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    good and exhausting round it was,

    תרגום לעברית בסוף החלק שבאנגלית ( hebrew translation in the end of the post)

    i was insomnia and brought here some friends as israeli team, joined to gunners

    our numbers were around 10 real acc and 8 techs which had to support 2 eghs (in their prime, somewhere around chrismas, one was top 10 and another 2nd)

    * editted - forgot to mention, along most of the server round we had around 5 accounts of the top 40, one in the 3 first(us insomnia) and one in the top 10

    and 7~8 total accounts in the 100 first list.

    so we were small group but in sizes, we were big part in the top tier accs in the server

    acc insomnia

    password 142433

    whoever wants to log

    our story with this round started around month or two before round started, me and my friends looked up to challenge since the IL servers doesnt worth our time and efforts.

    after a talk with a close friend - the community here knows him as Olourie (eye of ra), i decided to bring my friends to the com2 fight zone.

    at first place, we planned to play with Vices meta - olourie connected between me and Luke, thought its the start of a love story.. which ended in few weeks when vices and luke annouced that they wont join to this round with all their horses.

    Olourie told me that he gonna open with his team in the Sweden lines of Loffe, however, i didnt thought that my team can handle an activity of Grey zone gameplay this round, started to check for alternative and contacted with Blitzkrieger and from that point we joined gunners for good.

    i must to admit, ididnt knew how most of my teamates will do in this round, some of them is first/second round playing.

    along the run, we tried to do our best for the good of the meta.

    we had excellent opening, very good standing in artifact, and all our main acc (except poseidon) kept on playing till the WW which im glad about.

    our goal beside all the def acc and 1 op player, to donate 2 eghs (wwk and wwr) to the meta e.g effort.

    one wwk (insomnia) destroyed at the chrismas

    the wwr (poseidon) ghosted after the team that played there completly retired from playing from their own reason :/

    but we changed to def and supported in that zone.

    side note:

    we got 2 terrible hits by MH, completly our team and side mistakes, we lost this way 1 big def player (pelle) and 1 tech acc.

    also all our def player suffered twice by 10 and 25% population penalities, after days 150 of server

    cant blame anyone, ill say here what i said to my friends "if u dont act, u dont make mistakes", this bans itself costed to gunners at WW only around 2m def troops (at least).

    gunners meta:

    nice leaders, kind ppl and great players.

    i think everybody upgraded their skills along this round, from the bests to the rookies.

    Gunners - Zerg war.

    ithink leadership brought us to uncertain war, to unwanted position and condition, which none gunners leadership wanted to Step into at day 100.

    BUT, it was great to play alongside all the gunners commrades in this 4months war without breaks

    insight of "after the event" - its clear that without Zerg meta, this server could die easly by Gunners win without any real competition, gunners with all the mistakes that we did (and we did alot), were"just" the strongest meta in this round by far.

    we can see that in the statistics - not so far in time building from WW100, without this 200-700 war, no doubt whom ww100 was..

    in the end:

    we didnt achived any "number" achivement that could be screenshoted or writed in some irrelevant archive posts and in same time we saw and felt like we r not less than any "pro top tier" travian com player.

    we had alot of fun, we got finally a real challenge, do our best to support leadership and our ally mates and to met new friends.

    as i said always along the road in the discord and whatsapp, in my eyes, the winners is whom had the most fun from the game, ithink its without a doubt, gunners ppl had a very good times in the past 8 months

    and to complete the tradition ill end with MY bullets and thanks for this round:

    the good guy - or girl in our situation, Mor my dual, for our team, u just always know how to calm down things and how to create a great BBQ meetings.

    the bad Guy - 1) Verdie, u have unique specialicem with getting hated by others, so easly haha (<3)

