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    100 gold as compensation to EVERY player on ALL servers that were involved is more then adequate compensation. Yeah we all lost a day where we could not build anything... It is equal to all; so fair as compensation...

    It's not about the time I spent not building things, but the time I spent building things and raiding the day before. If the problems were caused by a maintenance update, why were the backups over 30 hours before the update? Why not create a restore point immediately before making changes? The thing that upsets me the most is that they didn't roll back to the point of the screwup, but so far before.

    From an unknown source (heh pun) I heard that you were spying lol... That's so desperate. Was this your first time playing Travian?

    Your source is incorrect. What I did was join an opposing alliance on a different server. Seems my old friends have hurt some feelings in the past and some people haven't learned to let go of their grudges. As a result, I was called a spy and booted from the discord server without a chance to answer the slander.

    So, in the beginning, I completed all of the tasks to get the task master off my screen. Because they were done out of order, I had to settle my 4th village before he was satisfied enough with my progress to leave. A day later, they say "Hey, we're resetting the tasks." and there's Big Ugly, staring at me again. Since everything is already done, all I have to do is collect the rewards and I gots resources for days. But, since I've already used my settlers several times, I can't complete that task until I settle V5. So I start burning res on CP building, throwing parties in every village for days. Around the time I get 3/4 of the CP needed to settle V5 and finally remove the task guy, they roll back the server and I lose not only all the CP I'd built up over the past days, but all the resources I had in my hero inventory that had been used to build the CP. Now, I have almost enough CP to settle a new village, but there is a 15c nearby that is owned by an inactive player and I want to chief it, causing yet another delay in getting rid of my stalker.

    Is there any way, within the rules of the game, to get rid of this most annoying feature? I would gladly pay TG a little extra to make this guy go away.

    I didn't like the Button to "Village" and "Buildings" as a "alternate mode". Cause sometimes i'm at Buildings.. click on Map.. then i want to go back to Buildings, but there's only Village button.. So a must click twice.. This annoy cause make me lose time and it happens a lot. And i don't want put a NEW Link on my Link List just causa that issue that before was better.

    Just click the green X at the top right of the popup window.

    While I agree that I do not want a rollback on my account, and having lived through all the rollbacks on the TT, I have to agree that in order to make it fair to ALL players, its best to reset it to before the issue occurred.
    Put yourself in the other player's shoes. How would you feel if a neighbor all of a sudden got a massive amount of troops they weren't supposed to have, and they used those troops to raid your villages dry, knock down your wall, and destroy your buildings, wouldn't you want that all back?

    Those were my shoes. It seems some, if not all, of our top raiders have been using this bug to get massive amounts of troops. Not very fun when you can be pulped from 2 fields away and it would take half your alliance to defend you.

    rollback, it going to be the worst thing i have ever seen, even when i am one very inactive and i didn´t get some profit with bugs... :cursing:, i will delete

    Poor fella. Maybe, instead of deleting, you could just walk away and leave another farm for those of us willing to continue testing?