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    I think for this server F&B got the respect of many people for allowing other metas the time to organise before the fight with winter&mafia .... but on the finals tournament things will be totally different ... and will have part of bigger fights for control the center of the map.

    robotelu -

    To have a good start early-game you should study your neighborhood and allways check surrounding reports... if there is a bigger fish cleaning oasis and players u can let him do the hard work and u can go just after the honey till u become the big fish :). The early u have spies the efficient u'll be because information is more important than force in early game , also check marketplace for nongold players when u searching for new farms. Never attack without spying early game or raiding before with low number of troups a targhet u don't have info about.

    Mess with the best die like the rest professional gamers league:D

    Ameno during the years I did learn that TG policy don't change and that the importance of one account is not relevant ... let me see what will happen when more people get to the same conclusion... eighter u have trained people for support and service delivery eighter u going to loose more and more each year with the cartoons with the only purpose to money that u seling now as a game.... as the level of the business is unnacceptable not to have staff(payed employees) to cover the mh positions and developers (not painters like now) that know the job.

    The troops were standing on the battlefield waiting for their arch rival to arrive. It was already late but no one even thought to go to bed. The history will be made today!
    White stone walls of the nearby city, hidden among the huge rocks were hardly seen in the last rays of the setting sun. Only a moment left till the battle begins and the hero with the long red pennant fixed to his pike already moved forward on his brown warhorse, to say.......

    Robotelu:We've been waiting for 3 weeks hiding resources in the cranny and moving phalanxis on oasis and now we have enought to catch all this noob barbarian teutonic knights .... after he'll go mad and attack with clubs and will be our moment to catch him on return !
    Soldier:But master why did u let so many resources on his spie.
    Robotelu: I like fishing ... The longer patience u have the bigger will be the fish.

    The end.