    2) vege - we had alot of arguments along the round, but from my side (at least) ithink it was cuz we both wanted for the good of the whole side, so it wasnt that bad at all :P

    the ugly - MH, leave my team alone bruh xD

    the best Offensive - ill surprise u and say "NRA", and not eye of ra (even through that ur reports is amazing!), the amount of damage, mentaly and operativly that he took part in ops on gunners is far above all the other accounts, i counted myself 4 ops on eghs that succeed, one plan stealing and more some artifact steals that they took role / was responsible to, if i take them outside the formula of this round, gunners could be fat stronger.

    the best Defensive - there was too many pro def players in gunners, i cant really say that one was high above the others

    discovery of this run - Newton, top10 acc in best server, and its just first round of urs OMG

    one apologize to all gunners (especially to blitz, and admins), we lost 1 egh (poseidon) cuz of my fault, bringing a team which couldnt run to the end, that acc and hammer had pot to be at least big as neptune and just happened to be burden on the meta shoulders.

    main lesson for this round - even through its comfortable, dont ever play again as none head meta

    special thanks:

    My team:

    barak&mor more than just duals <3

    Vayne/teemo - Eithan & Nissim our biggest def :P

    jack sparrow - gal & shlomo, u didnt quit a full round!!! haha

    raccoon - Yotam & Nati (the girl xD)

    Newton & Tesla - our indian brothers (@GOATS they can suit ur indian squad by ease hehe)

    Error - Michael stop the bot, server ended f3

    Poseidon - yona, miri, dan, lilly, ihate u

    Pelle - Steven, our DC, u did great, and i was happy to know u this round <3

    and to our "tech army":

    Israel (the speed servers real master), sari, elisha, shacher, omer,nadav imri

    thanks for ur hands along the first 4 months of the round, creating the techs and raise and take care to them, i appriciate ur afforts.

    gunners players - proud to be part of u for this round!

    omer eye of ra (olourie) - proved that its fine to playas ruvaks and keep being friends, u real friend, and waiting for u coming back to israel!!

    Luke & anze - thanks for destroying my wwk, i couldnt succeed in studies if u werent do such a charity

    smack & larry - this round we were on diff side of the coin, maybe next time will be diff :)

    thanks again, and cya (maybe) next rounds

    Amir - MisterB (insomnia ingame)

    תרגום לעברית:

    אני שיחקתי בinsomnia בשרת הזה והבאתי קבוצת חברים כ"צוות ישראלי" והצטרפנו לפדרציה של גאנרס.

    בגדול מנינו סדר גודל של 10 חשבונות אמיתיים ועוד 8 כפולים (חשבונות תמיכה) שמטרתם הייתה לתמוך בהאמרי פלא (בשיא היו מקום 10 ו2 בשרת איפשהו ביום 140 150)

    נערך - שכחתי לציין, במהלך כמעט כל השרת היו לנו כ5 חשבונות בטופ 40, מתוכם אחד בטופ 3(אנחנו אינסומניה) ועוד אחד בעשיריה, בנוסף החבר'ה שלנו כמעט כולם היו בטופ 100 (7-8 חשבונות)

    כלומר היינו קבוצה קטנה אומנם אבל ביחס לטופ טייר של השרת היינו חתך משמעותי.

    acc insomnia

    password 142433

    למי שרוצה להתחבר לראות.

    הסיפור שלנו עם השרת החל איפשהו חודש חודשיים לפני שהשרת נפתח כשאני ועוד כמה חברים רצינו להכנס לשרת נוסף שיהיה מאתגר מתוך הבנה ששרתי ישראל לא שווים את הזמן והמאמץ שלנו (ראו ערך סיכום שרת 5 הישראלי), אחרי ששוחחתי עם חבר יקר (עומר ששיחק ב eye of ra) החלטתי להכנס לקום2

    היינו אמורים להצטרף לפדרציה שניצחה את קום1 הקודם והייתה נחשבת לקבוצה הכי חזקה בדומיין, הם החליטו שלא להכנס, אני אחסוך מכם כאן את הבלבולי מוח על השמות של האנשים שאף אחד שכנראה קורא את הפוסט הזה בעברית לא מכיר גם ככה, בשורה התחתונה עברנו לשחק עם גאנרס

