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    While I agree that I do not want a rollback on my account, and having lived through all the rollbacks on the TT, I have to agree that in order to make it fair to ALL players, its best to reset it to before the issue occurred.
    Put yourself in the other player's shoes. How would you feel if a neighbor all of a sudden got a massive amount of troops they weren't supposed to have, and they used those troops to raid your villages dry, knock down your wall, and destroy your buildings, wouldn't you want that all back?

    TG most likely can remove the troops from the player's accounts, but they most likely cannot return all the stolen resources, and repair the damages done to other accounts.

    Lossed time spent is valuable, yes its a beta server, but doing right to those who were wronged is the best option for fair game play.

    I prefer the 1x, and I'm not a newbie, just cannot be putting in the time and $ commitment as before, and 1x allows me time to get work done, spend with my family or sleep. A lot of players just like to enjoy the game, not fight for top 10, and 1x allows the casual player to do that. They will always have 2x and 3x for those who choose to be more active.
    And I may be wrong, but I believe they have done 5x in the past and not many joined and those that played it agreed it was not a good thing.

    I only upgraded village 3, sent all resources from 1 and 2 to 3, and was able to complete quests for new village, so it definitely doesn't need to be the 2nd village.
    Not sure how far you are along with task, but I believe after I completed the All to 7 fields task, that's when I unlocked all the rest. warehouse lvl 3, granary lvl 3, residence lvl 1, culture points, residence lvl 10 (which did give me the 500 CP, so I didn't have to throw the parties I did).
    So Travian Mods, the tasks definitely need to be in a different order or swap out the fields tasks for something different. Maybe build hero's mansion or click info on your tribe's specific building. Also don't remember seeing quest for grain mill, but could just be forgetting.

    Administrator when you say you will reset the quests for everyone, does that mean everyone starts over at 0 complete? I am currently 15/17, 16/18, 6/14, and 11/9 complete, and if I get all the rewards over again, its not fair to those who didn't get them the first time, even for a beta.

    This is intentional, it can be completed twice.

    Looking to see if anyone can answer this.

    Is there a task for CP when you complete a level 10 residence in 2nd village.

    In regular server you get 500 CP when complete 1st residence, but not sure if there is any similiar reward for this server.

    Would make a big difference in time when founding 4th village.


    In my opinion, it is worth changing that when you want to use the resources that are in the hero's inventory, they will move to the village you are currently in and not to the hero's village.

    what do you think?

    I have to disagree. In regular servers, if a hero finds resources on an adventure, they go to the village where the hero was sent from.
    Yes, it would be nice if the task rewards you could use in whichever village, such as in regular server's, but it would most likely be hard to separate the task reward and adventure rewards, and since task rewards are only in the first week or so, and adventure rewards are in the entire game, it should follow the pattern of only available to use in the hero's village.
    It takes a little bit of back and forth with your hero, saving up resources for when you found a new village to quickly build it up, or use the resources he's in to build up market or troops, but this is a strategy game and it gives another option of ways to play.

    I still have tasks left, but is there a task that will generate CP reward such as in the regular legend's servers completing a level 10 residence would grant 500 CP?
    I'm producing within top 20 of server of CP per day, but still won't be able to settle 4th for quite a while without a task reward, so wondering if anyone knows.

    If you reinforce and change you hero's home village to your new village, it will fix the bug for resource production amounts.

    If you are trying to use resources in your hero's inventory, they will go towards the village your hero is from, not the village that you have selected.

    I like the setup here with the village and and resources separate. I think the daily quest is fine located at the end as the map should be next to the first two as its a navigational button.
    I'm more wondering how you have 12 adventures, I believe thats what the image shows.

    I think on the general statistics tab, for the accelerated start, it should show who settles the 4th village first. Otherwise it’s just who logged in first and sent their settlers to the next field over.

    please read previous posts ... the lag will not 'resolve itself over time'. It has been posted that it is due to a hardware issue and the Devs are working on it

    I wasn't clear. I meant that it will be taken care of. It won't just happen magically. The Devs will need to do work to upgrade the server and hardware and back end stuff. I meant that it will not happen in the next couple of minutes so we need to just deal with it for now.

    Can we do an edit to the forum that players must answer trivia questions on the changes and known issues before anyone is allowed to post?


    They will answer 99% of your questions.

    The lag will resolve itself over time. Be patient. The server is really user heavy right now with everyone on and registering, plus with devs working and making edits in the background without taking the game offline. Patience is a virtue.