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    Thank you for your kind response. I can appreciate that you mite not be fluent in England language. That is why I asked for clarificatioqn of what you were trying to say to me. Unfortunately, despite my being told by a super moderator that I should seek clarification in the event of my not understanding a post due to England language not being a poster''s first (or second) language, no such clarification has been forthcoming. As such, I am unfortunately still unable to decipher the post that you wrote. So I will ask you directly - were you, as Ridcully speculates, saying that you could smell the food dish that is usually by England speakers referred to as Ratatouille? Or were you being abusive and calling myself and Ridcully rats? If the second option I'd like to make it very clear that I consider such an abusive insult as nothing other than amusing banter and that I get the joke and would welcome the opportunity to reply to you in kind. That said, I must caution you that such banter will not be recognised as acceptable by our American forum hosts who do not understand what those of us living in our four nations consider to be part of our culture, and you will most likely have your post removed and your right to post curtailed. I know that sounds extreme, but please understand the words "land of the free" are just an advertising slogan to our American cousins. This revelation is of course quite shocking to those of us who genuinely live in a land of the free in one of our four nations, but of course the problem is theirs not ours. And only theirs if they notice.

    I'm sorry Corts, I don't understand what you are trying to say. I don't want to insult you because I understand English might not be your first language, but could a moderator please help to clarify what this post is saying? I of course mean no disrespect at all to you Corts and hope you will forgive my shortcomings on this issue. I do not mean to mock you or poke fun at you or disrespect you, I'd just like the meaning of your post to be clarified so as I might respond to it in a respectful, inoffensive and non-rule breaking manner.

    Anyways, enough of all this nonsense - back to the game. Hands up all those people who left their troops parked in farms after the ceasefire ended and had them taken out...?(:huh::(X(;(


    You might call yourself mags, but we all call you mogs.

    And to help you out, you won't know who I am next server, just as you don't know this server and didn't know last server.

    But as a member, i think it's a good thing.

    Seriously? Your alliance ran to RAGS for help and now that help looks like it's gone because RAGS are fighting NORTH. How can that be a good thing for your rapidly shrinking alliance??

    Have you any reason for saying I don't know about this game mogs? You don't even know who I am, you don't know which alliance I'm in, and you don't even know if I'm playing the server. Yet I know who you are and where you are and I know who you were last round. I also knew your alliance was allied with RAG and I knew the two alliances were attacking UA and at the same time as I knew that you were on this forum saying RAG were allied with UA and your alliance was alone. The game passes you by mogs and all you know about it is you can hear lots of whooshing sounds as everything flies over your head.

    Jorg the Borg is sitting 8th for attackers and 209th for defence, I can only assume there is a reason for that.

    Loving how you call him Jorg the Borg too. :D

    And yes, there is a reason for it - he keeps borging his troops on defence for no apparent reason.

    Btw - you're.

    Maybe UA should be ashamed they didn't use all their experience, expertise and apparent know how to take on these players themselves? Try and bring new players into the game!

    I've just looked at the UA profile and it says this -

    "For those who would like to join a fun Alliance

    Apply to any member and I'm sure they will pass you in the right direction

    All we ask at this stage is for members to be active

    Yes we have played before

    Yes you might well know us"

    I don't think UA has anything to be ashamed of, their door has always been open.

    UA are not a closed alliance and the alliance has a track record of bringing in new players and helping them improve their game. Last server the alliance nearly won. It was only because their allies GOT turned on them and attacked their WW that they didn't.

    New players tend to flock towards the biggest group though, hence most joining BSB. It's a shame that happened, because had they joined UA instead there would have been a third contender for winning the game. Not their fault of course, how were they to know the smaller alliance was the better one, but when the new arrivals went en-masse to BSB that was the end of the SE's chances of winning the server.

    I'd hazard a guess at this though - most of those new players now wish they had joined UA.

    I think UA were quite proud of their successes against bsb so far this server (and rightly so) and had mentioned this previously... so in that term not exactly the little kid.

    And the only reason I’m entertaining your opinion is this forum needs livening up 😊

    If you were in BSB or RAG surely you’d have mentioned your disdain at the offensive when it was first discussed as an option... 😊

    The UA successes mentioned are all defences against an attacking alliance. BSB had around 100 players at the start and UA around 20. BSB chose to pick on the little guy and had some weird obsession with spawn villages and kept borging their troops on them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think UA organised any attacks until after arti's, leading to BSB running to you for help.

    I'm entirely indifferent to whether or not you entertain my opinion, so feel free not to.

    And maybe I was in the same room as Corts when the offensive was being discussed, so didn't know about it. You know Corts, don't you? She's Kettle in BSB, the one who was on here proudly boasting about BSB standing alone while the joint attacks were inbound...

    I haven't said which alliance I'm in, so you don't know whether or not I'm in BSB or RAG.

    I'm sure my opinion is shared by many though. A bully gang has been formed to pick on the little kid and it shames both alliances.

    there not going to be able to hold they're heads high in you're alliances, Are they?

    I haven't said which alliance I'm in. My post was just an observation - RAG and BSB have teamed up to pick on the little guy. If I was in RAG or BSB I'd be embarrassed and ashamed.

    As for a choice being tabled, BSB aren't a good enough alliance to demand a choice be made.

    Members of UA have already stated that their caps (and Artis) have all been scouted, and they have a lot of fakes heading their way currently.

    Now you've said they are just fakes UA will leave their arti's in place and not bother defending. :rolleyes:

    Seriously though, you've teamed up with BSB to fight UA and now there's 100 of you against 14. Don't you feel just a little bit ashamed??

    So if its the wrong way round I am very sorry.

    What I will say from now on is RAG allied with UA.

    So happy to be corrected by a good member of UA.

    You're fishing again. I haven't said which ally I am from and I've been told RAG are attacking UA., so they are not allied.

    If you keep saying things that are wrong your posts will lose credibility. Everyone in UA and RAG will know you are wrong. That's two out of five allies knowing you're full of it, and you only wrote three sentences.