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    example: there is no gold no auctions but everyone need to watch 25? adds per week if not all of your prodcution is halfed and your troops are locked down in city for 3 days and so on...
    and this server Will very popular
    well at least you can do kind a test run

    There is no way in hell I'd play travian if I had to watch 25 adverts a week just so people who can't afford gold are happier

    it's a war game and sinc WAS a top ten player. Why would SQ need to justify kicking 7 bells out of him?
    I stole several villages off him so he's not that great a player anyway

    IGN (single or dual-account): Mutley - single - sitter run for last few months
    Your Set-up and Achievements: initially set up as WWR as I thought I had settled in the sticks who know you'd get so much attention so far out! switched to def after hammer was chiefed and eventually left my account to draw fire from others in GotN's ops. My best/only achievement of this server was inventing 'the swear room' the best skype room ive ever been a part of
    Alliance: MFH
    Best Alliance (Not your own): GotN only a moron would say they weren't the best alliance on the server
    Best Player on the Server: Viargo, her account might not have been the most impressive but behind the scenes she was able to bring betrayed to its knees
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:
    Best Opponent (offensive): Fenrir, guy was an absolute beast, throwing around a WW sized hammer in ops, and arranged the majority of their ops I believe
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: cant really name just one, all the deffers did a great job
    Best Opponent (defensive): as much as it pains me to praise the guy id probably have to say Loki
    Best Leader (Your own): Daegon for the countless hours he put in sorting out def calls, Kettricken and armchair for the constant morale boosts. tbh the only 'leader' who didn't have any positive influence at all IMO was lucky
    Best Leader (Not your own): KnowtoFail. the sheer amount of abuse this boys taken this server is mental, pretty much solo ran betrayed and not deserving of mud that been thrown his way
    Stupidest Decision: Backing down in the first few weeks in the leaders room and not pressing for early offensive against GotN, meant we spent most of the server on the back foot
    Most Underrated:
    Best Noob:
    Most Overrated: [b]CTL/losers had such potential to influence end game and decided not to. [/b]
    Biggest disappointment: the Donald putin account, I haven't been playing as long as the majority of the rest of you but they ran the best account ive ever seen. but for them to just quit after 3 months was very anti climatic imo
    Memorable Moment of the server: two, 1st was Helen crowing about ruining another server for steve 2nd was in the skype chat Johnny " I wish Helen or Laura would adopt me" Alan "Johnny, not even Madonna would adopt you"
    Soundtrack to your server:

    There seems alot of mud flying around at the minute especially between some of the MFH players. Which is sad to see. I could slate many for actions/decisions made but I don't see how it accomplishes anything