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    Like said already, even tho we played together we were in many ways two different groups. Us giving Credit to our players and telling the story from our perspective is not away from Duat. They were amazing and on many aspect better than us aswell and this would not have been possible without them. I've already learned that I can't write english that well and the tone & meaning might get twisted because of that. I hope and believe that after all Duat players know their value and our appreciation for them playing this round with us.

    Like I said, these kind of speeches come from our culture and would be nice to get some insight what was going on elsewhere aswell. Loffe has already promised to write from Duat's perspective when he has the time, so atleast we have that to look for :)

    I don´t know about com traditions, but we´ve had this one on Fi domains as long as I can remember. When the server is over the winning team opens up with a victory speech or end speech. After that the word is free and everyone is welcome to come clean about stuff that happened or bothered them, just to congratzulate people or whatever they want. The content depends on the people, but I hope to see some nice stories to read from people. I could say I´m well known for my long and detailed end speeches. This one is a pretty well structured, so it is easier to skip some parts you might not be that interested in.

    I have to say I’m amazed at this point. The best of the best and this happened? How is that possible? Jokes aside, really good and fun server, good job everyone! Huge congratz to everyone on the winning Team! I´m proud of you! I would like to think that even tho I have not been around for a while my work still mattered in the bigger picture. Atleast I hope it did. But this is not a ”victory speach”. That is not mine to write. This is me filling a promise I made and it is someone else´s job to tell how this happened in the end. I could say there are four parts in this writing.

    Part One covering what happened preserver.

    Part Two covering everything that happened before d137 (the day I quit)

    Part Three covering KORNSNÖ

    Part Four covering individual players/accounts and their performance

    I promised you a long and juicy end speech. I´m very sorry I can´t fully offer you what I promised, but I´ll still try my best. Before jumping back into 2020 February when this all started I want to light everyone the decision I made right before year changed, because it has been haunting me since then and I´ve had hard time getting over that decision and I feel like I need a good closure. I´ve felt horrible for that decision for these past months and as any sane person can say that is not a healthy thing to happen after quitting a game. So at the same time I´m glad I was able to get some distance to this game after all these years. When I get into talking about this server you will get a better understanding why I was so done and burnt out at that point (pretty common stuff, but still), but the biggest reasons for this decision came from my real life. As many of you know, I´ve been playing this game since December 2007 and for past 5-6 years been learning to lead as well with varying success. These days I have kids, job, loan, wife, studies, dreams and during last December I also got an amazing job offer. There was a long sick leave coming for the head of culture in my hometown, starting 11.1.2021 and I was asked to fill that position. I´m studying cultural management atm. so it was really an amazing opportunity. At the same time I knew if I continued playing I´d have to slow down a lot to actually make that work well for me. For a while all seemed good, but then that one night came that kind of made the decision for me. I was so tired, I´ve never had a burnout like that on this game.

    PS. If you wanna have a chat with me, just contact me in discord (AFK#7270). I have not yet completely decided about my future. I will keep playing, but I seriously have to consider on what level and with who to make it a smart choice. I have few different ideas on my mind, but we´ll see!

    Part One - Preparations

    Getting some love from the swedes and the first idea for future

    Many have been wondering what is true and what is not etc. but to be honest, majority was true. We just wanted to highlight certain things that played in our favour. We got beaten by the swedes and we did not get along well back then. We were also not prepared for the challenge and had a lot of bad luck, drop outs, but they were also better and they had few really resistant beasts running it all. No denying that. We lost like 75% of our team and run everything by just a handfull of people and I slowly started gathering few trusted guys to go for a smoother and more relaxed run after the beatdown. That happened in early february 2020. We talked about an easy server with a small group of people that can pull their own weight. Just to have fun.

    Funny sidenote, afterwards when we got to talk more about last server it was brought to our attention that we were really not as bad as we thought and we were able to actually give some hard times for the swedes. With a better functioning group like what we were able to bring here it might have been a lot more balanced run.

    Some weeks passed and I made few more recruits, or was able to pursue some people I still wanted to play with, but were not mentally ready to go for another round quite yet. Also after the past server ended the mood was turning better. At the same time some people were also really excited about the challenge that the swedes provided. Older players that have not had a good fight in years. They wanted a rematch and were lurking in my private actively trying to convince me to start gathering people for that and finally it payed off. I knew my crew was mainly not ready for that and it was not something majority wanted at that point, but I went on and recruited few skilled and much liked people that were looking for that rematch. We slowly started working to make the atmosphere and mutual will change towards that aswell. Overall this was really hard. I did not want to recruit too many too fast, but I knew I had to start convincing certain people already without letting others know about that.

