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    Finished the 7 Day Event. I found it very interesting and improved. The Task Reward system is very balanced and let all kind of players, raiders and simmers, develop and progress at good pace. It also sort of act as a tutorial to build what is important in Travian.

    The Oasis resource reward is Extremely Exciting because it rewards the active players. To make use of oasis reward in the beginning a player may need to allocate hero points to offense rather than resources and and that sort of balances it between the simmers, and raiders. Simmers allocate hero points to resources and get direct benefit. Now active raiders may get the benefit from putting points to Hero offense. Well, simmers can do the same if they choose to do so, but then they should spend more time on line..

    There is one thing very interesting that should make a huge difference in actual servers. It is the fact that the players who settle Cropper far from their spawn faced problems with number of merchants and the amount merchants could carry and that slowed the development of cropper for a week to 10 days. Now with Hero and troops hunting critters get resources in Hero inventory and that should be an easy way to have resources available for the quick development of a far flung cropper. Again, it should be rewarding for the active players and they should be rewarded. If simmers or defenders want to earn these resources then they also can do it by spending few hours on line killing critters for resources.

    I have found the new system rewarding for the players making it a constantly exciting game. It should be tried soon. Of course, fine tuning is an ongoing process but this system has huge potential. Sure!

    Three mistakes in the above picture:

    1- The chair is missing one leg and it's supports.

    2- The door has the opening handle attached to the same side as the door hinges. It should be on the opposite side as of door hinges.

    3- The spiral stairs bottom end seems to start from the wall while the stairs should begin from within the room to be able to start climbing these.

    As there are only two options given for Hero to either HIDE or ALWAYS STAY WITH TROOPS, it is not enough. There should be, at least, third option where Hero may defend capital even if the troops are set to evade in case of an attack.
    I find the defenders are at a disadvantage as attacker can attack with Hero alone but the defending hero can only defend if it is there as a reinforcement or troops must stay with it.
    My point is that Capital is set to evasion to prevent its attacking army/troops from dying in an attack but Hero should be able to stay and defend all by itself.
    Kindly, consider adding third option; HERO WILL DEFEND VILLAGE ALWAYS. This option may even be a gold club feature.
    I think it is a must have FEATURE to be included.