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    Thanks for making my hard decision for me, but now I got no reason to stay in the game, being a hardcore old player have fewer and fewer benefits today as the casuals are slowly getting all those tools etc we've learned over the years for "free"

    People making jokes about travian being pay to win is legit getting more and more true.

    I sincerely hope that there's plans for servers without these features for the hardcore players as otherwise I foresee you loosing quite a bit of the hardcore players why would we stick here when the only advantage we have now is money.

    just funny how you could be so hypocritical

    How is it to be the 2nd biggest joke of the server? all that friendly farming and yet not even 1.2 mill off points to show, how pathetic, so instead of laughing at lemon maybe go laugh at yourself just like the rest of the server does?

    @jaruby Will you let me zero one of your villages and then let me settle on the spot to make GT think that I chiefed it?

    Maybe Sinzey will let us know where he is hiding so we can go chief a village off him and get our title on forums as surely he must be on a top 5 account atleast :whistling: ?