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    1. If you see 2 whites, you are wearing black

    2. If you see white and black, you either wear black or white. If you wear white it would make 2 whites and 1 black combination and the one wearing black would know immediately the answer. So if none answer immediately, you can conclude that you wear black.

    3. If you see 2 blacks, you either wear black or white. If you wear white somebody will see black and white and can deduce after a while ( similar to the point elaborated in 2.) So after a very long time you can deduce that everyone is seeing the same thing which make them confused and the 3 are wearing black.

    I’m just trolling here :thumbsup: I mean finally SGR have to admit either they’re the bad guys ( which is against their propaganda where Vices are :))) either SGR and TEN-LL are merging like last round ( which is what they try to deny for some time now )

    Anyway that’s exactly what you were saying in your previous post :P I don’t state anything in additional, sorry actually just trolling around :*:*:*

    UhhOhh :/ How could you admit the 1st scenario when the propaganda is all about Vices cheating and SGR playing the good guys ?

    As for the 2nd scenario. Maybe that's just trainer rotation lol. I guess UT rotation doesn't mean merging at all haha 8o Big rotation though

    A few attack here and there

    A well planned OP with perfect timing and all is referred as FeW aTtAcK hErE aNd ThErE. Your OC and all the OP hammers would be too sad to see their effort means nothing to you :)))))))))