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    Leave guals as they are no need to tamper with them... if you don’t think there good off then your missing a trick if you KNOW HOW TO PLAY THEM they are very good early raiders week 2 can easily be top raiders with TTS it’s not that hard if your willing to dedicate to then from the start... If you think guals are just def and there off is trash then your missing a trick my friend..... I am a active player who has always farmed as part of his game and I can assure you I have played all tribes and guals at start game are just as effective as any other tribe..

    I’m not aware of the plan I don’t own either accounts so I can’t comment on what was discussed but I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to go like that.

    Either way you can’t knock a guy for sacrificing hammer for alliance member...

    but your right it didn’t go to plan but it’s no big set back that is a game changer. As for the logs being posted it was posted for people to look at not start a argument lol

    I’m sure we can all agree it was a good attack follow up didn’t happen so can’t talk about that troops died on both sides it’s a war game I’m sure we will have visits from web and I’m sure logs will be posted..

    We can all appreciate a good attack regardless of what happens or didn’t

    They are partners, how else it should be.

    I didnt ask anything from you.

    PS Should we talk about how the other guy who suppose to follow that hammer came 1 hour later and didnt send more then 1 wave?

    yeah wasn’t the best tbh the attack was good everything worked as it should but sometimes things don’t go to plan this is just one of them things

    Gual needs no boost if you know how to play them they are a very good tribe

    even as a def gual you can easily run a TT ghost farm with that and ship res to villages to train def 24/7

    they are a good tribe just have to know how to play them properly :thumbup:

    Not sure what your logic is... let me finish it for you: We never said that we are invulnerable. We never denied that we might need allies to destroy Bedlam. Besides, i don't think that TH would have been able to compete against Bedlam on their own as well. Therefore, we made a NAP with TH and never denied it.

    Only Heathens were so sure that they would tear us apart. We all can see the result now. Now they are your puppies to command, enjoy that, Bedlam, while you can)

    Edit: Oh, and btw, we are not saying that joining forces with Heathens is a bad move. It absolutely makes sense from strategic point of view. I guess it will only make our clash more interesting. Heathens on the other hand, no longer look like the winners of the previous round, wouldn't you agree? :D

    I mean as for last server I’m sure we have all been there and done that 1 server had a really good run next we get hammers and caps destroyed it’s all part of the game you win some you loose some aslong as your having fun who care if you win or loose

    I know I couldn’t care less if I’m being completely honest

    hmm well maybe someone forgot to read the mm im happy to show you reports from last night were a player chiefed a village and defended immediately no message or anything then when messaged about this he reads and no reply so seems some people do not pay attention to MMs

    idk you always get the 1/2 loosers who dont care just a scummy move

    it seems even heathens are also defending chiefed farms immediately

    i mean a simple message to stop raiding no ?

    ohh well these things happen i guess any cheap way to kill troops aye

    is Ragnar going to give anyone else a chance at top defender ?

    show us phalanx numbers :*8o

    Never the less well done good catch :thumbsup:

    Seems now web have all there tech account set up and a new NAP they are actually going to contest a region

    I mean I’m not saying they wouldn’t do it with out the nap (I really am) but it’s certainly funny timing