    I also started to look for options, where to play, what to do etc. and kept the slow recruitment on. I believe the situation is pretty much the same in nordics than it is in here. Just a handfull of good and trustworthy players and you need to fill out with what you can get. Just scales depending on the size of the domain. I just did not want to take anything I could get, I actually tried to gather proper players. Bigger problem has always been how to bring a lot of big egos together that don´t really like or appreciate each other. That is where my place really is, in the middle of it, trying to control the situation and make sure drama does not go too far.

    I also happened to get some recommendations about players I did not know earlier and as I wanted to get to know them better before making decisions I actually went to play some techs or idles on other servers for a while to talk to and bond with these guys. We were able to recruit a few this way aswell. On one of these trips I started running into Loffe while I was working on that and also started to ask about their future plans. It became pretty clear pretty fast that a rematch would not happen. Instead I ended up asking him and raymon to join us aswell.

    Regarding the choise where to play; When I first heard about this com2 I was not completely sure if that would be a good choise, but things started to roll forward. I was looking from various different domains, but there really was nothing promising to look for, so my thoughts were going more and more towards this com2… so I started planning. I used different topics to affect different people to get their attitudes change and took some risks. In the end we made the decisions together by having some polls and luckily they turned out just as I had planned them. As you can see, I´m somewhat good with people. I find the right carrots for each individual and learn how to work with them as individuals. It is also the biggest part of my style to lead. Im a people person and people leader. It can be seen as manipulation and control aswell and partially it is that, but also about finding the strenghts and weaknesses of people and using that information to make people better. I truly respect every individual I play with and try to do my best to keep them motivated and happy. I love these guys and I’m also willing to do a lot for them. Majority of my time is spent on private making sure everything is okey and people are motivated and developing their accounts properly. Even tho I´ve taken some major leaps on the strategical side of leading I rarely screw up on the HR side. My people like me even tho I´m not perfect.

    As you know, Loffe and Raymon also decided to join us. At some point we were also talking about forming a nordic meta, but instead we decided to still aim for this fun playstyle with a smaller group. They would gather their own small group and play with us. This way it would be easier to control our people and avoid bigger dramas. I hope that someone from their side will cover up their journey. We planned the major lines together and we had shared management since the start. I believe that is the most important thing to say and I leave rest for Duat to tell.

    The big decision was made: Com2, here we come!

    When we decided to go for com2 I started working a lot towards getting to know different groups and people that play in them. I have some history on coms and I had some people in different groups that I was able to get some info, old friends. Their names will stay as a secret because I don´t want to do any harm to them. I spent a lot of time on forums aswell and talking with a lot of different people. Also talked to leaders of every meta. We knew that metas would be huge compared to ours and that put some pressure on me to recruit more. I really did not want to do that, but felt like it was something I had to do. Also the fact that the first impression of this server was that there would be really good groups with really good players. Hype around it and talking with various different people and just being crazy about what it would be like. Maybe I should have stayed more calm about it all and wait and see, but I did what I did. I want to mention this, because we ended up getting a lot of 3x players and the kinds that are not really the best people to have around you. There were some really bad recruits, but more about those individuals in the last part.

    We had decided to keep our cooperation as a secret to gain some adventage and better coverage. From the beginning we built everything on top of the idea of getting UD and making as good Unique arte coverage as possible. We also wanted to cover atleast half of the central zone. UD and that position would pretty much give us the change to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted and to whoever we wanted to. We did not want to tie ourselves up to any big plans, but ofcourse we had to give some carrots and hope to our players about different things that might happen.

