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    It's always extremely funny to watch the mediocre players which think they are somewhat decent face the undeniable. Because in reality.. AA is the best team on the server. But overall your success is a result of the lack of another decent team (yes I can see the many flaws of my team and unlike you I am not afraid of being honest about it) rather than you being so good. Simple as that. Already stated why that is in the other topic so no need to repeat it here. #beetnikforkingofwhatlol? he was the off coord of AA (apparently) that was super successful in hitting 6c capitals and lvl 12 fields and managed to lose all of his team smashies once he thought he's smart enough to do some real damage. When you first started to attack us we were so bad in the matters of def that we could barely defend a total of 3 targets (both my cap and hammer village along with many other juicy targets were left undefended in the first 3 ops you did). Yet the lack of skills prevented you from figuring that out and do some actual damage before we could get the numbers up.

    And if we're gonna discuss individual players I am indeed superior (as Eric suggested) to every single one of your players. And you can cry about it all day (I actually prefer it that way) but you lack the facts to disprove that. And you are writing angry posts trying to compensate for it. :grouphug: And it makes my day. Except for Eric. I feel a little sad about the guy. :(

    And Eddy.. what do you want me to say? You act as if you're a good player but I've seen you playing without Andy once and it was a disaster. Want me to show you some respect for managing to build less than average WWk and allowing it to get caught at home a couple of times?

    See? I speak with facts. You reply with "blah, blah, we wish you were bad but you're so amazing and we hate you for it". When I'm confronted about poor play of our team I am realistic about it and don't deny it. You bury your head in the sand and prefer not to think about it as it might hurt your ego.

    P.S. Beetnik, you sat the innactive player that your alliance farmed? Now that's interesting. :P

    Should an artifact with alliance wide effects (such as a WW plan) become disabled for a number of days after you change alliance?

    Shut up or if your ally takes a plan by accident I will not share the second one with you! :8) But seriously I agree this is a reasonable suggestion. Right now plans exchange are way too easy. We have 6 WWs in this server and people only need a total of 7 plans to build all of those lol..

    Interesting, there's also the multi accounts, mass spikings and countless self raiding coming from the wonderful NW too this server tut tut

    Hahaaa! :D This coming from your lot is soo weird. Really did not expect it. I can't argue with the self raiding (did it myself for 7 days). Multis.. I got none but I can't speak for everyone on this matter.
    Now let us check the honorable AA.
    1. Self raiding. Taken 19:32 server time.
    1.1. 102 966 272 - this is the exact number of the res raided by the top 10 raiding players you have alone! Pretty good score, well done. Adding the rest of the raiding players your ally score should be insane right now... oh wait..
    1.2. 47 039 726 - this is the exact number of AA total raiding score.

    A bug maybe? :(

    2. Multis.
    Again I cannot speak for other players because I have no such intel. But among the spikings there was something interesting.. See one of my players spiked a fat inactive farm in NE long time ago with prats, hero and legs. Then the farm suddenly woke up and sent his legs and hero home. Few minutes later an AA player landed some haeduans on the poor prats standing in there. No idea what happened. Good guess probably.

    3. Eric (being noted as a part of my post being his top accomplishment this server so congratz are in order).

    What's with the forum activity these days? Don't you have a stone to crawl back under or you are just lost and can't find the way back home?
    Want some bragging? Sure. There are only 7 more players in the ENTIRE history of UK Travian that managed to build a stronger WWk than mine. That makes it pretty hard for me to feel.. "loosing" as you put it.

    Well done by the AA WWk squads indeed. This actually shows some very nice planning as you were well prepared to fight multiple quads come WW time. Also 3 hammers around the 500k mark in 1 alliance is a pretty damn good job. And Sweeties rammer (what's left of it anyway lol :D) is still on the line. Which means you might still have an extra WWk.

    Rumour has it this was maybe always our plan, not only just team mates from the last server but did it from opposite quads this time around as well, especially now no one is hitting OGC :) Well played Bear and Co. for beating the gods of the NW.

