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    If in Israeli servers you fight against techs (duplicates) then why here in international server you use them?

    You make it sound like Gunners don't use techs and that's why Gunners are the underdogs.. i don't think anyone here buys that..:/

    i wont deny the fact of using heroes friends to clean oasis for 2nd village race

    but from that point to compare to mass techs use there is still a little gap i guess..

    i also wont deny that, gunners have techs but not with such a numbers as u and ur friend at GOW trying to describe here.

    but i wont comment to u anymore, hide urself with ur few salve kids so be it..

    Loffe i guess we r not small meta xD

    if i compare tech issue at present to old time when ppl used "duplicates" and it wasnt legal

    the main factor that has been changed is the potential to grow without this legal/illegal support (tech, duplicates, call it with w/e name u want, at israel we still call it duplicates and trying to fight against that appearance - players at IL servers who use this techs r completly unrespected)

    from my last full power round there was several times more farms at ea server - so if u used techs u had an advantage. but a strong team who play legit could make the same achivements(just with harder work)

    at the present COM2 gonna be HUGE gap between "non tech users" to the "tech users" accounts because the "non tech users" group wont be able to raid enough res in long term to feed their hammers.

    i dont see any possibility for EGH to raid 1m or not even 500k res per/hour

    thats means - the allys with the less techs will work far more harder to feed their EGH's and prob their EGH's will be with lower sizes cuz they wont be optimal off power

    and WW def power will be probably even higher than avg COM rounds

    so in the end line - the allys with the less techs will need to gain an advantage via their OP's

    and allys with massive techs - every simming day is extra slight advantage to their lines

    we like it or not? doesnt mettal as long as its legal by TG, so i have no argues against the Duat/IKEA metas and hope for a challenging round as underdog xD


    for the one above me (AFKi):

    please stop, IKEA not gonna play whole round as isolated meta, IKEA is a big force which will combine at the end game with another meta to at least make a full confedercy

    so in fight of 1 confedecy vs another 1, the meta which will get birth from and with IKEA merging (or duat) will gain enourmous force.

    thanks and sorry about low english.

    Good Morning Forums!

    Fresh from the presses is your long awaited cropper review of the server.

    I had planned to write a long and lengthy review about who I think is in the lead but I decided against it. I am going to write a few things here that I noticed while sifting through the data. IKEA has a damn strong core around the GZ, very interesting to see once they start running ops with their shorter walk times to other quads. Most of GOW was forced further into their quad by duat but by doing so they have better overall croppers. Ten and Goats both secured the most croppers in their quad but not by a large margin nor did the secure a lot of high % croppers.

    was nice to work on this sheet(honestly ididnt did alot compare to u and some gunners leaders xD)

    in addition to the last paragraph of urs ill continue with some info we can understand from all this details:

    - IKEA seems right now as the rulers of the GZ or will be more accurate to say - of the south GZ and the green fields that surronding there

    - the North of the map is over populated with 5 big metas: GOW, Duat, Gunners, DND, and also NE which seems right now as random recuirting meta of rookies(can see that also from the kind crops they holds - 75% c15 and c9's which means that all of them settled 2nd village within avg time, non bigshot starter players to hold strong areas from the start) but we cant understimate their power cuz their numbers

    - Goats gonna have tough times at the SW if they really not gonna merge with the smaller allys at their quad (ZEN mayhem ME) but there is no doubt GOTAS control at most of the -/- and they settled further into their quad, cuz forethought? or cuz forced by ikea - who controls the GZ-mid of the south and took most of the strong crops? but its worked out.

    - looks like 2.01 lost to TEN at the race to 2nd villages, TEN hold 6~7 times more c15 of ea category (75%~150%) more than 2.01

    wonder how things will evolve from now between that two metas, yes - TEN is double time larger with numbers, but 6+ times more crops is a great success for them.

    I am not here to start arguments or provide false hoods. This is my first round with gunners and my first .com round since 2017 so I will be providing a fully factual review. If facts and stats is propaganda then this conversation ended before it begun

    what a coincidence? u also part of the new players line of gunners? :P

    So why do you say you found 0 defenses on me when you did the same? Why don't you tell 1qaz that what he says doesn't make sense (since you're a leader) and that you have the techs too. Do you realize that your consistency is equal to 0? We were talking about born2be1 and you immediately screwed up the conversation. I thought you were the only one in the goW to admit the facts but until you are caught buying resources you did everything in the discord to say the opposite. LMAO. On the part of my broken English I know I'm sorry, lol.

    whats going on with that buying res

    we thought its a fairy tail

    and how any1 can justify this act?

    feels like we came from another planet LMAO

    dont forget its just a game..

    take it EZ

    ur whole msg isnt relevant EDITED

    stop shame urself, and talk like an adult person

    just saying to COM community that person here isnt represent the IL domain players

    an old saying we behaved to say

    today u a friend, tomorow a foe

    its just a game

    Take it ez...

    thanks and cya through the R.P

    we all here to (not) strength ur broken heart shadow dear

    stop crying at IL community groups

    yes, there is ton of techs

    but its not makes u big player to lose 150 clubs at day 5 so recklesly

    the un"com" groups like the lvl of the server till now

    cya everyone :)

    and how many of these non com teams are actually plants, just wondering


    we hope for a great round, gain a hard and fair challenge from that hyped com2

    and hope that we will stand with ur expectations Peter

    cya and thanks about counting us! ^^

    My first round on this domain since 2017. And wow does it seem to be a good one, but a toxic one too :D , I hope that the salt will be plentiful.

    our first since 2014 and dont remember such a hype and bad blood in the COM domain haha :P