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    Coding Nightmare?

    To be fair that was my word choice. I don't recall specifically what was said other than as far as I remember it was "something not currently possible", even as a paid feature. Which would support the point that it isn't reasonably feasible since they are always looking for ways they can monetize in a non-antagonizing way.

    This was a list of changes I submitted to them last year. The reaction wasn't particularly positive and the subject has been quiet since. I've since made some adjustments to my proposal in ( ). Alternatively the option would be to remove the feature which might be their preferred course of action. The impression I got was they felt this list was too much work / made it too complicated or the player but this these restrictions were designed to stop all the ways I and others have seen the feature abused.

    1. Cannot go into vacation mode within 24 (72) hours of capturing an oasis

    2. Cannot go into vacation mode within 24 (72) hours of settling a village

    3. Cannot go into vacation mode within 24 (72) hours of conquering a village

    4. Cannot go into vacation mode during the first 21 days of a server

    5. Cannot go into vacation mode 7 days before Artifact or Plan Drop

    6. Cannot go into vacation mode within 24 (72) hours of aborting/ending vacation mode

    7. Cannot abort vacation mode within 24 (72) hours of starting vacation mode

    8. Vacation mode limited to 15 days

    9. Vacation mode cannot be scheduled to end after the 7 day prohibition prior to Artifacts & Plans (alternatively #5 can be adjusted such that you cannot enter vacation mode prior 16 days prior to drop)

    I do understand the concerns about people simply raiding to the point they avoid meaningful engagement in game otherwise. But spiking isn't a way to change that culture, I think to encourage more strategy and actual warfare other types of adjustments are needed. I'm not entirely clear what those could be right now but I know that it requires some rethinking about the fundamentals of the game.

    1. You don't need to sit someone in another alliance in order to spy, so that argument is disingenuous or naive

    2. If you are playing the game as a family you should be in the same alliance, otherwise you aren't actually playing together?

    3. More people like the confederacy rule than don't. It eliminates spiking which was a major issue. A double edged sword is the transparency it causes - but its not like it was that hard to figure out where defense was coming from anyway. It does also put a much stronger cap on zerg groups, though finals alliances seem to manage to make it work with more than 240+ accounts.

    Regarding the oasis rule the world doesn't seem to have ended yet (even if I believe it isn't quite what the Ambassadors were looking for) but I haven't experienced it yet nor heard from many on the subject. Though me not hearing things tends to bode well in favor of the change.

    The first change is related to the marketplace and it is a change we wantto implement to align with other trade restriction which are already present. The1:1 ratio restriction in the market place will be lifted when you reach 200population (before it was lifted right after the beginners protection ended).

    This wasn't asked for by any of us but does make sense to align it with the push protection amount. That said, I always favored a higher pop than 200 but it should be noted it used to only be under 40 pop you couldn't send any res.

    The secondchange was requested during the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit and it isconnected with the oasis. In thevery early game phase, the oasis will spawn nature troops only once. If youkill all the animals, the oasis will be free until end of beginner protection(depending on the server speed -without extension), after this moment naturetroops can spawn again in the oasis.

    This also really wasn't the request. We pointed out two issues for early game with oasis:

    1. Multi-account clearing of oasis
    2. Some crazy spawning of oasis troops at times

    This solution addresses the second but not the first. Nor do I think was this change on their part a direct solution we considered. As I said they don't listen to us most of the time, they take what we say warp it to their own perspective and ignore everything else. Even if the direction they take it doesn't solve the original problem, even if it makes the original problem worse and even if it adds more problems.

    I can't tell you the number of times I've brought up and issue or suggestions to discuss and most of the key bits get ignored in favor of either a minor detail or something that is not in fact the issue at hand.

    For instance I asked why the Main Building position was fixed and added that it would make building 19s more difficult without large storage. The question part was ignored and instead they focused on how making building 19s w/o large storage was better. They of course did this without stating whether that was the choice behind the decision in the first place. We (the community and Ambassadors) didn't ask for the building to be moved nor do I think did anyone ask for 19s to be more difficult to build. The thinking they attributed to the 19s argument was also flawed. My point is, they twist what we ask for, they ignore most of the complaints we make, their reasoning for choices is often warped, not thought through or not given to us (either Ambassador or Community) and they decide to do things that have absolutely nothing to do with anything we care about, often with negative effects. They also do piecemeal ideas. For instance if we say we need A, B and C to make Idea D a good one, they skip ABC and just do D. This is in spite of the fact they have Ambassadors.

    Look not all of the Ambassadors are all that active nor do we all agree on things. But Travian is completely misusing and under-utilizing the program. I admit not all ideas I have are good, even some things I supported in the past I'm not so sure about. But I do my best and I try to work with all players to bring better ideas to Travian and make the game the best it can be. So please do not throw every Ambassador under the bus because some aren't doing their job and Travian doesn't listen to us. Some of us are trying our best.