    While getting to know other metas better there were some rough decisions to be made. We wanted to stay independent, but the idea of this whole server was to have a lot of fun and just screw around and make people mad. We never planned to go for a win and If we took ww it would be only to fool people. We did not want ww hammers nor other priority targets so def work would be less stressfull. When Brezzok pretty much offered us what we really wanted for free I could not resist the temptation. Also at that point we had the image of them being superior compared to everyone else on the server so I also justified that decision by the fact that taking control of the center close to them would offer us the best chance possible to do pretty much whatever we wanted or decided to do. When Vices broke up I was really close to change this plan, but did not. Also, I kinda felt empowered by the fact that in a way I would be returning to finnish roots in terms of playing dirty. Becoming something I had hated for majority of my travian career, but also as the point was to show middle finger to everyone, why not. I also want to emphasize. This, like many other decisions were made by me and I´m the one you should hold responsible if you still have crudge for it. I wanna be honest and stand behind the decisions I make. Good and bad ones. Ofcourse everyone on our side knew and was preparing for this, thus agreed. But the decision was mine.

    Game plan

    There was a lot to do and lot to organize. Trying to enjoy of some free time aswell before it all started. Focus on my wife and kids, but the truth is I was spending more than half of my time awake on this game even before summer. This is a nasty game, atleast has been for me. It sucks me in and does not let go. It might have something to do with my character, I get addicted to stuff really easily. I analyzed a lot what swedes did and also talked with finnish ex-leaders about their experiences from years ago when playerbases were bigger on Fi domains aswell. A lot of the things that we experienced when playing against swedes were not new to some, more likely just forgotten and not felt as important anymore, because there had not been much competition on finnish servers for few years so strategic things did not really matter and majority were just focusing on minmaxing simming or troop amounts.

    Teching was something we thinked a lot about. It was normal that idle accounts were taken by active players and played for the benefit of the rest or the ones who took them over, but using techs in a way that swedes did was something only Zimpero had done earlier. Many wanted to try out techs, but as you know already there were way less of those than you actually thought. We just wanted to try and keep them hidden as long as possible.

    Same thing could be said about many things. With account setups I gave some leash and we did not have exactly the kind of roster we aimed for, but for me keeping people motivated and interested is more important than 100% efficiency. Soi f we get roman def accounts shall there be those. Ordering capitals was accepted, but playing with really bad capitals was something I had to spend a lot of time working with. Also the fact that most hc accounts were ready to settle on their techs way faster than part of the mains was problematic. It is not all about efficiency, but also about the experience. That means keeping people motivated when a lot of people were feelings down because what they got. When actions started people started to understand and accept the benefit, but this playstyle was not something many enjoyed. I believe that could also be seen on some drop outs and cases of low motivation.

    I’m not sure how well you guys know how finnish alliances work or if it differs from your culture, so I try to explain it shortly. Big egos, toxic banter and selfish attitudes. Lots and lots of that. I got a lot of critisism about some of my recruits (mostly about Zimpero – Idalinnea) who are great players in their own way, but they are really a pain in the butt to deal with. In some ways Zimpero was able to be even more trouble than normally. But the point is, there is a lot of work required to control & keep people calm the way I run things. Gladly I´ve played with almost everyone of these guys before, with majority for years even so the biggest work had been already done during these years. But regarding the work, ofcourse I can only blame myself for doing that.

    That is also one of my strengths. I like to focus on individuals and talk with people. That way I can follow how people are doing and adjust my expectations, but also know how far people are willing to go and how to get best out of them. What they need to be able to bring the best they can to the table. That is not always the optimal way, but I try to find ways to make it work. I want that people enjoy the game the way that I do.

    That is a lot of work, often really exhausting, but at times also really rewarding. I usually spent majority of my time on this aspect. Learning and spending more time on strategical aspects was also away from my normal people time. But all in all, I believe that my leading skills took a nice step forward again. Strategical aspects are really fun to think about and was nice to be able to learn.

    So, main focus of early game would be on getting prepared for artes and after that just helter skelter and never stop the madness!

    AFK´S leading mentality

    This is a part you can just skip if you want, but as I had some good conversations regarding the way I do things I also want to open it up a bit more in here aswell. In my eyes, leadership consists of four more or less equal parts. You have your resource, your players. Then you have operative management, that pretty much covers the daily routines, off and def coordination, etc. Strategic management is often seen as the most important part and often people see strategic + operative side as one, but I like to seperate them. Ofcourse operative side must be built on top of strategies, but keeping them seperated has worked well for us. And then we have HR, which is often seen as a burden in travian or not worthy to spent time on it at all.

