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    [MOD=MOD Keiji]Just a quick reminder that, although this is a rumour thread, allegations of cheating do break the forum rules.

    I've deleted a few posts on said topic.



    (Probs should discussing other interwebs gamez in case there's any mods left in this forum. I wouldn't know, I don't leave this thread)


    If you don't leave this thread, maybe we need to come to you Richard!

    I will however just leave this link here :p

    Weirdest thing on my bucket list...I guess it's not exactly exciting but might not be considered standard bucket list material: live long enough to be awesome to any future grandchildren of mine.

    Bans are bans, whether they're recent, expired or permanent and the rules state that their discussion isnt allowed on the forums.

    You can write whatever you feel about me, providing its within the forum rules, thats your prerogative as a user of the forums.