    אני חייב להודות שלא ידעתי לאיזה תפוקה החבר'ה שלי יגיעו מכיוון שחלקם זה שרת ראשון/שני שלהם/לא שיחקנו יחד שרת שלם לפניכן

    השתדלנו לאורך השרת לעשות הכי טוב שאנחנו יכולים לטובת הכלל והפדרציה

    הייתה לנו פתיחה מצויינת, עמידה מאוד טובה באוצרות וחוץ מחשבון אחד כל החשבונות שלנו סיימו את השרת מה שאני שמח על כך

    סה"כ היעד שלנו לשרת היה 2 האמרי פלא (אחד קאטות אחד ניגוח, סדר גודל של 900 אלף אכילה לכל האמר למי שלא יודע נה זה הגדלים של הבינלאומי), חשבון התקפי עובד והשאר הגנתיים

    האמר פלא קאטות (שלנו באינסומניה) נעלם (יום 140 בערך, היה באזור ה140 גרזן 40 אביר ו 9 קאטה)

    פוסידון (נוגחים) נתפסו לו המון כוחות והיה לא פעיל בחלק האחרון של השרת ולכן לא מונף מעבר ל170 גרזן 25 אביר ו30 נוגח

    מלבד כל המכות שחטפנו, המולטי האנטר הרחיק פעמיים את כל השחקני הגנה שלנו פעם אחת 10 ופעם שניה 25 אחוזי אוכלוסיה, זה שחט את החבר'ה, והם בכל זאת השתקמו וקמו משם.

    אני חושב שרק המולטי האנטר גרם לכך שהצלחנו לספק בפחות 2 מליון הגנות ממה שציפינו את הפלא עולם (והיו בו 14 מליון בסופו של דבר, 25 % בערך שלנו)

    טיפה על הפדרציה שלנו גאנרס:

    מנהלים סבבה, אנשים מדהימים ושחקנים מצויינים.

    אני חושב שכולם השתפרו לאורך הסיבוב - בכל זאת שיחקנו מעטים מול רבים 200 מול 700!.

    המלחמה שלנו מול אלו שהתאחדו:

    אני חושב שההנהלה שלנו הכניסה אותנו למלחמה שאף אחד מהחברים בצד לא רצה, בסיטואציה מאוד לא טובה לנו כבר משלב האוצרות.

    אבל, זו הייתה זכות גדולה לשחק לצד הקבוצה הזו במהלך ה4 חודשי מלחמה האינטנסיביים האלו.

    תובנה של "בדיעבד" - אם לא היו מתאחדים נגדנו 700 על 200, לא היה סיכוי לנצח אותנו, עצם זה שהשרת נגמר כשאנחנו רחוקים שלבים בודדים מניצחון מראה על הכוח של הפדרציה הזו

    ולסיום, נקנח על פי המסורת בנקודות ותודות:

    הטוב - מור השותפה שלנו, שיודעת תמיד להרגיע את המצב ולדאוג למפגש על האש משובח.

    הרע - סבסטיאן המנהל פדרציה שלנו, כי לגרום ל5 פדרציות שונות לשנוא אותנו באותה מידה צריך כישורים יוצאי דופן.

    העיראקי - יותר מידי ויכוחים אך בסופו של דבר שנינו רצינו את טוב הקבוצה כולה.

    המכוער - המולטייייי שחררר אותנווו חחח

    הגנרל המהולל(ההתקפי #1) - NRA, שחקן שהיה עם מגף ייחודי, עשה לנו את המוות, קימבץ על מבצעים, והיה אחראי ל4 העלמות האמרי פלא, תפיסות, גניבת תוכניות בניה ולא מעט אוצרות גם כן.

    (על אף ש eye of ra הביא דוחות מטורפיםםם וסיים ראשון)

    ההגנתי שטבח בשעריו.. (ההגנתי #1) - לא יכול לציין אחד, היו כל כך הרבה שחקני הגנה מצויינים אצלנו, לומר שאחד היה מעל כולם יעשה אוול לשאר.

