy just doing 1,4kk deffense points within the last hours and still raising?

    Edit: please show it with a video. It's more epic

    Same for you Emerik : Shame on you to do the same. Friendly deffending to secure your players deffrankings. Cheat, because other cheat. Yes. That's how to solve this dilemma.