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    One of the reason we lost the server was because the trainer was hogged and no sharing. We (Oldrepel) built this hammer. we were not high raiders but we did ok raiding with out running any scripts. At the time we launched our hammer it was ranked 7th On the server now that is with out any artifacts (Except GG/GW) being used. Imagine how much more damage could have been done if we has the trainer every now and then...12 hours every 5 days would have been all we would have needed.

    we got 2 plans back for the one we lost

    or did you miss that?

    Angel Nope it was not lost on me. I spot most things like that fairly fast...Man it is hard to hand you guys a compliment.

    From Discord

    OldRepel-OldDudeYesterday at 8:31 PM

    RoTeam have lost 3 sets of plans

    TNR confed has 4

    Hi La Mala Ice,

    I have no issues with how you played the game. The cool down on a plan switch is just some thing I would like to see. It is simply with in the rules. A lot of player did not understand you could do that. I realized exactly what was happening. 1.1 Mill you would think would be safe we were running about 1.9 on ours. Our ww def peaked out at just shy of 12 Million. We simply ran out of Hammer to run more ops as is bound to happen. I was in no way making a criticism of how the game was won.

    Personally I was happy you and the confed never attacked me it let me run the 7th Largest hammer on the server never holding any Artifact...It was a pity I could only drop you 4 levels. Aside from Godslayer I have no negative comment to make at all.

    Once again Congratulation to you your team and every one in your confed. I sat our WW and i saw plenty of good well coordinated work which is why you get to do the Victory dance...On to the next server.


    Waves are literally the easiest thing to do, either use an old Firefox version (v40 seems to work for a lot of people, but it differs) or use k-meleon, PaleMoon or another browser with offline mode.

    Seals4Life :love:

    I use Firefox for multiwaves


    (Written by OldRepel)

    At the end of the day you look at who is dancing in the corner and they are the winner. Do I think some scripting was going on...Probably. The people who know me consider me to be a sniping expert. I have no problem inserting waves. What I can not do is land 4 waves in the same second in the correct sequence. As in Clear from one Village to land first, Chief from 3 other villages landing in the correct sequence. There is a script that will do that for you split waves at 50 Milli Seconds...Was it used I really don't now and I don't care. Were there farming scripts being used well I have to say defiantly not by me but really Steve Wonder could see it.

    Did we lose our first WW with all the infa done sure we did it was lost to a 7 hammer wave which I did not expect. The thing is that is just part of the game a tactical move by the team from Mad. Well planned and well executed. You never heard a complaint from me. (though I did swear just a bit)

    Syn had problem holding on to plan but their very tight alliance has less experienced players wonder how they could build the WW with only one set of plans...I actually think there should be a cool down period equal to the activation time of the Arti when plans switch between alliances but there is not so crying over it is a waste of time.

    So we look to the corner and The North Remembers is starting to dance and their Confed friends join them. The out played and outlasted every one else...They simply played a better server than all the rest.

    Well done to the winner.

    Oldrepel aslo Know as Olddude, Senator1960


    I played as Oldrepel and did the little op that I set up, actually did some damage to the WW. I also sit the WW account despite all the attacks in the above post It did not really do a lot of damage...

    We the server is just about over by the looks of it well done to the winners yu had overwhelming numbers and we could not compete with that...

    Congrats to Syn and their confed team.


    One of the things with the forums it is sometime difficult to say thing with out getting your self into trouble. I feel that some of the alliances have not been playing with in the full spirit of the rules This makes it difficult for other to win the race for the WW.

    From every thing I have seen on this server it is ToH whom I feel deserves to win...They won't but they can hold their heads up high at least.