    תגלית השרת - בן newton, כי שחקן שזה השרת הראשון/שני שלו להיות בטופ 10 בשרת הכי חזק בעולם, הזייה.

    התנצלות אחת אני חייב למנהלי גאנרס - הבאתי איתי צוות שהיה צריך להרים האמר ניגוח לפלאים, ההאמר לא הועלם (הכפר) ובכל זאת לא עמדנו ביעד, בסופו של דבר זה באשמתי שלא ידעתי לצפות את הפרישה הזו שם.

    הלקח שלי לשרת הזה - לעולם לא לשחק שוב אם אני לא הקדקד בהנהלה, יותר מידי אכזבות, ציפיות, וכאב ראש רק מהטעויות של לצפות מהצד (בקיצור תסכול).

    תודות מיוחדות:

    לצוות שלי:

    ברק ומור שאתם פשוט יותר משותפים <3

    איתן וניסים ויין/טימו - ההגנתי הגדול ביותר שלנו, אלופים

    גל ושלמה - גאה בכם שלא פרשתם!

    יותם ונתי(הבת)

    האחים ההודים שלנו בן ועידן שהפציצו

    מיכאל שהגיע הזמן שתכבה את הבוט חחחח

    סתיו המנהל שלנו שפשוט מבסוט שהכרתי אותך השרת.

    יונה,מירי,דן,לילי, שונא אתכם(לא באמת) שברחתם באמצע.

    ו"לצבא הכפולים" שלנו שבאו ונתנו מהלב!

    ישראל טובלי (דה ריל מאסטר), שרי, אלישע, שחר, עומר, אימרי

    מעריך את הנתינה והעזרה שלכם, לא מובן מאליו!

    לפדרציה שלנו גאנרס- פשוט שחקנים טובים אחד אחד, גאה להיות חלק מכם בסיבוב הזה.

    עומר eye of ra - אפשר להיות אויבים ולהשאר חברים, אוהב ומחכה שתחזור כבר לארץץץ

    @sweden Te

    לוק ו אנזה (אויבים DND) - תודה שהעלמתם לנו את ההאמר פלא, בזכותכם הצלחתי בלימודים, עשיתם עימי חסד.

    סמאק ולארי - הסיבוב הזה היינו בצדדים הפוכים (GOTAS) אולי בפעם הבאה נשחק יחד.

    תודה לכולם

    אמיר - MisterB

    insomnia לאורך השרת

    just take a look on SE quad and check how many nordics villages exist there -> probably u gonna get surprised

    u cant raise ur hands at the end phase of the game and say "we dont have energy to play", its very lowly excuse

    u play, good or less, its ur choice

    u dont see here gunners players excusing our mistakes with "inactivity" excuses, even through that everybody in our meta have their own life issues

    thats the meaning of X1 server, u play in addition of ur life, not in place of them.

    if u doesnt able to functioning because u created a team which do not cable to run a whole marathon - its ur problem

    and its doesnt excuse for u to take a bad strategy decisions

    a little reminders - beside dnd, each of the existing metas claimed at start of the round for their supriority on the others.

    and for ur last sentence - at every strategic game not only Travian, in multipie sides claiming for the winning -> the lossers always decide who to give the advantage for winning in the end game phase.

    admit in ur lose will be nice, but also pathetic, since not long ago u and ur friends came here with huge promising words for gunners death

    1qaz  Bat Man

    u both have a great abillity to look only on one side of the coin and completly avoid the other facts that creates a reality.

    but thanks for keeping this forum alive for 7 whole months.

    anyway, ithink the super-meta gave up on const plans and ea of their alliances counted on others to be able to steal few plans from their quad

    its ended up with losing all plans in all quads

    credit for nordics to work half year on cleaning the whole middle map and killing the posibillity of super-meta to steal some plans.

