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    How is this a fact but not your own interpretation?

    I had it in the wrong section but the point remains.

    Bugs happen, this happened, they addressed it quickly and relatively smoothly. I think everyone is getting angry over nothing.

    Travian does listen to their customers. Do they always own up? No. Did they here? I think so. Regarding "transparent solutions", I think the details of their code are something well beyond what they have a duty to say publicly. There was a bug and they fixed it. As part of the QA process I expect measures will be taken to try and reduce the possibility of this in the future. But when it comes to ANY human action there is no 100% certainty. Mistakes can and will be made, if another one happens that is to be expected, especially since the deck is stacked against the existing code.

    There has been no sweeping under the rug and they have not complained, despite the fact they probably should. There has been almost 0 patience and understanding from the community when TG has been doing their best to address the problem. I really don't see what disadvantage occurred here and if your reference is Com1, the result of the server is the same as it was before. There is a difference between making your opinion known and acting as if the world is ending.

    Oh come on BB, your words would be different if you weren't "the ambassador".

    You might as well stop the bull. Everyone praises things as long as they get something from it.

    The thing is I don't get anything. I went to Munich and put in 12 hour days discussing the game and now everything I do gets no compensation.

    I'm not saying there aren't problems but contrary to public opinion this is not in fact the end of the world, nor is it frankly unexpected given the state of things.

    So let's look at some facts:

    • The game was rewritten between 2011-2014 after the T4 release. It was originally called T5 and is now Travian Kingdoms. It got spun off because players didn't like the level of changes that were made to the core game.
    • If it was originally intended to be a replacement which means like the other previous versions it would have eventually been retired, likely by the end of 2016 at the latest
    • T1, T2, T3 and T4 are all based on the same foundation of code and are all jumbled together. T5 was the first time it was rewritten from scratch
    • As noted those who designed and coded the different versions are not all still with the company, documentation especially from the early days is likely lacking
    • Web standards have changed greatly from 2004
    • We don't know what they are working on behind the scenes. Even I who has a ton more access don't know everything they might be working on. It wouldn't surprise me if they have some big plans in the works and I have suspicions.
    • In all the years I've played this is the most catastrophic thing to happen. In general when something goes wrong, it is on a small scale. It is either something minor or on a limited number of servers
    • PTR works. I played the last one and my account caught about a dozen different bugs that were prevented from going live on the rest of the servers

    I'm not a programmer but from how I understand it not every bug just rears its head right away. It can take a certain event or chain of events to set it off and reaching that point won't necessarily be reached during testing. You can't test forever or nothing will ever be released.

    Was the situation handled perfectly? No. But they did pretty good considering the scale and communication was a lot better than I've seen in the past. They also got things back up and running pretty quick albeit not perfectly but there is a reason using the backup data is an absolute last resort.

    Issues with any type of code happen everyday. In fact some of the biggest companies in the world have bugs that pose a much greater danger to the world than Travian going down for a couple days. So I really think everyone needs to put this all in perspective and take a breath. This is a game and this is a product of human invention - things will go wrong.

    And that is the final word

    The server is a mess. Rumors has it that troops wil come back home gradually (whatever that means) ... can we have some more clear explanation?

    Here is a non technical explanation that is a bit of a guess:

    It’s like when you are downloading something to your hard drive. Some files get downloaded first, others take more time. You can’t get it all instantaneously.

    So the server being accessible is that first part of the download and then more details trickle in (like troops)

    Gaul numbers also drop dramatically when all 5 tribes are on a server.

    That said an interesting idea and discussion. I personally don't think its that big a buff and it would only make Gauls a little more valuable offensively. Right now they are just so low on the offensive hierarchy that it makes it silly to use them offensively (beside as ghosts, but even then I prefer EI myself). This would at least give more flexibility who like to play as Gaul and it would spice up the game dynamics a little bit. In my opinion I think all of the tribes are significantly more suited to play either offensively or defensively, while for Gauls defense or ghost are the only realistic options.

    Ah yea sure. Sorry lots of quotes, not surprised I missed that last one.

