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    The troops were standing on the battlefield waiting for their arch rival to arrive. It was already late but no one even thought to go to bed. The history will be made today!
    White stone walls of the nearby city, hidden among the huge rocks were hardly seen in the last rays of the setting sun. Only a moment left till the battle begins and the hero with the long red pennant fixed to his pike already moved forward on his brown warhorse, to say.......

    " Let's war my soldiers. This is the last wave attack of the Natarian. Defend the natarian and we will reach the Wonder of the World level 100 ! " The war horn sounded, and the war begins.

    All the tribes are working together to fight against natars troops. Natarian appoints war elephants as their pioneer to destroy the wall since the wall really give a lot of advantages to the defender. Praetorians use their large shield to defend spearmen and phalanxes while phalanxes and spearmen attack the war elephant with their long range weapon. The hero also kill a lot of war elephants with his elite cavalry troops. However, the war elephants are too strong and the wall was destroyed.

    The main force of natars arrived, a lot of ballista which protected by thorned warrior, guardsman, axerider, natarian knight. The natars looks like want to destroy everything in the city, especially the Wonder of the World. The number of natar soldiers is completely beyond the defensive side. The romans, teutons and gauls forced to call out their settler to join the war. The war continues.

    At last, all the defender is died as the natarian troops is well trained and undefeatable. The city is completely destroyed and the hero was killed. Natarian stole the Wonder of the World construction plan and build it to level 100.

    The end - chern-1997