    gunners did some good homework at NE quad, leaded by @hype and tilly. yes its required alot of moves combined, and dozens of ppl was involved for this strategy, but the results is -> nordics and dnd didnt isolated gunners from plans and thats an advatage for us in this WW race.

    everything is still open, to take alot of plans its hard, to save them its even more.

    right now every side hold some advantages:

    super-meta hold biggest numbers acc, alot of EGHs and several WW ready to start building race

    nordics hold 10/13 plans, ud, ut, and probably the biggest op hammers but no WW ready for building to the lvl 100

    gunners hold 3 plans, WW ready to build, prob the lowest amount of op hammers and eghs

    good luck to everyone.

    4:1 sounds accurate.. specially when DUAT/IKEA/STRANGE/NO SPIES def you.. I think its close to 5:1

    nordics deffed gunners at 2 ops from two digits counted ops of zerged meta on gunners

    but w.e will makes u feel statisfied

    and even with nordics numbers, its still 1:2 and u outnumber ur enemies.

    gunners took big dmg? no argue.

    but please dont forget that u all got weekened as well

    zerged meta thought gunners will be destroyed far ago, so u will be able to deal with nordics

    the result is, u lost ton of assets along this war and got weakened to the upcoming fight with them

    1) "We would never do bots" and next sentence you proud of a bots working, ironic.

    2) "We move forward" = Verdie & Floki leaving server discord.

    I think this is a conclusion of GUNNERS this server

    gunners majority not cordinating ops using bots

    can never gurantee for one spesific person or another which we dont know about.

    u critic batman but u r same as batman, just with GOW cloak

    and if u didnt understood yet after half server length of zerging against us.

    we all backup verdie either any gunners leadership member decisions, yes we can have some disagreements on stuff as can be at every healty orginization.

    but thats the power of the group that u cant beat even with 1:4 rate members.

    maybe its hard for u to understand it, but its name is "team work", u shall try it next


    most of the credit for this show is to ea of the players of gunners that keep rebuilt and fight after all of this.

    its not about leadership wisdon, its about every individual account will, that merge together.

    I came here today looking for banter from the two ops that landed very recently. Back reading this I see a lot about how Gunners is outnumbered and in a never ending war. How we will quit if we dont start making bridges (aka zerging). If Gunners losses this 5v1 war then so be it. If we lose every cap, feeder, and village then so be it. I will not quit, give in out of fear and spite. We will fight till we have nothing left to fight with, and when this happens we will fight that much harder. So do as you say, zero us 30 or 40 targets at a time. We are not farms or noobs who quit when we lose our caps or hammers. Our resolve and commitment as a team from what I can tell has never been stronger. I do not speak for gunners in what I say, just a simple follower and believer in Gunners.

    On a side note I find it amusing how cocky the zergers are on the forums. Dont let it go to your head, you may have numbers, you may have a few skilled players, however I believe you have instilled a resolve in your enemies to see you fall faster then you rose. How this post will age, will be a true testament of how the server has gone.

    hahaha sounds like a jew will

    and we just started to mention "Hanuka" days, read it at wikipedia

    we will die but not change to zergers! haha ilike our meta resolve

    just kidding.. seriously we all have fun here, we play for the road not for the ww100, as long as we all have fun here dont expect us to delete accounts

    thanks on the challenge com domain, ididnt expected for less than fighting vs the best players in the world <3

    that doesnt matter much if dnd gow ten or even goats decided to zerge

    its strategy game

    some sees the "winning" as the goal, and some sees the road to the win as more important

    there is even a meta like IKEA who declare that they dont even care on WW

    so lets have fun from this opportunity, we have here stronger server than tournoment finals

    strongest players of travian world combined for 1 round, which will be unforgeten for long time after this round

    every meta hold their strategy, we will do our best to fight everyone that zerge against us for good or less

    -Hyperion-  Sponge(HH)  msB
    i see it as compliment that metas like DND and GOW feel threaten from our pressence thats means we do good work in our group :)

    lets keep it this way

    cya in via Raily point

    lets count how many time insomnia cap will be broken this round xD

    (my top score is 5 times :P )

