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    We hit the enemies, but others talk. Glad that we are here in this server. He loosing his villages and armies, he makes math on it. What a joke :)

    here's some math for you: that hammer cost you roughly 23 million resources. You got a feeder village in return

    There are alliances which they play and fight with their honour, and there are some alliances they just talk and took advantage from others.

    what honour ? youre running 5 wings of multis. shut your mouth about honour. lol

    I wish you would build a stable in the village rather than watch statistics. Shortly, people are enjoy who has a army and fight, others just talking. But the forum got too many ametours and getting bored of it.

    people are enjoying big armies and nice reports, just not the ones that come from either ML or istanbul. no1 cares about those. And you just got yourselves ... 10 hammers or more walled in the past 2 days ? sure we're the amateurs

    Whole your life on Travian, you only hiding behing of the big allies. Sadly, we never see you effecting any game change. You are a big zero. Which means without any effect

    I didint understand what you mean Lemon. But, let me talk about the topic few minutes ago. Our main army for this exist. Even our secondary army is greater than your, ı think you should not discuss about this.

    actually you're the one who has had absolutely 0 effect on any server you played in the past. You brought free def points for the rest of the server.

    And my secondary army is bigger than yours

    I don't think a single person has said they are afraid of ISTANBUL. They have said they do not approve of how they are playing (i.e. cheating or, at best, abusing the rules). In fact, I would argue the only people afraid on this servers are the ones that need to use hundreds of techs/multis in an effort to be competitive.

    Maybe the language barrier is making it difficult for you to understand what people are saying?

    P.S. Before I get punished or edited, I am not personally saying that Istanbul is cheating, that is just what the vast majority of active, actual players in the game are saying. I am providing those statements as context.

    if you don't then i will :saint:


    Sad truth: i care about as much about forum rules as istanbul does about fairplay

    so go ahead, erase another one ...

    Encalud I realize you are jealous of us :) we ISTANBUL big chance for you. Keep watching us, you are learning the game. :)

    year 2017 not, year 2020 everything has changed. you still stayed 2017 :) you are still farmer. :)

    Welcome CryX

    Actually i have trashed istanbul on atleast 5 past servers, they never even made a dent in my walls. Theyre among the worst alliances in the game. Now youre just raiding 6 wing alliances that hold 300 pop accounts and all of a sudden you think you're decent? Ha Ha .

    keep dreaming kiddo, i dont care how many wings you have, you're gonna get another beating this round.

    Also the game is still exactly thesame. The only thing that has changed is your tendancy to play more than one account.

    Administrator The topics in the forum started to exceed their purpose.this is not a personal blog.we are constantly bored with the perception of friends.Those who have a complaint can report from the support department.We want you to turn off the speech and talk about the game now.there was a wailing wall here..

    Sure, ... surpress free speech. That's how you deal with all the people who disagree with you right ? This isn't north korea mate.

    Just ignore their replies. They don't adress the issue that they, themselves are creating. It's nothing but attempts to turn this thread into a pissing contest, and we do so , we fail at making our point. Which is that EVERYONE is tired of this mass-scale cheating.

    Ignore the "keep crying" replies, and stick to the point.

    It clearly is you insensitive scoundrel. This type of racism creates a divide in our society and who knows what kind of trauma this can cause innocent Turkish citizens. Racial profiling like this is is despicable. What if your mom was treated like this by her peers. This post is some of the worst behaviour I have seen in all my years of Travian. Jesus did not die and absolve the sins of humans for us to treat each other this way. The great prophet Muhammed is looking down on us in distain.

    What racism? Not once was an etnicity mentioned in this post. Except for the reference to the turkish player who shared the screenshots in the first place, and we're applauding him. There were fingers pointed at ALLIANCES , not etnicities, not countries, not religion... ALLIANCES

    You're just trying to use triggerwords like racism and harrassment , hoping that the admins will close the topic. And i don't know about these religous prophets you're talking about but this entire server is looking down on your behavior in distain, that's a certainty.

    It shows how little they care about their game or their player base

    to silence the ones that describe the current state of the game. It speaks volumes.
    What was posted was bullet proof evidence (screenshots) of cheating on mass-scale.

    Worst staff i've ever encountered on any game. period.

    What's next? are they gonna hand out a beginner tutorial of how to set up multi accounts ourselves then... you know... so we can level the playing fields.

    So travian has had its fair share of cheaters over the years. Any server you'd play you would find them many of them. There's multi-accounts, bots, scripts, friendly farming and more. Although annoying, it used to be fairly easy to beat these kids, as they know nothing about the game or teamwork for that matter. This current ComX server however, is the worst ive seen EVER. And i've been playing this game for over 10 years. The issue is that these forms of cheating have been going on , on mass-scale, since the beginning of the server. There's two metas that stick out: ML and ISTANBUL. Both metas are playing with... 10 wings or more and most of these wings consist out of nothing but multi accounts. 200 POP accounts that aren't growing since day 3 and only exist to push the main players and leaders of these wings.

    One of the ISTANBUL players got fed by it all, and shared in his own player profile these pictures below to show you all whats going on. Now here's my question and i'm sure many others are curious about it aswell: IS TRAVIAN STAFF GONNA SIT THERE AND DO NOTHING FOR AN ENTIRE ROUND WHILE THESE GUYS ARE PLAYING HUNDREDS OF MULTI ACCOUNTS? Actual real players are losing troops and villages, because these pathetic kids are cheating on mass-scale. If the staff does not take action, i fear this game is gonna die out real soon.

    And I just realize that you have soo much time to come with stupid things.

    how about, you keep your mouth shut... nobody cares about your
    -fancy medals in your profiles
    -your past achievements
    -your hammer sizes
    -or anything that is even remotely related to you.

    All your team does is setting up hundreds of multi's to make defense, push a handful of actual real players and friendly farm those same accounts. Your alliance is the biggest joke of the server, so NOBODY cares about anything you say in game or on this forum.

    How depressing must your lives be, to be cheating to this extend on a browser game...

    all i see is 10 wings of ML virgins. Probably all under the age of 12 aswell.

    Bye bye