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🔥 New user interface & tribe specific buildings survey 🔥
The answers can be submitted until February 21, 2020 10:00 GMT+1.
The survey results will form a foundation for our future work on the needed adjustments based on your wishes and suggestions.

    So after some time you created a poll. Can I know why is a poll only in English? Isn't the opinion of non-English speaking players important? Why, after choosing a nation, can I not speak about other nations?

    3. What tribe do/did you play on your favorite Travian: Legends server? *

    my favorite nation is Roman but I still haven't seen it in version 4.5. Now I'm testing Egypt. Well, wrong question.

    Do you need a month to prepare one poll? It seems to me that you are rather waiting for the players to calm down and get used to. I never understood how it's possible that we've been waiting for your reactions for so long.

    After more than a week since the release of version 4.5, the first official statement came. :thumbdown:

    In total, I understand that you needed a new layout that you have prepared for mobile browsers. But I'm sure it's not the right solution. Supporting a game for mobile devices would be much better to address by an application than to customize a game for a mobile browser.The app would also serve the purpose of advertising, be available in the app store.

    About two years ago, you implanted support for players who have difficulty recognizing colors. Do you think that one color in more shades is suitable for these players?

    Why did the developers decide that the main building would have a fixed position? They never played travian? What is the reason? Will we get any official reaction?

    Yes, the game is optimized for Chrome only. Unfortunately.

    Firefox reports an error :

    This page uses the non standard property “zoom”. Consider using calc() in the relevant property values, or using “transform” along with “transform-origin: 0 0”. dorf1.php

    You have a large number of other servers. In my opinion the travian tournament is specific and the conditions for entry are clear. If he should not be tied to the qualification then these rounds are completely unnecessary. In order to prevent abuse of qualifications, rules have been tightened. Now the qualifications knock out dead players, low-active players, and the final could have a better level.

    You have absolutely misleading questions about email. If someone steals your email, it's just your fault. Wrong email?

    You probably won't even get the invitation, registration code. Total nonsense :)

    This is a tournament. Do you want to play a tournament? Play the qualifying server. Clear rules. Also, you won't play the Davis Cup final just because you want to try it. The mistake is that the invitation is not tied to email

    From this contribution it is clear that the main condition is to participate in the qualification. The wild cards should be dealt to the players who played it but failed to qualify. There should not be any player who did not play the qualifying server. At least you will be sure that real players will receive invitations.

    You should keep your word, show that you are honest and that you do not adjust the rules according to yourself.

    No one can create a 100% system. And the probability that the system will evaluate your game as fraudulent is great. The worst thing is that the player has no defense, he can not appeal against it is simply convicted without any trial.

    Before launching the qualifying servers, it was clearly stated that there would be no wild cards at all. So players who wanted to participate had to meet quite demanding qualifying limits this year. And now everything is different :( Instead of really good server again, you give away clouds of wild cards and again you make a parody. I am convinced that 90% of the cards will be a support account that will receive a BAN after a week, but that week will allow a quick start for players using these support accounts.

    Why you can't fulfill what you promised once. You are constantly changing the rules, even during the game. This should be inadmissible.