    It could be Duat, we might also want to replace 2.01 at DnD's side. We might also want to support GoW on their current situations easying their fights on multiple fronts or ensuring that now when TEN is finally on a bit calmer situation it stays that way long enough for them to recover In a proper way. Or maybe we just troll and go for GOATS again. :)

    J>IKEA please

    honestly ican undestand ur analyze

    hard to think that duat and ikea will play with gunners/DND alliances

    i think it will be intresting if duat&ikea will play togheter as GZ meta

    never saw such a strategy yet (meta of only gz area accounts)

    Techkanly it is. You think you are the moste grate thing that have happend travian sens it started. wel you arnt. What you are is afride and a bunch of coverds that insted of fhiting yee this is a war game you recute evry nobb that you can finde and nap all treth and than just sim and whatch. this server will be the most hardest in yers and prbly that will come in yers to. and what is the funn just siming away? Its not the saze its how you juse it. and you arnt jusing it at all :P

    ..u writed so many bullshit on us wow

    as a gunner player, inever heard any of the players or leader saying we r the most great things and any kind of this nonesense -the oposite, we all say and knows that we r the UNDERDOG here

    :about napping with DND

    ikea, goats r groups of ppl who playing togheter for many years (as i know gunners core is only 3rd round togheter and there was wide rec players who joined for this round - im one of them)

    GOW hates us

    and duat sharing borders with us all over the middle/gz areas


    freyja - astunu&eye of ra

    ..and more

    ..its unavoided war with one of the most skilled group of the server


    also mention that gunners players were the first to destroy and dissapear top 10 GOW player named Avechile his crop cap + feeders

    same with donkydong who were top 20 player and got dissapeared

    both of them were at cordinates of -20/130 +- with 15c cap 125%

    about "What you are is afride and a bunch of coverds that insted of fhiting yee this is a war "game you recute evry nobb that you can finde

    gunners is closed meta since day #1

    if u talk about the recurit before the server started

    dont act dumb please, every premade group did their homework before the round started and got ppl to spawn with

    as one of the IKEA leaders writed here some pages ago - they also got some friends to join and give hands for them with some tasks (techs for example)

    why if gunners add some ppl to their group its "cowards" and when others its LEGIT ORGINIZE?! the fk?

    happy to be part of this noobs groups, will tell u secret, some of this noobs playing since Travian V3 or V2.2 LOL

    and about "gunners is simming"

    this strategy is happened everywhere:

    players at middle going for big hammer soon, better raids and simming while they alrdy producing early hammer/deff

    while ppl who settle far away at boonies can sim more time and give their fruits to the meta at further stage like artis or before

    thats CURRECT and EXIST at every wide meta on the server

    in the end we already at the point which boonies/middle, everyone already hold some hammers, bigger or smaller but in week or two the diffrence with the sizes will be minor or even wont be exist

    thanks and have a great weekend

    If in Israeli servers you fight against techs (duplicates) then why here in international server you use them?

    You make it sound like Gunners don't use techs and that's why Gunners are the underdogs.. i don't think anyone here buys that..:/

    i wont deny the fact of using heroes friends to clean oasis for 2nd village race

    but from that point to compare to mass techs use there is still a little gap i guess..

    i also wont deny that, gunners have techs but not with such a numbers as u and ur friend at GOW trying to describe here.

    but i wont comment to u anymore, hide urself with ur few salve kids so be it..