    I would've liked to apply - and even if I went with zero preparation, the very very very least I could've done would've been to stop upstart ambassadors from dropping insanely stupid ideas which looks flashy and gathers the attention, and since TG lacks the knowledge on the mentality of their players, they yield and apply. Just look how many stupid ideas are getting implemented and there's nobody to point out the obvious

    Which stupid ideas are we talking about here, because Ambassadors are NOT responsible for most of what Travian does. They don't listen to us at least 75% of the time.

    The issue is they are maintaining two branches of code right now. If they keep servers at T4.4 they will have to continue to do that for ~7 months more or so until they all finish. They don't have the resources to continue patching both, doing annual special work, working on new features and working on additional code updates.

    "Fixed spot for main building" - What this refers to is the default location of the Main Building which is different in T4.5 than T4.4 (I really don't know why they did this but its done). In order to implement T4.5 they need to move the Main buildings. You would still be able to move the main building after if you so desired. Edit: I haven't been able to play on a T4.5 server yet so I was unaware of this (and would never have thought of it because it is absurd) but apparently the MB is now like the Rally Point i.e you cannot build a different building in its place. I've expressed the dissatisfaction to the Game Center about this.

    Have you ever tried playing without PLUS?

    By adding it to PLUS they would get the average and below average players into PLUS,

    These two statements contradict each other. If PLUS is so valuable then even the average player would use it. If you are going to pay for anything in this game PLUS should be it. As I said earlier, I've tried playing without gold and it was a terrible experience - that included no plus. I did it for a week and then I caved.

    Most of them don't touch PLUS the entire server, only gold club.

    I admit I find this... unexpected. I'd rather have PLUS over gold club I think, though trade routes are kind of my jam.

    Gold price increasing would probably end up in less revenue for TG in the end,

    Quite possibly yes but the point remains that their expenses go up every year, eventually they need to balance that out with more revenue. As far as I can tell the USD price has never changed - at least since the US domain existed. (I took a look through the forum archive). That is a lot of years to have the same pricing.

    There are of course different ways to go about that and I admit that in talking with the community more I can see the current choice was a poor way to go about it. I think they see that, the reaction has been (as far as I'm aware) negative across multiple communities. They've been given different options to address the dissatisfaction and I hope they take that feedback and use it.

    So this is what I just suggested to HQ based off what I’ve heard here and elsewhere. I’m curious to see what players think.

    Here are my general thoughts:

    1. Have a “base” wave builder that is free. Add a “premium” version that is included in gold club. (Or similar package of features)

    Base versión = max 4 waves.
    Premium version includes max of 8 waves (maybe higher) and additional features. Example of an additional feature would allow you to plan attacks on multiple targets. Then from the plan list you get to click a button to load it. Then have the same send mechanic as the regular list. This would also tie in nicely to a future Alliance tool for operational planning.

    Those that can’t afford it will still have something to use, those who like it will likely shell out more for the premium version. The premium version would be more about “saving time” and helping quell any pay to win argument.

    2. Just make it 100% accurate. Especially if part or whole of the tool is free. Some will complain but I think it will please more players than it upsets. If you need exact timing you still have to time your click and account for lag. That has always been the real skill, not whether you can use a strange browser or setting to setup the waves and send them at all relatively close together.

    3. You absolutely must make it one charge for the entire round even if you do nothing else.

    make a lot more money by adding it to PLUS

    How so?

    So - if you want to think for community, please once or twice play as the majority without gold so that that you understand what they're facing.

    I've tried and I wouldn't touch this game without gold with a 10 foot pole.

    I don't think our ambassadors understand the community - both forum players and the ones who are not on forums.

    Every community is different and the Ambassador's tend to reflect the community they represent. That said the communities represented with Ambassadors in general tend to be from more profitable communities due to their size. So perhaps there is a bias in that regard but again free doesn't pay the bills, Travian MUST make a profit. The more they make, the more likely they will assign more resources to the game. If you'd prefer of course a 2-4% increase in gold cost per year is always an option, the other is to include general optional features/functions that users can pay for. So I don't blame Travian for charging for the feature because that is a heck of a lot better option than increasing gold prices every year.

    If they make everything free they don't make money, the game shuts down. If they keep adding features to the two existing premium packages (plus and club), those dilute in value, meanwhile the cost of business increases. Its reasonable to charge something and while perhaps not entirely reasonable at 50 gold/village, its not ludicrous either. There has to be something "premium" or the game doesn't exist. Where does the line get drawn? Its not an easy question but they've done remarkably well relative to other games. Mobile games are atrociously more expensive by comparison.