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    Nuts were bigger winners than you, you've literally achieved nothing. Wake up from your delusionary world please.

    Travian is the game of war and "strategy". Not the game that ones deserve..!

    Dudes server is already over, move on......

    You right bro. The game finished but there is still people who does not accept this. The new server will start, no need to make it longer.

    One game finishes and other one starts. But the friendship stays forever. If we made someone sad, mad and hurt we apologize, see you next server. Thank you :)

    This game is a bitch. This game lets you become spy and learn the enemy troops. These things happened to us 3 times there are normal to me. We tried same thing to enemy.

    Everyone think they are decent althougt they did everything that is not decent.

    Finally if you get what you wanted then you can be succesfull otherwise blame your enemy to playing illegal and humuliating yourself.

    But there is no name.. travian says only three alliance can be in confederation means only 180 players can win.. if u are exceeding those numbers... You are back to square one with hundreds of acnt saying we won... Someone will write ww name as server name.. does that mean that whole server won ? Cause it have name in it ? Writing name doesnt make u a winner participating makes u a winner which travian have already restricted at 180 players.. but anyway... Imagining is good . 😆😆

    If you were so bounded to what must have done. Why did you betray us ? Aren't you the one who sell your friends and telling the operation area to the enemy and sending deff. troops to the enemy ?

    Heroes vs. DoH War-Fred

    Your acts and willings are opposite.

    TurkC has such a way with words, I think hes one of the modern great poets. TurkC Do you even believe anything that comes out of your mouth or do you yourself know it is utter nonsense?

    Please when you write my name, put at the begin Mr. :)

    Please show some respect to winners and use formal titles when you use our and ally names :)

    I think in they end these Nutz won the server. It was maybe not obvious but there were with ML. They didn't do anything to help them, little like Istanbul, but they claim to be with them the whole server on forum and that's why they also won.

    NutS Congratulations to her family :)

    Nope, the poe-tah-toe is only repeating what others are saying in a fluffy unicorn way, everyone else is saying the exact same thing in a scruffy, mangy coyote way. Everyone knows how it worked and what went down, it's not a secret. They needed ML to survive the round so ML used them just like they expertly used their extensive amount of free resources, oasis bashing heroes, suicide armies, insane amount of no troop loss raiding, garages, extra defense etc... to win the server. People are having an issue with them saying "ITS won" and trying to take credit for the win. They did not win. They got their name on the ML sandcastle. If they worded it that way I bet most people would of just let it go. I like TurkC and enjoy arguing and convos with him but without ML they would have lost. Without them ML still had a great chance to win.

    The result was already certain at the beginning. You already lost the game visually :)

    If ILS would win the game, it would be ils, arabs and turks win the for you. If the turks would win the game and you would say they have 7262726627 multi accounts. When the arabs won game, you wanted to separet the turks. I love you too Jaruby but ı am also sad to you, bc you made the people baloon when you realese them onto us :) and they came to me and expressed theirselves like they are god players, but they were just the toys to stop us :)

    I like kindly messages of yours jaruby:) İstanbul ally is the strong and old ally. We dont need to prove ourselves. What we did or not, what we success or not, we talk this in between us. We dont need to explain ourselves to everybody. There is some who knows us. Actually, ı explained this in different ways but you guys dont want to understand.

    Bum Bum I aware that you want to turn the subjects to yourself and probably you did something in game. I will do what you want, just leave me alone :)

    tell and relax :)

    What did you guys do? Really. Im not being snarky. I am curious.

    And about the new server.........

    The specialized tech game that ML can pull off is so unbalancing you are given no choice but to join in the BS or accept the outcome of the round before it even starts. ISTs multis and bots are so annoying it may end up with just you guys versing each other. Then you will see why everyone is saying IST was just there and ML really won the server.

    What did you do? You are blaming on techs but almost until end game you were in the same quadrant with ML and you got rekt. ML captured artefacts. You didn't get any B.Ps. You lost your BP and lost the game. Spent your armies recklessly. If I had taught the game to 3 players in Cow you could have won easily. You meta'd with LoL, AoM and 3 other alliances. When you also got BK in your meta, I got scared for a moment and thought that we were gonna lose.

    In summary, you gathered all alliances you could trick, but you still lost. Now you are attacking istanbul as a scape goat. Stop being a leader Jaruby you can't be a good one. You sank your ship after many mistakes.

    You still cannot accept. it. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks or will think. The game is over and the winner is ML and Istanbul. Anything else is just empty words.

    until the new server starts. cry,cry,cry.. :)

    I assume, when I talked with you it wasn't even the 30th day of the game (and you made me really furious that day). I told you the game will be over mentally on 72nd day.

    What I will say is this: I see the end of the game after the 10th day.

    Let us decide with our partners where we did wrong or good. Let us decide what we did positive or negative. You do your own accounting.

    This is what we promise as Istanbul. This is what we are. When we are there, forget about standard travian. Get ready for intense quadrants and wars. This is how we enjoy it and have fun.

    At the beginning I said:

    1. Forum wars: We clearly won

    2. Center war: We expanded until 100s.

    3. Winning Game: We have won as it is seen

    You still cannot accept. it. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks or will think. The game is over and the winner is ML and Istanbul. Anything else is just empty words.

    Learnt to play without techs and 20 alliances in one pact :)
    Then you can start talking my friend :)

    About NewOrder, they even dont know what were they did probably. They were like, destroying couple of fields by serving to other allies and finished the game like that.

    ML won, not you :)

    Cow manipulated all the server. They were thinking, either us(cow) or others. At that point, the winners were more experienced players than Cow. Their only lack was they no cleaver leader :) ıf we could have such a high online players, we would win the game at day of 67. The game was certain at The teams who were fail to get constructions, they could even not win the game :)

    LoL had a management issue, even we had friends their inside. We already talked 1 month ago about that they can't win the game. The only best thing they did, to move together with Cow. Otherwise, they would be nothing in this server.

    Congratz to ML. :) The Turks can’t defeat honorably. As the Arab commanders said: there is no benefit to them apart from taking plans. LTU has never cooperated with cows. Our connections were only with the RO and NewOrders families. There was only one joint attack with cows on ILS WW. This is everything. Beautiful summer for everyone! <3

    L-T-U had no chance to win this game. We would eleminate them on 40-50th day of the server. But at the same time we was at war with Cow, NewOrders and Roteam together. It was like 1 vs 4. We can say, Roteam saved L-T-U. They were really bad at OP as their own players said. Many times we was know where they are coming.

    Roteam, they went to far and by this they had really big army. Their big mistake was, they did choise wrong partner. Maybe they thought forwar for tournament, who knows. L-T-U was burden to them. The only good think L-T-U could make to them, to get construction plan, but they couldnt even manage that.