    Under the general proposal as is - yes there would be a limit on how much you can farm from a player. You can certainly still raid it every 30 seconds but you will at some point max out on how many resources you can collect until the amount resets. However based on the discussions so far I do not anticipate many people hitting that limit unless they are one of only a few farmers on that village/player. No limits have been decided on as of yet and I suspect it will require some real world testing to find the right balance.


    Sorry but sending waves stopped being a "skill" years ago.

    (2) Zero advertisement.

    Advertise where exactly? First the audience for browser based games has shrunk significantly with the rise of mobile gaming. Second TG is never going to be able to compete against the advertising of bigger gaming companies.

    (3) Mobile app

    As has been stated it is currently technically impossible. However the technical issues are being worked on that will allow the improvement of the mobile experience. Playing in a mobile browser with a mobile specific UI will do just fine i.e an app itself isn't required even if it has slight advantages over a mobile interface. Are they behind in it? Most definitely. But Legends was also due to be replaced by Kingdoms (T5) only 5 years ago. T5 has a mobile app and that was part of the development of T5 to begin with. Context is always good to keep in mind.

    (4) No regular updates/implementations

    This is something that has been steadily improving.

    (6) Lack of bot detection

    Constantly being improved however the bots are also constantly being improved. It is wack-a-mole.

    (3) Farm lists:

    There are improvements that were discussed and are under consideration. I would speculate that we will see some improvements in the nearish future.

    - You cannot move wood/clay/iron/crop in heroes inventory... annoying.

    That is quite annoying. I like an organized inventory and that is not going to help.

    Reorganize this reward of task, as it is, and a pure mess, there is no way you can make one and when you complete it you can make the next as well.

    My understanding is this is not the final task order and is being worked on for the main servers.

    What about if I want exactly go for one of it... from the map or something else ?

    You can click the X button on whatever building/menu etc. you go into. Top right corner and that will bring you back to whichever view (field or building) you were in prior.

    Why is everything multiplied by 3 except warehouse, granary, cranny (and trapper for gauls)? I started late this evening with a production of 144 and a capacity of 800.

    Something I've wondered myself. At the very least 2x of such things would be great, though I'm not sure how the speed community would feel about that.

    I would ( and so would everyone I've talked to ) much prefer the development resources spent on a mobile client. This game has been going on strong for 15+ years now. Again... I'm just completely baffled with the no-go decision on a mobile client.. lol

    They are working on improving the mobile browsing experience. Right now they are working to optimize the code to work better technically (think things like load speed), as well as untangle and update years of old code that was not at all designed to work in a mobile environment. After that the next step would be to design a mobile specific UI. A dedicated app is completely off the table until that is done and really if the mobile browsing experience is brought up to modern standards, there isn't that much reason for an app. Those that absolutely want something that only an app could provide could likely be achieved by implementing a proper API. But again those are all things that would be much farther down the development line, if at all.

    What I do like is the condensed hero circle. However, I miss being able to click on the hero "boot" icon, and instantly be linked to the rally point of the hero

    I don't have a current account to check, so I can't think of what the boot is? Can you someone provide a picture?

    I think I missed this when you first posted. Seems like a good idea, in particular I like that you've put together a visual aid. I noticed in Munich it can be sometimes hard to explain what anyone means without that addition. I'll add it to my growing list and try and bring it up when we've settled a few of our on-going topics.

    Fully agree. It is something I have in my idea database but didn't have an opportunity to bring it up during the Summit in Munich. While I can't be sure, I don't think it would be particularly difficult to implement. I will pass it along as soon as I can (we've got a bunch of topics we are working through at the moment) and get the Game Center's feedback on the matter.

    Huh that is interesting. I've never used the in game simulator - I always use Kirilloid. However that is a rather glaring issue I think - though that depends on what purpose the in-game simulator serves. Is it intended to replace third party tools or is it meant as a lite tool for new users / quick use for players who want a quick peak at something related to them?

    I'll make a note of it the general issue and see if something can be done. The first improvement would be to essentially allow you to simulate combat between third parties, so you don't need one of your villages selected. Perhaps it could include a way to select an enemy player so you can quickly pull up their tribe / account population for the sim?

    Any other ideas / issues?