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    Taking pushes from allies to grow a top 1 account. Oh my.

    Seen a handful of players actually taking such pushes over the years and I can say that, without exception, the players in question were utterly ego-centric, annoying and arrogant. TG should ban the practice, it favors toxic characters and annoys 90% of the other players. Just sayin'

    Exactly that. And when you bring up the normalization of cheating on the forum, the top forum users (i.e. the same players in the aforementioned alliances) will attack you and the Travian forum staff will attempt to shut down the topic as soon as possible. I have raised similar issues various times, the response has always been the same: Hard-core travian community users go in frontal attack mode for daring to bring up cheating, Travian forum moderators quickly lock or delete the topic, because it got "out of hand".

    "100 non-transferable Gold"

    Still figuring out how to get rid of the current stash of non-transferable gold.

    @TG Make it transferable to compensate for the absolute awful timing of this screw-up. In fact, just end server and mail every1 the gold!

    Although fair play does not win you servers nowadays, at least you can have some fun while waiting for the account deletion to complete. Would expect a bunch of multi-accounters to easily stop a one-man-attack-operation, but apparently bots do not send defense automatically. So while my own villages are being zeroed and shot to pieces, I actually hit something back ánd ripped an artefact. With just 1 account, and all sent by myself! How's that for old-time's sake?!

    Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    No it doens't :) the hero tracking feature was removed ~2 months ago per request of the players.

    Great! Better late than never :)

    The feature is still a nice to have in such tools, hence the request for an API is still relevant.

    The tool you mention does not use illegal data. Using data from map.sql is all good en decent. The problem comes when you need statistical data. The only way to currently get e.g. hero experience is by breaking the rules. The tool does this and it's a damn shame TG allows it to continue. It's ruining the game for those that appreciate fair play.

    A REST API would make it legal and fair. That's my proposal for a "deal". Easy to implement for TG. Easy to use for others.

    If you want a reply from TG you'll have to write an e-mail to them... :rolleyes:

    The devs probably don't look on the forum as much as you'd expect, so directly contacting the HQ will give you an answer sooner. But don't be upset if your request gets rejected. If they say no they mean it, they're not obliged to explain why.

    I have mailed several times. Never a sensible response from a developer. Not a yes, not a no.

    If you really want to have a public API, why not make one yourself? Then you can include all the features you want :thumbsup:

    The whole reason for asking for this API is the fact that it's illegal to obtain the information needed. I would need to use a bot account. Hence my request for an API to fetch these details legally.

    Why would it change anyone's view on bots? bots have always, and will always be toxic to the game. And if we look at the bots that are specifically made for this usage, well, they arent the problem... bots that distribute troops and silver for IRL money are.
    Why would we need to setup a fair environment for dev's playing the game? Or are you not playing rounds yet wanting to gather info on servers you have no impact in. In that case, why do you or your program matter. And if you are playing in the rounds you want to gather data in... what about the 95% of the player base that aren't developers. Why should you get an advantage, despite how small and irrelevant.

    Lastly, a public API for the data you are requesting is completely useless. There are already 3rd party tools that parse data from game rounds to collect the info you're wanting, not to mention the in-game features available. Some of which don't use bots thanks to player contributions. If you really want to gather analytical data, put in the extra time into your code to gather that data yourself because I guarantee Travian developer's won't to do so for you.

    As a developer myself, this post highly tilts me.

    I recommend not replying, certainly not with the "I am a developer"-tone, if you have no clue what you're talking about.

    I will wait for a response from a Travian dev, thanks for your contribution though

    Just 600 rams in an attack... and those mix-ponies lol, forcing yourself to use the Imperians sword on a cavalry oriented tribe

    At least I only have 1 account on the server. It's always funny when multi-accounters like yourself start mocking the fair players for being noob etc..

    That might be the case 8| . For the record this tool was not used for the defence call.

    For the haters without a calendar:

    How about you stop being an ignorant fool for once and post your topic where suggestions for the game and forum are actually located?

    Nobody is gonna take your idea seriously if you don't even bother going to the right forum thread.

    I stand corrected. I posted it in the correct forum this time.....

    And... Thanks for the thumbs down on my attempt to make travian better, fairer and address violation of rules at the same time. I do not dare make assumptions on why you would root against something like that...

    I would like to propose a public REST API that will expose the following data:
    - Hero rankings/points
    - Attack rankings/points
    - Other statistics (e.g. WW, artis? etc)

    Doing so will:
    - Eliminate the need to condone the use of bots (dummy accounts)
    - Set up a fair environment for all tool-developers