    So yeah, I´m good with people and I believe that harvesting the potential of individuals is the best option in this game. Why do we play this game? To win mainly, but every person has their own reasons, personal goals, deeper needs for playing this game and when we get into this it gets more complicated. It is not anymore just about winning. So what I do is I want to get to know the people I play with, learn what they enjoy and want from this game, why they play this and what makes them happy. Also what is going on irl. This way I have better tools to get more out of them and push them for better results. This is also something you have to take into consideration in strategic planning and this is the reason why I want to seperate strategic and operative sides. If you just think about the best possible ways you possibly dominate more easily, but it might not serve your players as much. This partially happened during this round because we focused more on good strategies, but it was not that big of a problem for us, because of the shared history. I could not have asked the things I asked from my players if I did not know them so well and if they did not trust me, it would not have worked either.

    On our earlier servers strategic part has been really small, because I´ve been a strong HR focused leader and people have started to see that as something that holds us together and works for us. I rarely get involved in the operative management, that is completely on the hands of my def and off coordinators. I trust them, but ofcourse I follow it closely, help when and if I can and give input when that is required in terms of bigger picture, that is also important because that way I can push the players into right directions in terms of account development. In management we discuss a lot about strategical side. I mainly do the decisions based on general concensus of management team and the players, but in the end there has to be someone responsible for the decisions made, even if those are made together it is important that there is someone holding it together and to blame if things go badly.

    This is a really interesting wholeness and I could discuss about it for days. When you start to think more about it you can see that these four factors are really tightly tied together.

    Part Two - Let the games begin!

    Going for capitals

    First days of the server were really hectic as you can quess. Planning capitals and trying to map it all as well as possible. Not only to have good positions for different type of accounts but also how to prepare my own account as well as possible for UD. Also keeping people motivated. GZ was really good for us, but outside of that there were not many good spots and I knew that would require some motivational conversations with my peeps.

    I had split our accounts to few smaller groups before server started to have a better control over the locations of different type of accounts. I did not want to completely order who goes where, this way there atleast was a theoretical chance for everyone to get a better spot. We had agreed about a line with GOATS about settlings, but it did not really matter to us. Ofcourse I could not give out too many spots over that agreed line to not make it too chaotic too fast. But I believe we did really well with our capitals in any way. Getting just the spots we wanted. Only thing I was really worried about were Zimperos techs (MULA & BUSA) that he placed too far even tho I asked not to do that. Other thing was PAX. He was also a bit far from the rest, but not too far in the end, as it turned out quite well.

    We got our capitals on the map. It was really important for us to stay aware of the possible diplomatic relations, because that would affect our targets heavily. Ofcourse the war with GOATS was necessary sooner or later, but that was required just to clear the unique radius. Other than that we were not interested in them any more than others. There was some poking on both sides in the beginning. They were mad to us for crossing the line, but there were also some players on our side not too happy about having them as neighbours. I was amazed that Brezzok or others did not seem to question it at all. During those first 43 days I was always waiting for the peace to be broken, but it never happened. At times there was silence for days. But also he shared a lot with me. Before server started , but also during those days in the beginning. He handed me a lot of material to make it easier to start that war. Ofcourse it was all just to fool the rest, but it worked atleast for a while.

    We were growing really well in the beginning as an alliance. Topping the charts. We looked for the right time to make the move and it was offered to us when there was talk about going against Duat with GoW. When that discussion was had it would not be too suspicious to see that our simming started to slow down.

    No matter what people might say about the atmosphere or small mistakes and banter, but the action was great. Majority did what we supposed them to do and they were prepared. The actual war was amazing. We made sure early enough that people could be there around that weekend to just keep going. It went on for several weeks without getting bigger resistance. Our offensive section took turns on controlling it, even tho majority was organised by players themselves within the given frames in the smaller groups. They pretty much gave us the unique area for free and it was pretty easy to take the control that we always wanted. There was that unsuccesfull ops closer to arties, well, it was pretty obvious wall, but we had to try to do something, because they had one account sitting right on the spot it should not have been. That might have ruined everything, so losing some sweeps was not a problem for us at that point.

    After the war

    We had our first deletes and dropouts already before war, but more just kept happening after the war that put some pressure on us. We had talked that we would not start to play anyones account if a player quit. Although that did not really happen. Ofcourse we could have just deleted those and kept going without them, but for some reason we started hoarding them for the management. I myself was running 7 accounts at worst times.

