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    So do I, but I think you are right. I just feel like killing myself after watching some of the vids and listening to the music. Some of it is great, but some of it I could quite happily swing to - and not in a good way. LOL

    ah i think you hit the nail on the head. Dark music & vids makes you uncomfortable? For me, I'm not cheerful by nature, and I find comfort in dark music regardless of genre, and cheerful music can sometimes feel like torture to me lol.

    Here is one I hope you like, when I used to play drums in a band, I loved playing this one. We did play it faster than this version though

    with regard to the discussion on croppers/map size - I think the smaller map is better because it encourages more battles, as there is shorter travel time. Having to wait days on an army landing (or even merchants for that matter) is no fun, but at the same time, I don't want to play a x2 server. So a slow server with small map is perfect imo.

    The lack of croppers however, is not good for player numbers or player retention. Having more people play a smaller map should be more fun, so by not having enough croppers, less players are likely to stay. It may be possible to have 800k crop anvil with a 7c villa, but honestly, why would you lol, just think the size of anvil you could have had if you had a proper cap. I wouldn't stay on a server now if I didn't get a minimum 75% 15c, and even that would need to be in amongst the action with additional croppers nearby for supports.

    I have two things to suggest, I have mentioned both before in other threads but would like them put forward:

    1. Buying gold (or more accurately running out) is inconvenient, can I pay a monthly direct debit so I don;t need to think about it

    2. I often have major issues registering on a new server, and customer service can take up to 24hrs to reply, this is disastrous when trying to settle the best possible cropper, so usually i just register again with a new email. If i run out of emails to actually get registered in the first hour of the server, i won;t bother playing that server. The solution is simple: pre-registration please :)

    Forgive the double post, but I to put my favourite prodigy track here after finding out the sad news, RIP Keith Flint. He had actually joined the prodigy as a dancer, i'm glad his other talents were recognised

    It is a game. So is football. How relevant is the team who goes on to the pitch with no intention of winning? A kickabout can be fun, but hardly relevant to the game. That's my opinion, and it's been stated as my opinion, I don't presume to speak for any of my allies, or my duals. They have forum accounts to state their own opinions if they wish.

    You are woefully misinformed my friend. I am definitely not in Cereals.

    I didn't say you were in cereals, I actually presumed you are in 1776/1812 but that's just a guess. Don't bother telling me though, because I don't really care.

    Please, enlighten me of your struggles.

    i would if you weren't just attempting to troll

    you are literally the dumbest person alive.

    I know I might appear dumb, but I act this way just so you can understand me

    alestorm you serious bro? You guys have merged after one op against each other and now you are calling people irrelevant. Don't make me laugh :D:D:D:D:D "I've been in a quad war" loooooolll

    I don't know who says the best in the uk, i've certainly never seen it said by anyone in the alliance. As for being simmers, it is easy to throw troops around early game, much harder to keep troops for end game. You totally missed the point about relevance, because no matter what Cereals does in their quad, it will have no significant impact on the outcome of the server in my opinion, unless they take some part in end game.

    I don't have the patience to refute the rest of your badly misinformed drivel

    it appears alex made a mistake and didn't rate your ops, i'm pretty sure you're from AA part of the meta, and however bad 1776 ops are, yours are far worse. They atleast know what to do with their hammers while waiting for sending their real attacks. You did train ops while in Rebels, and then on bifrost where you splatted for funny reasons, and then splatted on olympia multies. If successful fighting and battling makes irrelevance, what does unsuccessful like yours makes it then? Seeing all that made us actually regret we didn't spawn in SW like we intended, it would have been far easier job to make AR/RA meta irrelevant than it is 1234. Only real threat that there was, you just merged into or backstabbed after players helped you even defend against 'Bugs' :D(Talking about NBK here)

    With all that you still don't have chance at winning by your own words, sad.

    You are good with words and good with spin, i'll give you that, but you are totally missing my point and fudging it with half truths. The fact remains that 1776/1812 are more relevant than Cereals.

    i'm not very good with western music, i have previously posted hillbilly moon explosion and thought that was all i knew, but then i remembered these guys and discovered a new video :-)

    If Cereals are to be believed, and I've no reason not to believe, 1776/1812 would probably be simming for end game if they had the SE to themselves. If they did throw their troops at AR/RA then I'm sure that we'd have the defence and attack points that Cereals currently have, and end game preparations would be unaffected. So again, my point still stands that nothing would be significantly different. As for whether or not I've had a quad war, I've been busy with plenty of in quad wars, cross quad wars, and I've even played in a messy civil war when a meta collapsed, that server I still made it to end game although natars won that server. I have played in spoiler alliances too but gave the accounts away as I didn't see the point in playing without trying to win, and maybe that's why we'll never be able to agree Cereals contribution to the server, unless you do something that I don't expect - go for a ww or support someone else's.