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    Eddy, sometimes real life comes before a game.

    #please hold the line, your call is important to us#

    HarLi, it took you two and a half hours to think of your witty reply. It would have been quicker, and less stressful for you, if you'd just posted the reports.

    (assuming you know how to post reports, of course. And assuming your leader wasn't lying when he said they would be posted)

    Betty account profile -

    'In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king'

    H.G Wells

    Under new management, again, don't expect any great changes, I love wallowing in mediocrity

    Whose on here?

    Why mags of course

    If my comment is correct? Not mine, the comments are ones that you made yourself and then deleted.

    And isn't it a bit late to start worrying about Travian rules? You've written above that you have a new account and you are still playing your old one.

    You took your time editing mags. LOL

    For those who are wondering what mags said before she edited, mags said that she has four accounts in the same alliance that have never been attacked and have been building a hammer between them and that it is a big one.

    Her justification for running four accounts was that she consists of four nurses on night shift with one head.

    mags also said that she runs other accounts that she gets attacked so as to keep people away from her real account where her hammer is being built.

    Think it was more we gave UA a choice which you clearly know as that discussion happened late last night - and was picked up with members of UA to ask their opinion - 2 members loudly decreed they wanted to fight it out as it’s a war game - and one of them has a smouldering ruin where their cap once was...

    How close was that?

    Yes, well done for attacking the player that you singled out as being useless. Attacking her must have made you so proud...

    And talking of useless players - in the chat you said only two of the BSB players you took in were of any use. Do the others know what you think of them?

    In that same chat the UA leaders said how happy they were with the BSB players that had joined them.

    The ultimatum was if you stop your guys attacking ours then we will reciprocate - UA have only been attacking our small ex BSB members - at this stage of the game fighting UA isn’t exactly on the to do list.

    Why don't you tell it as it is instead of making it up?

    Your players were attacking UA players. UA started defending and then started retaliating against the players that were attacking them. Then you asked for a truce.

    Anyone got any updates on how the server is going?

    Doesn't seem right that it is passing on by without being recorded.

    And where has mags gone? I enjoyed sparring with my supposed nemesis...

    I'll put in my bit from the little I know. Hopefully others will add to what I say and correct the mistakes -

    As I see it, RAG are trying to win the server by making friends with everyone except SWM. First their BSB confed/merge, then their North confed and now I'm told they are moaning because the minnows from UA have fought back when they attacked them and RAG want a truce with them too.

    SWM I'm assuming are just doing their thing.

    North I guess will dump RAG once SWM have attacked the RAG WW.

    UA are waiting in the wings and hoping no hammers are left after the big boy fight.

    How far off am I?

    that apocalyptica one is well worth taking a look at though, its a superb version of one of my favourite pieces of classical music, hall of the mountain king always reminds me of being a child and my baby sister trying to dance to it even when she was too young to walk lol

    Peer Gynt is a favourite of mine too. I remember watching the film at the cinema when I was a kid. Hall of the Mountain King gave me nightmares with the scary troll. The death of Ase is the piece I like best though.

    It seems the Apocalyptica one doesn't play unless watched on youtube, so I'll post a replacement. Slightly off theme, with it being about a dirty spoon cafe rather than a troll, but it's still an old favourite of mine -