    We had to get back on simming pretty fast after the war. Especially the ones without techs, because once again I had crazy expectations for artes. Like I said earlier, everything we did preartes we did to get the best possible situation for the arte spawns. Those were tough times and the ones that had techs tried to ease it a bit for those that did not. Some were running on really low productions having troops sitting they had no use for and were stille cxpected to start queuing cavalry sweeps for artes soon. I have to give credit for these guys, somehow they were able to pull what I wanted and keep their accounts going into right directions.

    The most enjoyfull part for me after the war were mind games. The whole #Justice4Pax Propaganda was just genious. All the memes, all the leaked screenshots and given lies. Well, not lies. It was partially true. If we did not come to the server with Duat, we might have ended up doing the same thing on that situation because how it looked back then. But yeah, I enjoyed that a lot. Also the mind games following that. Talking with different people, with plan, without plan… At times I’m not sure If even I knew what we were going to do. Just go with the flow type of things. But I also gotta say right now that it was really what I wanted of this server. For me it did not matter if people trusted me or not, atleast not in the beginning. At latter times it started bothering me a more as I´m a social person and like to talk with people and it was a bit harder to find those connections with people because of our actions. Despite all this I´m really glad there were some people that did not care of what I say and if it is true ot not.

    Tech wizards

    Right now I´m not talking about tech accounts. I´m talking about tools and people that create those tools. In finnish scene we have always had few expectional players that work on that field and also have liked to do stuff to help on the game. Throughout the years there have been propably hundreds of different tools created and used. Metsamies is a veteran leader who still hangs around and plays with us. He has provided a lot of different tools for us during the years, mostly excel based stuff. For this round things took a major leap forward when Gonu (+ some others interested on these matters) started to create more advanced and precise tools for us.

    Before the server started he had already moved the old offensive planner of metsamies into a lightweight software to make it run a lot smoother. Other than that he created a tool to help out scouting. You could basically choose what you wanted and it gave us lists to give to scouters. When to send, where to send, etc. Send time scouts, it also counted exact sending times for our ghosts for counters. Small things really, but in the bigger picture important ease in the hurry to have and saves a lot of time. But the biggest improvement he created was a def bot. Basically how it works is that we have a channel in discord dedicated for this bot. We send screenshot of incoming attacks into that channel with simple command:

    !incoming ”playname”

    ”other line for extra info”

    Then the bot will extract all needed information from the picture and paste it into our def sheets. it works perfectly on every format, the picture just has to be good enough so that the bot can read it. Just amazing to have these guys around.

    This bot made the def work so much easier for everyone and it made it a lot easier to inform the incoming attacks, no matter where you were.

    On top of that he created the cropbot we used to track our diet village situations. We had channels for every seperate villages with crop bot and needed players in them and the players feeding could manage the consumption & add their feeding so it was fairly smooth. Just needed some manual rests at times. Some we did daily and some weekly, depending on the people really.


    We had 34 main accounts in our group so the following numbers are pretty impressive in terms of attendance. Ofcourse techs provided some of those, but still.

    Arte sweeps (All cavalry)

    5x Unique EI sweeps

    8x Large EI sweeps

    2x Large TT sweeps

    8x small EI sweeps

    11x small TT sweeps


    77x catapoints


    47x heroes for pickups

    We did the required background work to spot the correct locations from the boonies for the arties we wanted. We had split the map with Duat to get as good coverage as possible. We were actually able to settle the catavillages pretty close to where the artes spawned, but majority spawned far between our settled villages. I don´t really remember anymore how much work did it require to coordinate that, but I remember that determining good spots from the map took us two nights, more or less. There were 2-5 guys sitting in voice, scanning the map and listing possible point locations, listing distances to closest enemies, enemy tribes, possible off locations closeby etc. a lot of important work was made to be sure that those would be on good spots and that we could also use them and maybe lure some enemy sweeps aswell. We did not settle any catapoint that we could not def against chiefs nor zeroing attempt (in the boonies). But those nights are most likely ones of the best memories from this server. Working together for hours. After all that was done it was time to make the calls, who to go where etc. Everyone had res for the infra in herobag.

    The actual arte coordination did not go that well. We were a bit slow and the way we coordinated it was a bit different than what was informed. We got some critisism about that later and agreed on that. We also got some critisism that was not really argumented well and that heated up the situation. I don´t really know how that can even happen, but we missed 4x pick ups just because someone did not send or screwd it up. One of those screw ups blaming us for his mistake… He just kept going and going and… Will open that up in the last section. But others were having problems aswell and we were able to sneak some free artes aswell. But the actual catch was more or less perfect. Large Storage would have been really nice (we lost 3x because people did not send/screwd up). Most important part, UD, was ours. I was screaming inside (not in reality, because I had worked the night before, slept 2h and my kids were taking a nap during that time).

