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    Hello UK4, we have started a newly formed alliance in the NW, Bloodhound Gang (BG) to hopefully have a good time with plenty of fun this server. We have just finished UK2 in AA and a few of us have decided to try this server out to get a grip on the new alliance bonus schemes and because we are a bit soft in the head and cannot have a full break from the game it seems, lol.

    We are looking forward to new challenges with a much smaller group, we are open to recruitment so if anyone is interested in learning some new things or teaching us some new tricks then please do not hesitate to message the Dude account in game. We are in the NW and only recruiting people in the NW or willing to relocate. Any old AA players are especially welcome as well as old enemies or new people who we have not yet come across.

    All the best to all and hope the server is a good one!


    IGN (single or dual-account): Zombie (The Andy half)

    [B]Your Set-up and Achievements: [/B]Managing to build a very good WWK, as well as keeping a smashy hammer running for a long time and building well over 100k defence before the end. Also of leading the alliance for another term. [B]

    [B]Alliance: AA

    [B]Best Alliance (Not your own) : [/B][/B][/B]OGC for playing the game right and trying to get a good defence in their WW. (Even though they did cosy up with our friend Tangra and the server for a little while)[B][B][B]

    [B]Best Player on the Server: [/B][/B][/B][/B]Springbok (always does whatever Is asked of her and consistently does it to a high standard.) Also carried a lot of the AA leadership weight this server.[B][B][B][B]

    [B]Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]Dude Double and Batsbrew get this together (consistent, active and great attackers) Beetnik deserves a mention here as well, even though his activity wasn't the best he pulled off some great results.[B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Best Opponent: [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]Tangra (building a MASSIVE WWk and managing to cosy up with the rest of the server to try and thwart our plans to win, lots of smooth talking and back room discussions going on all server to achieve this) You still failed miserably though :D[B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]The whole of the AA defence team, fantastic achievement.[B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Best Leader (Your own) : [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]Me of course :D (Springbok deserves this though so I'll let her take it)[B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Best Leader (Not your own): [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]Bear (OGC) everyone else failed miserably as an alliance in my eyes. [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Stupidest Decision: [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]Building a smashy hammer and a WWk on the same account (Would I repeat it, probably yes as just a WWk is too boring for me)[B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Most Underrated (player or alliance): [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]Lord Tyr (a late joiner of AA but always willing to help the team and turned out to be an integral part of the WW team, thank you)[B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Best Noob: [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]bubbles, another player we took under our belts. Turned out to be very keen to learn and listened and will hopefully be an AA player again when we travel overseas. [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Most Overrated (player or alliance): [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]Real Ale (Player) LCA (Alliance as these guys should have done so much better)[B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B]

    [B]Best Moment: [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]The server ending![B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

    Well i've got to give it to ggnore and his merry band of plastic gods. They have managed to work with every other person and his dog apart from Nemris I believe in there quest purely to stop AA from winning. You never know it may well work as well, it has been a very exciting end to the game battling off WWk's and WWr's from all the other quads and rebuilding to still lead the way just now. It's the SW's time coming up to hit us.. let's see how massive these hammers are after simming them up for so long while everyone else uses their's up on each other. It is looking like a very tight end to the server, who will win, ggnore and one of his 250+ friends/past friends across this server or the 57 in AA, or Nemris even. Bring it on for a good finish. We will hold our heads up high no matter what happens and whoever wins, the big question is can anyone else :D

    Haha, I'm loving this trashy rumour mill thread just now. It's funny how some think we have been working with anyone at all this server.

    I can categorically, 100% confirm that if OGC had not hit SWM before level 97 we would have squished them ourselves with the hammers that had already been confirmed for this particular hit. The same way that we have hit every other WW that was approaching the higher levels. It means we still have much more left in the tank to bring others down if we somehow managed to get lowered a bit further by the remaining bits and bobs that must come from the SW now.

    The only thing I think that Nemris did wrong was hitting OGC's plans instead of SWM's or even Ares's as i think the OGC one was by far the most heavily defended plan of them all. The NW's plans were well protected as they were either protected by Tangras Unique Confusion or Zeus's scout artifact apart from the one plan that was no doubt also heavily defended nestled in Ares cap but even this would have had less defence than the OGC set of plans. OGC have shown the most promise this server of all our enemies with the defence they have made and used this server, even though this was still nowhere near good enough.

