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    But we can give 300/FL coalition some breathing room if you would like? You know, so you guys can get settled in all right, and have some tea parties and get to know each other.

    really did they merged :D now you need to vary careful guys and please don't offer me that what you don't have :P please keep those breath to eat your Nuts 8o8o

    Cmoon boys i was excpecting more out of ur operation, and thought ur gonna throw many hammers at uss = ( I think you misplaced your anger if you get what i mean ; D

    sooo what ? ? do you think you win the server ??:D :D :D

    well me and skander just destroyed panda WWR so thats a good start no? this been said, you know that i never post report in forum. for the rare time i did, i hide def or attack often mate :D

    I keep them mofos entertained. maybe you should join my team someday, i sure would keep you entertained in this game lul. thats why i have peaple sticking up with me in the first place

    well !! do you still think somebody will join your team :D:D:D i can't believe how people join with someone who has a long history to betrayal self created team. I can't believe it but keep it up boy let us see some more funny reports :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Just to be clear, the amount chiefs reduce is random, so the best you can determine is a range. I'll echo the recommendation of others to use the calculator on kirilloid. Plugging in a 18k pop roman vs a 7k pop target, with large parties for the Roman and none for the target, you see the potential loyalty for the first wave of three chiefs is 62% to 86% . Both your attacks were in that range. It's also worth remembering that if both chiefings were against the same player, their population will be lower on the second one, while yours is higher (and thus a higher morale bonus). So if you took a 700 population village from them, it would be 18700 vs 6300 population for the second one, which lowers your potential range to 60-84.

    exactly but the reports were negative, i was chifing the same player but in first round (when he had more pop) i took one of his village with 4 chiefs but for the next village(when he had less pop then first round) i had to involve 5 chiefs to get that village !! don't know how it works !!

    Note: defender had 100 points in each villa and no big party but i was running big parties in every attacking villa

    Then what is your problem?

    The army that chiefs also stays there as reinforcement until returned. Your last wave died, because it attacked your main wave.
    It's the same as if someone reinforced it in the same sec after the villa became yours.

    PS, post unedited reports, maybe the defender was also running a large festival, so your chiefs didn't have such effect.

    could you please read my first post carefully then you will know what is my problem actually my problem is not that my last wave died the problem was that my chiefs reduced different amount of loyalty in different chiefing attempt even having same condition in both case

    and the defender had no town hall so big party is impossible

    Well, if they sent same second? But then all should've died, not just last one..

    last one were dead because in the second last wave i got that village and the last wave got killed because of my own troops left there because i got that village already !!

    btw i am going to add more information

    my account is a roman account with +18k pop (every single attacking villages were running big party)
    and defender was having +7k pop and account is Gaul (there were not even 1lvl town hall)

    thanks lemon for the information but i know all the factors but i don't have reports atm but when i tried to chief the natars village last time the same incident was happen in first case i chiefed with 5 chiefs( roman+big party) but in second case i had to sent one more chiefs in next round because of that i am wondering how it works or exactly how many chiefs we need to take a village in a normal condition or in an exceptional condition just my question is about this..

    i have sent 6 chiefs to chief one of the Gauls village in frist attempt my second wave of chief took down all of 100 loyalty (first wave 3 chiefs, second wave 1 chief) and my 3rd wave with 2 chiefs were got killed because all the waves were in same second

    but next day i thought 4 chiefs will be enough to chief a villa then i sent exact same format of waves (first with 3 chiefs, second with 1 chief) but this time my first 3 chiefs were able to reduce only 68 points(with big party) even though in first arrempt condition was same but they reduced 76 points(with big party)

    reports are here
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    Note(in every attacking villages were running big party)