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    Wow, impressive. And by the way, where did you take those photos?

    South of Edinburgh, Scotland. I was at the coast today, Bass Rock, it was once fortified, and a prison, now it only has a ruined chapel, a lighthouse, and a lot of wild birds, so many birds that their poop turned the rock white

    Its not been as exciting as a festival, but I was out and about today since the weather was a little warmer.

    It's amazing how even on a warm summer day some places near me still look like Mordor lol:

    Heading towards a place called Duns, I didn't know whether to go left or right....

    Not sure if it is visible, but this squint and very flexible footbridge says 2 people maximum and no jumping =O

    The lambo tractor was a nice find, I knew they made tractors but have never seen one before!

    It isn't quite a cherry a blossom tree, but there is now signs of spring near me too:

    no cucumber for me, i had a well meaning and generous friend who thought i needed more veg, so gave me pickled aubergine with tomato and pepper and other stuff i didn't recognise <X

    i did my best but i ended up having a cheese sandwich instead

    I love how random that is :D

    I have so many questions, like how did they get in the bucket? Did you deliberately give them a bed of straw? What are you going to do with them now that you have them in a bucket?

    I have eaten snails, I found the texture unpleasant and exactly as I imagined <X

    For the first time in weeks, I had time to climb a tree after i got home from work today

    Why can't the weather be "lagom"?!
    (Lagom is a very good swedish word that is hard to explain, but it means that you have e.g. sun but not too much and not too little, or you have rain but not too much and not too little, or you eat food but not too little so you are still hungry and not too much so you feel filled up, and so on.)

    I hope your migraine will disappear soon!

    that's a brilliant word, I can't think of an English equivalent, all of the words I can think of relate to a specific situation and not a general one

    well technically, they are inedible seeds. And some seeds are poisonous. Although in my case, the entire fruit is poison so you can have it all.

    you can't eat strawberries? =O

    the worst for me is fruit with stones, if I have peaches they are normally from a tin lol, but i do like picking raspberries fresh though, even though they have inedible seeds

    I was delayed getting home today because of the local town common riding, they ride the town boundary and to the top of a hill. They have been doing it like this since 1949 but it is a much older tradition, because the guy at the right of the picture is the Reiver. The reiver carries the town flag and leads the townsfolk, and it dates back to a time when they would ride across the border and steal cattle and sheep

    i wish i could say i was performing, but my performances were limited to playing in some local pubs where the patrons were too drunk to notice me throwing drumsticks around! Unfortunately my forum name was borrowed from the band, not the other way round :D

    Looks like a good festival, some excellent bands playing there, Enslaved, Ghost, nightwish, and of course alestorm!