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    Not sure how many people would like this, but i would rather TG make the game info easier to access. Some people dislike techs, some like them, but instead of forcing any kind of restrictions, just make techs easier to notice.

    # NAP / Confederacies should be showed on alliance pages without a possibility to remove it;

    # once Confederacy is signed, it should take 3 days to come in effect (1 day in speed servers) - to avoid hidden techs to get spiked or them sending reinf quietly;

    # if someone gets chiefed multiple times without defending (or even once depending on TG thoughts), both accounts should be highlighted in surrounding reports;

    # if someone is being a garage (x % production being used on other people troops while barepy having any of your own) - make their villages have a different colour or some kind of marking appear on map. Anyone with enough time spent scrolling map, could find garages and take some actions about;

    # if someone is being heavily raided, every time lost res milestone is reached (100k / 250k / 500k etc), account should pop up in statistics new section - Best farms. If you being a good farm, then everyone should be able to find you.

    Just some random thoughts how to combat teching. These would actually have zero impact on actual tech users, but anti-tech players could find techs easier and actually take siege action against said accounts.

    Shadow_Fiend as someone already mentioned, you can't be an alliance leader without ever finishing an alliance. Start multiple servers at once, join alliances there, see which one is the most active and has the best communication. Once you find one, stick there and learn from them.

    Discord, GetterTools, Alliance Def Tools - learn about those. These are important tools for alliance. If you plan to make an alliance, make sure not to go easy on people. Make Discord and GetterTools mandatory (idk about other alliance, but the one i am in has 100% participation in Discord / GT).

    With good communication it is not hard to dominate server, even if players aren't battle hardened travian maniacs, but some casual noobs.

    Another important thing - alliance can't be run by a single player. Find people you can trust, best would be people from opposing timezones so that leadership can have 24/7 coverage. Another personal example - my current alliance has about 10 people in leadership. If any problem arise, they can instantly answer to it.

    On another note, leadership needs a lot of commitment. Most of the time you might find yourself chatting more than actually playing, so getting a dual to take care of account might be a good idea.

    Not sure what else to advise, but if you have any questions - feel free to ask.

    Forget about the old rules and myths about teutons being the worst tribe for new players.

    You are new to the game? Know nothing about Sun Tzu "The art of war"? -Then pick teutons.

    Troops are so cheap and trained so fast, that even when you splat, you will have nothing to worry about. The only tribe were you can experiment as much as you want without any big repercussions. Especially with the new oasis respawn rules on new servers, teuton is the best tribe to start with in regular servers.

    title self-explanatory. Zero response from MH / Support since friday. Was i blacklisted by them cause i called them incompetent before or is it just a coincidence? Or should i just spam messages to MH every few hours until i get a response?