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    Im looking for a dual on the comx server.

    Some basic information about me and the account:

    Off gaul, using gold, started 5 days late and still in top 250 in all the statistics.

    What im looking for:

    Someone for the night ( isnt necessary but it would be a +), good game knowledge, good communication, prepared to buy gold.

    If you are interested leave a DM and we'll see how it goes.

    :) Is this good enough for you Drysafe ? First of all write in correct grammar if you are so clever. Secondly, since they have lots of multiaccounts they don't have time to check them every second. So, they cannot defend them all. So, here is another crop lock :)

    Since when the grammar show how clever someone is? Im too lazy to double check everything or rewrite something. Ahh so its because they all have 10 multiaccounts not because this has been a slightly less active/expirienced player. And bragging about catapulting some random 500 pop people with your tiny army doesnt help you get my or someone elses respect tbh.

    I said myself low pop doesnt mean multis -.-
    I meant your guy warlord farming his ally. 200-300k raid jumps at once. If you do not believe me then see for yourself how his raid pattern is. And it is not a big farm, he is hitting all of these multies at once, then stopping for them to get their res back, while farming rest of map. Then coming back to multis when enouh res accumulate. I only started noticing this soon, but its been going on for a while.

    What i meant from your low pop accs is that there is a pattern, and i bet if schneeente looked into this he would agree with what I am saying.

    Again: do you have any reports backing your theory? If not you are a random dude calling everyone a cheater who is better than yourself.

    Man jo, you dont even know which ally I play for, saying you have 3 wings of mine to farm. Speaking about spies and stuff, while you dont even know your . Try farming my ally HM. noob.

    Didnt you just assume im in DD ? You dont know nor the account I play for nor the aliance yet you already said im in DD? All I said is you dont have any proof for anything you say and suddenly im in DD. Im just using my common sense, You should do it to sometime.

    Umm there is something known as spies, they tell us everything. That entire wing of yours.... multis. For the rest of you to farm. You are all good players, good pop averages, good troop count, yet in DD-2, all accounts except a few under 900 pop, dont get me wrong, low pop doesnt mean multis, but seeing a patter does. Why would you have so many accs in 1 ally which are not worth keeping, look at the rest of your team, so good, yet such nubs in your wing?
    Also the people in your ally confirmed our suspiciousness, so yea, dont even try.

    You are so wrong. So does having low pop players in wings mean they are all multies? Jesus, istanbul probably has like 5 players in total and each of them is controling 50+ accounts by that logic. The earth is flat and all arround us fake news!