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    I'm the Son of Rage and Love, The JesusOfSuburbia...

    This sturdy town, was burning down (in my dreams) [JesusOfSoburbia rammer vs. SQ's WW - no damage]…QiUSrYOC4z7prIwJDABFNAYz8

    Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars [Elmo93 rammer vs. SQ's WW - no damage]…YhEqTYkx8V_DgGAwJDABNENDw

    Nothing's ever built to last (you're in ruins) [Emo93 cats vs. SQ's WW - lvl 67 to 66]…QbpCrG7k4kIEhgQkG2igRUlUF

    Firstly, well done to SQ for defending well.

    Now, a bit of context - both accounts were low/no gold spent. My account was very inactive (1-2 logins a day). Elmo93 was more active (an incredible raider, getting in the top 10 for most weeks). It is a shame to see my rammer be so ineffective, but I am really happy to have built something credible on a low input server.

    Now - to thank my team mate (who certainly is no Idiot). You put in a terrific performance and stuck to our mini alliance (which got more and more mini as the round went on), and managed to send (and feed!) two very good hammers (even after having some set backs here and there - was it 2k rams that got caught at home?). We managed to keep each other motivated, and even took part in a few mini off-ops.

    Finally - sorry Mack (although it didn't really hurt you much in the end). Our plan was to hit SQ (as at least one of their members declined our entry into them waaaay back), but then I reconsidered when I heard who was building the WW. But then some mean SQ members attacked us, and that sealed the deal.

    So, to conclude - it is something unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life.

    I AM in UA, and I don't see the problem with two bigger alliances teaming up to take out a smaller alliance. It is a war game, and they both have a common enemy (who have shown - both in past servers, and this server - that they can pack a punch). I would rather wipe out a small alliance than have them chiefing my villages, clearing my defence or catching my hammers (then again, we're not really the kind of people to delete when we get hit).

    Just now need to see if UA can muster the defence to protect them selves. I'll leave this here:

    IceKilla sent 21k imps and 9k ECs.

    Can't comment much on this but, since I started (been about a week, maybe 1.5 weeks) this has been the running score against Eptic (someone who just likes bullying small players/ doesn't like to admit defeat):

    Total raided: 13,677
    Total losses in res (troops): 437,025
    Loss-raid: 423,348.
    Total troops killed (in res) 285,350
    Net gain (raid - troops lost (in res))- troops killed (in res): -137,998.

    I am not sure if it is related, but whenever they 'walled', a larger 'hammer' player would come knocking (as a clearer at a guess):

    Fortune (village F2) came with: 6k imps, 3k ECs and 200 rams (losses for both sides were negligible)
    Saltvannspray (village 0xA) came with: 900 imps, 1k EIs and 60 cats

    All this against a ~300 pop. spawn owned by a rank 400 new starter. This is a game of war and strategy that tests your metal, but at least I'll still be here in a month's time...

    Hope you enjoyed this. Sorry there are no battle reports, but one is a little too tired to bother sorting out all the reports.

    Work around: copy a report you have ( this, for example: Converter - Battle reports Travian), paste it into battle-reports, then manually change the fields. You can also easily edit it in word (other word press software is available), then paste it into battle-reports. Bish, bash, bosh - sorted.

    P.S. The new reports look great, don't listen to these old cronies stuck in the past...

    IGN (single or dual-account): Jaffa Cake (forever single)
    Your Set-up and Achievements: Defender who just ran to the sticks and setup an end-game def account (then had a few friendly people keep it from dying - you know who you are <3).
    Alliance: ~MFH, then WIM, then MFH (again).
    Best Alliance (Not your own): ?
    Best Player on the Server: Ra. But he quit, so let's say DaegonTheSnake
    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: No clue on this one.
    Best Opponent (offensive): Netflix&Kill. He got me to -3m+ in raiders of the week
    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Can I say me? I had very little time for this server, yet still did pretty well (with help of some sitters).
    Best Opponent (defensive): ?
    Best Leader (Your own): ?
    Best Leader (Not your own): ?
    Stupidest Decision: Getting a degree, then getting a job.
    Most Underrated: Kettricken (morale is a big part of this game, and she was always there to wish us good night) or TwoOfFive.
    Best Noob: David Brent. He's enough of a noob to stay up late to cut waves (because, for some reason, a browser game is more important than sleep)
    Most Overrated: MFH. Started the server with two fulls alliances. Were meant to rock the server, ended up being between a rock and a hard place (however the hard place will most likely reach lvl 100).
    Biggest disappointment: The end of the server
    Memorable Moment of the server: When I finally got some def points (for defending a stumbling door).
    Soundtrack to your server: My Shot (from Hamilton).

    Answer: Gaul village: phals and druids, Teut village: send res to Gaul vill, Hun village: send res to Gaul village, Roman village: send res to Gaul village, Egyptian village: send res to Gaul vill (then chiefed by someone awake during the night (so that they can then settle an Egyptian cropper)).

    Imo it's all flawed as no one has asked new players why they are leaving, what don't they like etc. It's out-of-touch having a bunch of experienced players try and decide things for a group of players they don't represent. Probably best to just give new players a survey in-game to fill out a couple days after BP ends or something.

    Compared to most of the people involved, I'd consider myself 'new'. So they are technically having their say.

    well considering danaerys is 12 in the books, you tell me.....

    In A Game of Thrones she is 12, but by A Dance with Dragons she is 15 (still too young, of course). However, by hot, I assumed we meant temperature wise. Daenerys stands in the flame of a dragon and Sansa is probably boiling given that she spent most of her life in buildings with wall insulation.

    Y'all not voting for Sansa just because she hasn't gotten her boobs out yet. Sophie Turner is by far the most beautiful person in GoT (minus Peter Dinklage).

    I never thought I would ever agree with anything that MadZ said, blimey!

    Is the poll based on the TV series, or how George Arr ArMart'n described them in the books?