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    It's sad to see that armies that used 1/2 trainers are so small. Unfortunately the unique trainer has been gone to waste. I wish it went to good hands friend or foe that would make good use of that

    According to our rule, ıf the attacker kills the defender successfuly, then have a right to share report. If the attacker can't kill the defender, it is not nice to share reports. Please, share your success reports next time. At least if it is İstanbul allies.

    haha turkey flame becouse other alliance are not a "personal ally" :D

    Good Joke TurkC, maybe next time.

    stop cry FreakZz :)

    If ı search reports, ı can find many similiar reports also.

    I dont see you as my concflicts. Because, first reason, you guys almost 90% deff players. Secondly, you are not a personal ally. You play with other allies. You play according to their instructions. And your attacks are not harmful to us. Your loss is bigger than us. You are extra deal for us, nothing at all. And your troops are funny as you. And as ı see in the forum, you tag people like you done with your duty.

    He said, "I can defend here by myself. You can send your deff to other needs" and also he even sent deff from himself to other players. And he completly defended by himself. Congratz to him :)  Royal Flush

    I dont care with who you are mate. This can happen in the game. I wrote here because ı see that person feels like he makes the operation by himself lol. Was it coincidence last night's op? No. This is 3rd time happening. Neworders never op to us alone. Always L-T-U was coming after them. Even last night, at the 00.30 was NewOrder and 01.00 was L-T-U and 03.00 was Cow. This happened several times. This night also same. You can be mate all together, no problem. Nobody can say anything about it, this is game. But if you try to deny the things which are obliviously clear even for server, you show yourself like a silly.

    NewOrder dont get attack from anybody but İstanbul. Sometimes ILS make op to L-T-U and then RoTeam directly MM for deff call. Which ı want to say, these are okay. I dont understand Schmitz' Katze, bc he is always involve the topics even he dont know and he pretends like he owns the all alliences :) in conclusion, everybody has a plan and strategy thats ok, but dont try to fool people otherwise you look silly.

    Firstly we loss only village with a 100k off. NewOrder's loss not less than us.

    Most important is this operation was by 3 alliences. They organized to attack us.

    At the midmight(in Turkey) NewOrder started to attack about 20 accounts, then L-T-U also about 20, and Cow about 16.

    We defended the villages which is important for us. L-T-U also have loss on small villages.

    If we generalize, the oppenents are have greater loss than us. This type of operations happen like this. Don't make provacation and inform wrong.

    L T U suicide team :)

    Our topics are getting delete in the forum. Why is that? This is a strategy game. Ofcourse there will be arguments, (unless there is no insulting). We are not enemy to anybody. Today we are in war, but maybe next server we will play together, who knows? Don't delete our topics. We even afraid to write "hi" that will get delete too. We expect that, our admins will find this and behave equal to us as all others.