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    Hello, I'm playing as Gaul on comx server. I've read some defence guides and this one got my attention: Travian Answers. It suggests to make around 4 phalanxes for 1 druidrider, but if I make 6 phalanxes for one druidrider, I get EQUAL defence against both cavalry and infantry. Can someone explain why 4:1 ratio is better than 6:1? Thanks!

    "Alright lads, I say. Let's swyve these bedswerer fadoodle eyndill rogers out of our pain demain giving lands... with reaks! And if they outreak us, let's shove each of their weapons up their arses! I know each filthy trick these dirty bunch of fleak maggots are capable of, they are a bunch of worthless fools asking to get rekt. Now, GO GET THESE WIND-SUCKING CROOKED-NOSED...!". Before he could finish his talk, the enemy was so insulted by the level of rudeness, disrespect and slang overflow that the moral evaporated and they flee before the first blood was even spattered. The end.