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    1. Find a dual, start a solo round, making friends from people in your alliance, find out their active time of the day and if they suit your playstyle, ask them to dual with you the next round.

    2. Don't set your expectation to be a strong offensive player if you don't spend gold. Those top player you are seeing use gold daily to NPC their resources in their cropper and rebuild the infrastructure in their capital immediately if they ever being attacked with catapults. Be a defensive player and contribute to your alliance, playing defensive isn't boring if you are in a strong alliance and constantly receive request to protect your offensive players.

    REMEMBER: seeing enemy offensive destroyed by you and alliance mates' defensive troops in the report is completely as satisfy as crushing enemy defensive troops as an offensive player.

    3. Build walls, it is extremely underated by new players. for quick summary, at lv20, Roman wall give you 81% def bonus, Gauls palliside give you 64% def bonus, Teuton earth wall give you 49% def bonus.

    4. Praetorians are infamous for their defensive stat against infantry. However, Teuton's spearmen are the strongest per crop against cavalry. Try to have some teuton def players.



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    Don't listen to the advice of anyone who isn't experienced enough to know the REAL reasons for building crannies during beginners protection. The real reasons being they produce the cheapest culture points and will therefore mean you settle your second village much faster and get a better choice of location.

    He said that because the dude advice to build so many crannies that can hide 12k of rss each? which is 6 lv10 crannies (4 for gauls) and if u build 1 lv10 and other lv3, it will need 30 lv3 crannies xD?

    The door wasn't opened at all. With the door hinges stick on the inside of the library, the door must be pulled to be opened. However, the books was lying underneath the door, which, should have been push aside if the door was opened. There maybe other doors, but the one was the picture was pointed out by the knocked down librarian, thus, he was lying and can be considered to be the thief's associate, or maybe the thief himself.


    COM x3

    Dear Mark!

    I am sure you’ve heard the news: our Emperor set friendship with the Egyptians! I invite you to join me on my travel there!


    P.S. Talk to the messenger, he’ll tell you all the details!