    Loffe i guess we r not small meta xD

    if i compare tech issue at present to old time when ppl used "duplicates" and it wasnt legal

    the main factor that has been changed is the potential to grow without this legal/illegal support (tech, duplicates, call it with w/e name u want, at israel we still call it duplicates and trying to fight against that appearance - players at IL servers who use this techs r completly unrespected)

    from my last full power round there was several times more farms at ea server - so if u used techs u had an advantage. but a strong team who play legit could make the same achivements(just with harder work)

    at the present COM2 gonna be HUGE gap between "non tech users" to the "tech users" accounts because the "non tech users" group wont be able to raid enough res in long term to feed their hammers.

    i dont see any possibility for EGH to raid 1m or not even 500k res per/hour

    thats means - the allys with the less techs will work far more harder to feed their EGH's and prob their EGH's will be with lower sizes cuz they wont be optimal off power

    and WW def power will be probably even higher than avg COM rounds

    so in the end line - the allys with the less techs will need to gain an advantage via their OP's

    and allys with massive techs - every simming day is extra slight advantage to their lines

    we like it or not? doesnt mettal as long as its legal by TG, so i have no argues against the Duat/IKEA metas and hope for a challenging round as underdog xD


    for the one above me (AFKi):

    please stop, IKEA not gonna play whole round as isolated meta, IKEA is a big force which will combine at the end game with another meta to at least make a full confedercy

    so in fight of 1 confedecy vs another 1, the meta which will get birth from and with IKEA merging (or duat) will gain enourmous force.

    thanks and sorry about low english.

    Good Morning Forums!

    Fresh from the presses is your long awaited cropper review of the server.

    I had planned to write a long and lengthy review about who I think is in the lead but I decided against it. I am going to write a few things here that I noticed while sifting through the data. IKEA has a damn strong core around the GZ, very interesting to see once they start running ops with their shorter walk times to other quads. Most of GOW was forced further into their quad by duat but by doing so they have better overall croppers. Ten and Goats both secured the most croppers in their quad but not by a large margin nor did the secure a lot of high % croppers.

    was nice to work on this sheet(honestly ididnt did alot compare to u and some gunners leaders xD)

    in addition to the last paragraph of urs ill continue with some info we can understand from all this details:

    - IKEA seems right now as the rulers of the GZ or will be more accurate to say - of the south GZ and the green fields that surronding there

    - the North of the map is over populated with 5 big metas: GOW, Duat, Gunners, DND, and also NE which seems right now as random recuirting meta of rookies(can see that also from the kind crops they holds - 75% c15 and c9's which means that all of them settled 2nd village within avg time, non bigshot starter players to hold strong areas from the start) but we cant understimate their power cuz their numbers

    - Goats gonna have tough times at the SW if they really not gonna merge with the smaller allys at their quad (ZEN mayhem ME) but there is no doubt GOTAS control at most of the -/- and they settled further into their quad, cuz forethought? or cuz forced by ikea - who controls the GZ-mid of the south and took most of the strong crops? but its worked out.

    - looks like 2.01 lost to TEN at the race to 2nd villages, TEN hold 6~7 times more c15 of ea category (75%~150%) more than 2.01

    wonder how things will evolve from now between that two metas, yes - TEN is double time larger with numbers, but 6+ times more crops is a great success for them.

    I am not here to start arguments or provide false hoods. This is my first round with gunners and my first .com round since 2017 so I will be providing a fully factual review. If facts and stats is propaganda then this conversation ended before it begun

    what a coincidence? u also part of the new players line of gunners? :P

    So why do you say you found 0 defenses on me when you did the same? Why don't you tell 1qaz that what he says doesn't make sense (since you're a leader) and that you have the techs too. Do you realize that your consistency is equal to 0? We were talking about born2be1 and you immediately screwed up the conversation. I thought you were the only one in the goW to admit the facts but until you are caught buying resources you did everything in the discord to say the opposite. LMAO. On the part of my broken English I know I'm sorry, lol.

    whats going on with that buying res

    we thought its a fairy tail

    and how any1 can justify this act?

    feels like we came from another planet LMAO

    dont forget its just a game..

    take it EZ

    ur whole msg isnt relevant EDITED

    stop shame urself, and talk like an adult person

    just saying to COM community that person here isnt represent the IL domain players

    an old saying we behaved to say

    today u a friend, tomorow a foe

    its just a game

    Take it ez...

    thanks and cya through the R.P