    Anyway we still have a few weeks left now so let's see how many more wonderful, whacky rumours can surface in this time! They brighten up my day immensely.

    Good afternoon everyone, it is a great day today in the wonderful world of Travian where we all spend too long locked in.

    I think after the last few days we should post up all the WW attacks that have occurred so we can see the failings and successes of each one!

    Firstly we will start with the hits on AA from Olympia, Pantheon and LCA!…1,4995961c4ff,49959845a23

    Now as you will no doubt see here we have a big contrast in standards of rammers and hammers. Namely that the rammers were ill prepared and very weak to go against an half decent defence and Artifact never mind a good defence and a X5 Artifact. This was the beginning of a bad day for AA's enemies. They had a brilliant WWk from Tangra (The biggest we will see on this server I believe) that basically hit a massive wall and loosened a few layers of dust from our WW rather than doing what it was supposed to do and removing the WW entirely. A better plan could have been made here. This is how a World Wonder should be defended!

    Then we will go with OGC's destruction of SWM, a quad with deep divisions and lots of anger shown between these two teams all server. It was only going to end this way for at least one of these teams…7,5000776707a,500086c0c91

    As you can see here, we had some waste on rammers and a few smaller hammers. Two smaller rammers hit before the bigger one from NoName, these were both wasted in my eyes. But at the most one of the smaller ones (curi) should have followed in NoName not gone before then at least one decent rammer would have been saved to hit another enemy. A few smaller hammers were also wasted here which could have gone on a better target going forward but overall a good attack with a decent bit of overkill. Well played OGC.. BUT! The defence? Shockingly low defence for a WW, especially one that for some reason had a large diet active and not the x3 that was also held in the alliance (This X3)

    Next came our hit on the OGC WW. We decided not to leave this to fate and planned to give this WW a good smack down. Now OGC had a better defence and they had the x3 active so this was not going to be walk in the park, some good hammers needed.…f,50171465a66,5017179d899

    Then this happened, Wall 0'd, WW 0'd. A tiny bit of infra damage due to them still having a reasonable defence in place and that pesky x3. As you can see this is one decent rammer and a good WWk and this is how a WW is attacked properly!

    Then we will end for now on the strike against the pretend empire that didn't really strike back at all :D

    AA's destruction of the NW's not so mighty WW!…2,502006f2937,5020079e66f

    This was one great rammer followed by a good WWk. "Stick a fork in me, I'm done". Wall and WW were no more. With a good hammer following up to remove a GW and a couple of levels off of another. Now the defence here was poor again. For a WWk to collect 400k+ kills is not expected which begs the question? What were this now 70+ odd player alliance doing all server if they were not really attacking anyone properly and not building defence? A poor defence and a great attack here.

    So that's that for now folks, let's see if someone can produce a better report to add on to this and hit the SE WW? And then we will see all the big guns hitting us after that i assume, let the fun and games continue. :)

    Oh go on, if i had any interesting reports to share i would, but all mine are of my dual picking on smaller players; im not proud of it but it keeps him too busy to borg the hammer before arties.

    Chris is this you? Sneaked back into Travian without even an hello :D

    Rumour has it this was maybe always our plan, not only just team mates from the last server but did it from opposite quads this time around as well, especially now no one is hitting OGC :) Well played Bear and Co. for beating the gods of the NW.

    WOW! I think everyone needs to calm down a little here. I was avoiding these darn forums until we had actually won this server but things are getting a little silly now :D

    1st Point - ggnore/Tangra Built a fantastic WWk, well played it doesn't matter how much help you get from your alliance if you make that you have done a grand old job.

    2nd Point - AA put up a fantastic defence and to deny a 600k WWk a zero is amazing work but to limit it to 20 levels is a massive effort and a lot of credit is deserved for this and with only 57 members is super. And no matter what he says my good friend ggnore is very annoyed at this result

    3rd Point - The chiefing of the WW supply village was very crafty and well played by Olympia, however the fact they had it for over 4 hours and didn't even destroy any of the Infrastructure before we got it back was embarrassing for them and hilarious for us, lol. That man must be feeling a bit foolish just now, haha.

    4th Point - The defence in the X5 was getting close but we judged it very well and all things considered it still had a lot of defence left in that village protecting our precious so again a great effort from AA.

    5th Point - The team in AA yes have mostly been playing together for a hell of a long time and a number of them are very low gold using players who are not super active it is not a crack pre-made team from everywhere it is a family of players who have played together for a very long time barring about 6-7 new members and we are very well organised and will do anything for each other which a lot of other alliances do not do.

    6th Point - Nemris have no links with AA and if any of their troops sneaked into the WW it was not from us asking or begging anyone it was from a couple of players sending them in off their own backs probably to try and speed up the server as they were sick of waiting for the "Gods" of the NW to finally finish them off as was promised for so long. We even had BBK's troops in here for a while :D

    7th Point - Eddy is not a dead weight I carry around on my back, he is a true equal on this account and always is whenever he plays as my dual. If anything the opposite could be said at times. Haha i had to laugh at this very crude attempt at a bad joke :)

    8th Point - Let's now see what happens between now and the end, we are super happy with the outcome of last nights operation against us. I'm sure no one else is :P

    And so the truth emerges and we now know the big secret! AA stuffed all the def in the WW (of course Andy's personal anvils excluded because they are not ment for petty endeavours such as teamwork) and are now defending with low numbers or even off troops and siege.

    Oh damn are we not at the WW stage of the game yet?? Sorry my bad! :D

    My players wouldn't even report silly hits on pointless targets when we are in the end game never mind request defence! (The Sweetie hit you were lucky as she was ill in bed but well played there)

    I'm not sure where you learnt to play this game but like I said before you have shown half decent promise at times for a newby beginner so i'd be more than willing to take you with us on our next server to show you how this game is really played as a team with the aim of winning. Then you may one day even find yourself leading a decent alliance. Aim high and you might yet reach it mate

    AKA Andy :D

    Yes our alliance is not scouting very well is it? If you could be bothered to check your alliance attack board you will find hundreds of scouting's every day on your team and Olympia from our strong scout arti holders as most normal people do things. Isn't it about time you did something useful for your alliance other than spin rubbish? Maybe start to use some of the troops you must surely have with using the AA so long before you are left with 10 players "again" (A bit of Deja Vu here?) ;)

    Very well played chap, a good plan executed well against an artifact that we have fortunately finished with :) The first glimpse of the mighty NW warriors eh :D

    It's a shame you are down over 20 players in your meta before you started but at least you might try to start putting up a fight now.. oh but wait, you are already struggling to defend the targets you have and this gives us one more to aim at so that is our tiny little bit of silver lining on todays actions i suppose..

    Again though well done to the PantyFoOlympians, a big pat on the back.. you got a nice point back so it's now (AA) 100 vs 5 (You) if we include Wuut's achievements before the pressure got too much and he deleted with his cronies.

    And more importantly well done on the nice story mr Zeus!

    We have yet to have an anvil at any of our villages as def, why would we?, there is no need unless we actually have enemies hitting us..

    The defence goes to other players mostly so not sure what your process of thought is on this? Poor guess work it seems..

    We have no scouts yet we have scouted about 45 of your 90 accounts? How is this possible I wonder.. another very strange comment this from you.. but now we have 2 accounts with x5 scouts why would we purposefully use x3 scouters when the stronger scouts do all the scouting you need? When we need to use our scouts we will send them.

    Most reasonable travian realised a long time ago that the large hawks is more of a defensive artefact for accounts than a scouting artefact if you have stronger scouters available.

    And your comment about players near our account? I really don't understand this as every player picks their own cropper when they are ready.. they are not assigned by leaders, not sure how you do things but we don't allocate the best croppers to leaders/key players and have the rest pick over the scraps it is first ready, first settles end of story.

    Anyway thank you for the not so witty response, hopefully next time you will produce a bit better but this is better than no response :) xxx

    Telling everyone what to do yet hiding from the alliance leadership board miss ggnore, tut tut!

    Protecting yourself and the diet with the unique confusion :D

    Oh what a big girls blouse you are.. and you have the cheek to comment about me using the small haste lol.. ha ha..

    Anyway if you all actually decide to start taking part in this war you are more than welcome, the only player giving it a go is Wuutzoor with his supply village hitting..

    You seem to be having trouble finishing off your first enemy that you were ridiculing for so long? Time to try and invite them into the meta again by the looks of it even though they turned you down flat last time :D

    Good hunting chaps! Keep up the banter..

    Oh and if we had a rat informing you of the Aksam/Dude debacle it must have been me as im the only one who knew the target, i've been outed as a spy, DARN! :(

    The great pantyfoolympian warriors of the north i don't think so, lol..

    So the Pantyfoolympians are celebrating a little victory, well played you stopped two guys who had planned this attack between themselves, none of these players has ever wished or asked to have the small haste in such a dangerous area and nor would they as they are not silly unlike some others seem to be, they tried something and it failed, the end of that chapter, we rebuild them play hammers and off we go again.

    You are trying to get some kind of a negative reaction from our TEAM that is only here to play for the TEAM.. We have no artefact or defence hoggers in here unlike some others i won't mention directly. We treat everyone the same, leaders and players with only level 12 cap fields unlike some others.

    I suggest if you are trying to cause a negative feeling amongst our players you will need to try a whole lot harder than this pathetic attempt! We are here to win as a close team and that is what we will do!

    The funniest thing ggnore is that I think you actually believe yourself at times, bewildering :D

    However on to more important things, yes Ares account is a mess and I count your meta is down 11-12 players since we started hitting you? A lot of them accounts I know for a fact we hit with reals.. so to say that them hits meant nothing is exactly the point that everyone is making, You do not understand people and how we tick. Doesn't matter how big a persons capital fields are they are a member of the team. We did not pick out lower field players on purpose your meta is just full of them. It is hard to find a decent account in there so the few that are there are obviously full of that def that we never find at all the others.

    Anyway let's see how the next few months go and we will revisit this subject on teamwork and the understanding of people! Just please don't carry on dredging up your past failures like on UK5 it is embarrassing for us all.

    Great work on the artefacts to LCA btw watching and thinking will everyone on the server carry on leaving us alone until well into the end game or not.. The answer is I surely hope not :D

    Interesting discussions have been going on here In here I see when I have been busy being ill..

    So just to recap on the key points -

    1. Once again ggnore decides to openly admit that he is not bothered about the lower pop players who don't have high level cap fields and can't spend a lot of gold (the exact same type of players that would win the server for you if you ever realised that) - these exact same comments on the last UK5 ended up with your alliance slowly disappearing around you..
    2. The FoOlympantheons have a strong desire to only try to steal oasis's and chief support villages immediately next door to them and have failed more times than they succeed even when the villages in question have zero defence in :D
    3. Ares ability and desire to battle Ramsay in the grey seems to be well and truly over seeing as though he has withdrawn the defence and let Ramsay hit it with another 3 waves this evening :)
    4. We have been slacking recently and have given the NW too much time to mop up the tears that have been spilt recently since we started partying across the border - time to go back for some more fun me thinks..
    5. Roll on artefacts day, then we can have another server analysis and see if anything has changed.
    6. Have the south quads moved on to another server? very quiet down there of late :D

    Anyway I'm going back to my sick bed while the pantheon players who have been scrap heaped by ggnore leave and start on UK1 :0 xxx

    Sorry Nibnob but no, I'm not putting so many reports together for you. I have much better things to be doing with my time and was only keeping everyone up to speed with the state of affairs in the North. I'm sure one of the other side would have been on here rubbishing my claims if they had not been true. Then I may be forced to go grab the reports for you :D

    Morning everyone, it's been a very chaotic week in the North I must say. I will try to sum it up as best as I can..

    1. 19 Olympia/Pants/FoO capitals trashed with most if not all fields wiped out in two battle runs against the NW. One other capital part damaged (a few waves) and one of Ares friendly accounts capital village destroyed in the grey.
    2. Lots of stray Olympia/Pants/FoO defence wiped out as not sent to organised def calls.
    3. One main hammer and two follow in hammers dead from AA, One due to a miss-time, the other two were defended against well with a lower ram count in the clearing hammer than was needed.
    4. The big Olympia retaliation result after our first run..... yep you guessed it they stole an Oasis in the grey zone :(

    Overall a good fun week in the north, I've no doubt now the NW has been woken up we will see something come back our way at some stage unless they were serious about waiting until after arties? Question is will they have any capitals left by the time arties come about :D