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    Firstly just wanted to say a thank you to those of you that continue to think about improving the game from the player pov, and those of you that keep bringing new ideas. Keep it up.

    While I'm not against the idea of change, randomising or reshuffling the regions would make little difference imo because to state the obvious, I believe the server outcome is fundamentally determined by the team you have, the opposition you play against and TGs in game management of issues.

    Premade teams will always have the advantage over non-premades due to experience, trust, communication and co-ordination. As a founding member of the Twelve Monkeys (TM) and Bedlam alliances, the same core team has played all the special servers to date. We've won and lost with and without the "Epidaurum/Delphi/Sparta/Philippopolis super-center". Geography has played a part yes, but it comes down to how effectively the team executes their strategy and maintains momentum and activity for the duration of the server.

    The pressure to conquer Pictavium and Epidaurum for small boots in the early game has started to feel a little predictable, even if it does lead to the excitement of early fighting, so yes there's reason to review new strategic alternatives.

    I think reviewing the artefacts themselves would be interesting. The regional servers are very different from the traditional WW servers and yet the artefacts remain the same. I like the idea of variables on artefacts as suggested, be that capacity, speed, build time or unit cost. Imagine if small trainer either allows cheaper troops or faster build time. Would make for a more versatile and sought after artefact in the early game. There needs to be more balance to small boots in the early game imo.

    Food for thought.

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    For me successful server is the server after which people want to come back to play with the same team under same leadership. Something tells me Bedlam is solo winner in that category.

    Couldn't agree more.

    Interesting and enjoyable server all round.

    Well done Aurora & THC. The most unlikely of wins. Savour it.

    Until next time Possums.


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    - Web attacking Emporiae, Bedlam attacking at same timing too.

    - Perfect timing / Same player attacked , same date , same timing

    At this stage It's understandable.

    I was peacefully spooning Devils Advocate in bed this morning, when he rolled over and said;

    "Hey Buli, you need to read this forum post from Aurora."

    I replied, "Really? You know I hate the forum and you feel so warm and cuddly."

    So here I am once more, begrudgingly, wasting my time.

    Roxie. I don't want to go out with you anymore. I think we have a trust issue. We spoke about this 4 days ago, but I guess nothing interesting enough has happened in your life since then so you decided to post something new here, to try and make Devils feel jealous and to give yourself something 'interesting' to say.

    Yes I admit it. DEXTEX and myself cata'd a 600 pop villa in Jerusalem that belongs to Niznaika, at what appeared to be the same time on the 23rd that DA destroyed his cap in Philippopolis. DEX and I are the only players that represent Bedlam it seems ...

    Let me share our previous conversation with the trolls:

    Yes! Surely it's a clear cut case of Bedlam and Web collaborating, but hang on ... why on earth would we? Half of them don't even speak English and have probably never been to Australia, and I don't even like Vodka. How could be possibly be friends (sorry Devil, you know you're the exception, you big hairy bear).

    As for whether there is some similar action in Emporiae today, maybe everyone finally got tired of the constant attention seeking and decided to destroy your villas one by one. Who knows.

    Now unless there's anything else genuinely interesting, I'm going back to bed.


    Creating a village hub in the shape of a penis was amusing last year. Conquering 80+ villages is quite the achievement. However, The Legends award should recognise a genuine legend of the game, who's actions come from both within and outside the game.

    After the disappointing voting fiasco of last year, I'm going to nominate ELE (again) aka Pink ELEphant aka ChamELEon aka Cheng l Sao.

    Not only is she one of the best DCs in the game, she was the leader of TM who won three birthday special servers (RoA .com/F& anglosphere) in a row and is currently the leader of a new team, Bedlam, on Codex Victoria .com, fighting it out against the Russian Bears, Web along with THC.

    She has kept motivating a large group of players, experienced and novice, to come back and play year after year (despite all the usual TG frustrations).

    ELE was also one of the original players chosen to participate in the inaugural Legends Tour to Munich, where she asked the tough questions of TG and constantly updated the players from a players pov.

    She also continues to be a source of advice on the forums, assisting new and upcoming players on how to play the game.

    Hopefully this year, we can actually support a player who has given so much more to the broader Travian community than most.

    Vote ELE.

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    New dilemma for Bedlam. Which chair they will choose to sit on?

    Don't worry mate, we're having fun ...

    I have to say while I make this rare appearance though that I think Web have executed their strategy very well.

    Anyway, back to the hot tub...

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember a version where you had the choice not to follow the tutorial and could just cash in the resource/rewards of the tasks up front?

    Wouldn't this be better than forcing experienced players to follow a tutorial (which is completely nonsensical) which is designed to help the new players? or at least enable players to work through whichever sequence they prefer?

    Disappointing start to a new server.
    Fast start is completely screwed up by bugs.

    I settled x2 support villas in Epi after a 17hr walk.

    The first villa settled at (‭100‬|‭−‭30‬‬) has a bug so I have 15 Lumber/19 Clay/11 Iron/ -78 crop for 12hrs while my hero travels there.

    Because I wanted to boost those support villas quickly, I've saved a lot of the resource from completing tasks, but it is sitting in my hero inventory while he travels from my spawn to the support villa.

    So not only do I lose approx. 12hrs worth of lvl5 resource output in my 2nd support villa, I also can't spend the resources saved in the hero inventory unless I gold everything up when my hero finally arrives.

    I essentially lose 12hrs of cp production in the race for those precious croppers. Not cool TG.


    While I'm a huge fan of village clusters in the shape of a penis, I want to nominate ELE as my Stand out for 2018.

    A lot of people know her as a quality player, superb DC and the driving force behind TM (Twelve Monkeys), the only alliance that has played all the special servers since the original Ancient Europe map back in 2014, with wins on 2016 and F& 2017 (which technically finished in 2018) and currently leading on the UK/US PTP server.

    As a leader and player she has done it all in 2018. As have others.

    But it's what she gives back to the Travian community that sets her apart from most in my opinion.

    ELE has always been vocal on the forums and actively tries to help improve the game for us players, both as a mentor...

    Sunday school for newbies

    ...and as a spokes person. For those of you that know ELE, she is not backwards in going forwards and when invited to go to Munich as part of the Legends Tour asked the hard questions of Travian Games. She constantly update the Travian community on what was being discussed from a players perspective, and actively lobbied for updates, information and improvements, which we all benefit from.

    It's one thing to play the game, and to consistently play well, but it's another to work your ass off selflessly, tirelessly and without thanks to help improve the game that we play and enjoy. So vote for ELE and say thanks for being one of the players champions.


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