    Yeah.. makes sense. :) Looks like OGC will pull off the weight where AA can't.. as usual. :)

    Andy & Lag.. you guys are a buzz kill lol. Sure, lets shake hands and let the forum die again lol.

    1st point - well thank you. And for the record my raidings were only happening a total of 7-8 days (last 2 go's with the AA artie) as I have no more medals to show. And your team is doing exactly the same thing (just your raiders in top10 has double the raiding score AA does :P). And it's perfectly because its a team game.

    2nd point - No argument there. AA and NemRis (before anyone jumps on his chair again - I'm kidding) did a fantastic job in that def stand. But your good friend is not annoyed at all at this result. I've simmed it before we went in and I never expected for us to take the x5. Its common sense to defend it. So the attacks were needed to distract def or punish you if you get greedy about it.

    3rd point - About that your good friend is very annoyed. At least the paladins are now gone.

    4th point - Great effort indeed.

    5th point - Not sure why you are sharing this but I am very happy for you :D

    6th point - Doesn't matter if you asked for help or not. It's there. Truth to be told neither OGC or LCA asked me for the plans. I just asked them for invitation. ;)

    7th point - Of course he is not a dead weight!! I am positive - a farming device which is legal according the game rules is very useful to have! :P

    8th point - I am happy. I'm a rock star now. Pretty sure my team is also happy as you received sufficient pop reduction which will now force you to break down some more WWs. But sadly they are not 4 as Lag suggested. They're 3. And naturally I know you're happy too. But this happiness will go away if you fail to tear down everyone else. :P

    Oh lolol.. When I read beetnik's post I thought "someone was pissing gasoline last night". Then I read Eddy's.. :D
    For both of you:
    Now are you guys so pissed because your WW went down more than you expected even though you had to beg nemris for help? Or the reason is more personal.. like you are pissed because despite all of your efforts your best accomplishments so far were 300k-ish WWKs which you were very proud of until last night? Or is it simply because I play at a level beyond your comprehension and that frustrates you 2? Well if that makes it better I am sorry that you're not smart enough to play a strategy game properly :)

    For Eddy: I think when you were trying to give an example of people who can't stand on their own 2 feets you looked at the mirror but you didn't like it so you reflected your anger towards me. It is not I who is the example of that. You are the one Andy carries on his back and we all saw what happened when you tried to play without him in Pulse. Exactly how many times your little WWk got caught at home back then (I lost the count)? You are nothing more than a farm list refresher. A valuable thing that surely helped Andy a lot with his account but nothing a well trained monkey couldn't get done.

    For Beetnik: I feel like your world just collapsed as you probably thought that everything above 10k catas is somehow impossible to build in Travian. I still fail to understand why are you acting and talking as if you are somehow relevant to this server though. Please embarrass yourself further and say you are the one responsible for the no-brainer off ops of AA (sending 40 waves of attacks ((one of them wearing hero boots :) )) to the real target and 16 at the fakes).


    P.S. Oh and Eddy I wasn't farming at all this server except for a total of 7 days so you're gonna have to find another explanation for why you are so mediocre :)

    You can't even put a post together without being moderated.. :D + you're too insignificant for this server for anyone to care about what you have to say. So go put your paladins at AA WW instead of raiding our spears with them and try to feel useful.

    BigLeam reinforced 02 Woo Woo
    Clubswinger Spearman Axeman Scout Paladin Teutonic Knight Battering Ram Catapult Chief Settler Hero
    Troops 23475 0 0 0 732 5410 1437 1499 0 0 0
    Duration Duration24:11:13
    Upkeep Wheat 54474 per hour

    Thanks for the reins LCA

    Scandalous!!!!!!!!! And we are the ones holding hands with huh?

    But.. lala if the game skills of a person are relative to how much words he's allowed to post in the forum moderator needs to step in and mute you :(

    Don't worry about today's report. Your WW is going down Monday so you can start a whole new fresh week. :) Until then we'll settle with zeroing your cap and have a good laugh about it on the forum. :)