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    yep :)

    Yes choosing where the first village appears could be the solution. But the difference between the ability to obtain resources from an oasis that a player has at his fingertips at the expense of a player who does not have access to the oases can be thousands of res.

    With the right procedure, where I heal the hero from rewards (while gaining a new level) and killing animals in an oasis in my area, I gain an incredible advantage without any cost of army training. This condition does not seem happy to me at all

    Testing when it is available for all unlimited amounts of gold is very irrelevant.

    The reward system is confused and does not move the player anywhere and leads him into dead ends.

    Oases seem like a good idea, but a few days of testing may not have legitimate results. It shows the time. So far, I see one big disadvantage in the unfair distribution of oases.

    It would like to come up with a better algorithm for generating maps or another mechanism for establishing a new village at startup. The differences are really extreme

    The new kind of rewards is really very confusing. As far as I can compare, the previous system was intuitive, which led the player to start the game relatively correctly. The new system is chaotic, unnecessarily confused.

    Why collect rewards? Why doesn't the hero get them in his backpack right away? Why do I see already selected rewards, but I don't see what will follow? They don't need to see the selected rewards, but I need to see what awaits me. Why they are not logically sorted according to the probable fulfillment. I would be ashamed of such work.

    Completely shutting down local servers is also not a step in the right direction. Players evolve and learn, and a local background is needed for this. Explaining such a complex game to players in a language other than their native language will be very demotivating.

    Yes, for experienced players, connecting to international servers is the right move, but are there so many? The number of players in the tournament is declining every year, the quality is declining, you can't watch the cheaters. Accounts, artifacts, plans are sold. Passwords are shared with multiple accounts. Focus on these issues and don't invent nonsense.

    Year after year, the situation gets worse .

    The game is now upside down. Playing honestly means losing. Now you only buy a few virtual servers and a lot of time and money. Victory is yours.

    The final is not played for fun, but for the best possible placement. I watch players circumvent ridiculous rules, passwords are passed, one player attacks for the entire alliance. The really sad end of Travian.

    I agree that the creators of the game have fallen asleep and the underwater players are far ahead of them. The mechanism that oversees compliance with the rules of the game does not work. Can't check accounts? Why is the player's identity not checked? Two-phase identity verification using a social network, telephone.

    Now the game is ridiculous. An honest player has no chance of success. Really very sad.

    Do we really have to discuss the imaginary version 4.6? Why do you want a discussion at all, when you are ready to deploy it to all servers from March 15. Doesn't that sound a little weird to you? The change in graphics that the community asked you to do more than a year ago has disappeared into oblivion, and now you want a discussion of a version that no one has seen before. The discussion will certainly be very fruitful.

    Ridder Huma

    So there will be no limit for individual servers? How was it spped 10X ? Where the European server was closed within a few hours.

    The transfer of gold was possible. However, I am interested in the reasons why this is not the case. It strikes me as enrichment.

    You are free to register any or even multiple qualify, see the announcement

    I'm worried if there will be a player limit. See 10X speed for players who wanted to register later, the server was already closed. Which will weaken the team.

    It's amazing how you ignore the community. You run the questionnaire first, and the result? You don't even have the balls to give us information that we are dumb players if we thought we could influence anything.

    I'm a player from the Czech Republic, CM doesn't react at all there, unfortunately it's similar here. I still haven't received any answers to my questions that I wanted to know about the tournament.

    This is called player support. Congratulations

    very disappointed player

    Since the Czech forum is probably again without an administrator, it does not communicate, I will try to get answers here.

    1) Will the tutorial be skipped automatically on the tournament servers?

    2) If the servers are divided by continents, will registration from another continent be protected by IP address? Or the Europe server will be overcrowded again.

    3) Why won't gold be generated after the final round?

    Thank you

    So after some time you created a poll. Can I know why is a poll only in English? Isn't the opinion of non-English speaking players important? Why, after choosing a nation, can I not speak about other nations?

    3. What tribe do/did you play on your favorite Travian: Legends server? *

    my favorite nation is Roman but I still haven't seen it in version 4.5. Now I'm testing Egypt. Well, wrong question.

    Do you need a month to prepare one poll? It seems to me that you are rather waiting for the players to calm down and get used to. I never understood how it's possible that we've been waiting for your reactions for so long.

    After more than a week since the release of version 4.5, the first official statement came. :thumbdown: