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    Sounds like a touch of the sour grapes to me mate.
    Wouldn't anybody share their plans with your alliance (2 sets are required I believe, and you have none) ?

    Will that compensation plan also include the loss of troops due to insufficient numbers being at arti and WW villages (as a result of not being able to log in and send from elsewhere, and the same applies for heroes)?
    What about the fact that nobody can hit the 100 points for the daily challenges?
    Will those WW's that have been hit by Natars also get recompensed (as those due to be attacked during the truce will suffer no damage or loss)?
    And obviously the list goes on....

    So what your saying is we all hold hands and make daisy chains and we will win :flower::flower::flower::flower::flower:

    Summer is coming, weather will be lovely, why not?
    Peace is long overdue in certain parts of the world.
    We can have a barbecue, a few beers and discuss the future of our planet?
    We may even compare daisy chains, see which is longest and prettiest?

    .... this is a war game go out and fight for another.

    Is that a tantrum I see brewing?
    In wars, there are always those that seek to resolve certain issues through diplomacy, and where that may involve a little bit of collaboration, then that is part of the nature of war.
    By the way, think you need to look closer to home to see who prefers to engage in a bit of diplomacy.

    We are High Court Enforcement Officers, and are duty bound to execute an eviction notice. You have one hour to collect any essential items, and can make an appointment to collect the remainder of your items within 14 days.

    The Godfather UK2

    No idea who the flip your talking about, my last server was uk5 and not the one just played.
    Iv played with AA for the last 4 years or so.

    In that case, if you're not Inky, then I apologise, funny tho the Christian name also ties in with the same player doing the scouting.

    Hmm not sure if you have me confused with someone but I did'nt play last uk2 :S

    I think I have the right person, as I believe you and (what was left of) your alliance finally "went over" to SWM, unless you have a clone that played under your name?
    Your other colleagues included Ironpaw and Aladdin?

    I heard he is to busy rallying round trying to get the others to all team up because he is to weak to do anything alone ;)

    Sounds about right for Antonio lol.

    Surprised you haven't teamed up with him Inky, memories of last UK2?

    .....bit weird as NemRis and SWM no longer have a working relationship.....

    Maybe somebody went out on a lone mission, hoping to be accepted into the SWM Family, with a view to fame as that "loner" thinks their own alliance have no chance?
    Loyalty no matter what?
    Or just a Judas to their own?

    If you read the thread you would see that link has already been posted :P

    Then perhaps I see a different webpage to the one that you are referring to?
    Including this post, there are 21 posts to this thread, and apart from my previous one, none of them show your scout numbers, or have I missed something?
    My previous post is with reference to Loric's post:

    ...... and not hide the attacker part, reports no longer need to be doctored, .......

    I see 9, as circled in the image below.
    There is also another, but that could just be the layout of the images, in that the second image is slightly out of alignment (seems to be pushed up the frame a bit, so that you see more of the painting at the bottom and less at the top).

    A teleport bracelet, so that he can transfer to another of his own villages instantly.
    This item to replace the pennant.
    Works for hero only, and not for any accompanying troops.
    Has to have a cool down period of 24 hours before being ready for use again.