    We were also pretty slow on getting things working properly with artes. This was also the moment when we started working more closely together with Duat and I believe that is partially the reason why it was a bit rusty in the beginning to get artes moving etc. But we had already agreed on what goes where, how to do the rotations etc. So no bigger problems, just slow start. Earlier we have had all planned out in a way that we know straight away what goes where and we can start getting benefit straight away.

    Towards the end of my time

    I have been moving forward fairly fast, but as I´ve had my distance from the game I have also forgotten a lot of small details. I remember the bigger lines. After artes we got UD up and running pretty fast. It did not take long to get everything possible sitting under diet. Although GOATS and Zerg started putting pressure on us pretty fast and we had to keep our def moving all the time. We also had plenty of arte sweeps left. Some were used horribly, pretty much wasted. Some were used more smartly, but there was one problem with some of our single player accounts without techs. They were really stuck with their low capitals, production blocked by sweep and def. We had to start slowly easing that situation, account by account. Get those sweeps used and def to eat somewhere for free so that they would have time to get their productions up.

    Zimpero lost small fool which was hard thing to deal with. Raymon and B0b were already fed up with Zimpero and his attitude, but this brought it to a whole new level. Zimpero made a huge deal out of this and he was like a ticking timebomb back then. No one could really know what he would do. He felt really bad for what had happened, but he did not know how to handle the situation so he did the only thing he could. He got drunk often and created more problems. I spent a lot of time trying to work on that and finally, actually just a bit before I made my decision to quit he was calmed down a bit and we were able to make somekind of a peace between him and others. Tbh this was just the tip of the iceberg between the tensions between us and Duat.

    Our cooperation worked really well and we were one team, there is no denying that and I don´t think there was a true risk of anything horrible to happen, but the situation needed monitoring. In many cases our players were not as calm and precise as Duat´s. Even tho we played on a high level, we were not as ”professional” as them. Atleast that was the impression of the situation back then. Duat also kept hinting often about this fact. It was also an image that to me atleast it seemed that Duat wanted to keep up. We really did not know what was going inside their group despite the shared channels. In the other hand our people were most of the time all over the place. Small mistakes here and there and it did not bother us too much, but seems like those were a really big deal to Duat.

    But mainly on top of controlling the atmosphere and situations it was about learning how zerg opses and gaining the knowledge needed to wall them and at the same time raise our mobile amounts massively and prepare our sweeps to be ready for opsing. If zerg had decided to go full force on us earlier instead of Gunners it might have changed the course, but already around d130 we would not have had any problem deffing against them. We were ready and waiting eagerly for them to do that to wall them!

    Part Three - KORNSNÖ

    Preparing for the server

    I started leading alliances mainly, because there were no good leaders left I trusted or wanted to play with. I did not want to waste my time and struggle too much with alliance perspective. But that has never been why I play this. I´m one of those that enjoy the game a lot. I want to make crazy accounts and it is easy for me to admit that I´m selfish, my own account comes always first, but if and when that is under control, I´m willing to do more or less anything for the team.

    I believe the first idea for KORNSNÖ was to be Roman hybrid, 4-6 ghosts and legos as def. I wanted trustworthy duals for this server and I was able to get Padalino and Jönssi to run the account with me. About these guys, both of them are solid. I trust them a lot and I´m 110% sure that if they were there with me there would not have been a burnout and I would have kept playing. Phoenics was recruited to take charge of the techs and it was also my intention to recruit 3-5 players to run techs. Anhape did a really good job, so did Jönssi as that was what he was able to do after all. Phoenics also covered his area really well. Others, not so much.

    So yeah, me Padalino and Jönssi were playing around with different ideas a lot. Tho mainly it was me just spamming different ideas to our account chat :D At one point I started talking about UD mixed with ghosts to support the feeding. Like beeing a fat tech for the whole alliance to use. From that we moved to UD + 4x Unique arte sweeps + praets to support standing in UD. Our techs were also supposed to help on the standings, but mainly they provided the needed production in the end. But yeah, the plan was there. I also wanted to place the arte sweeps on different sides of the quad to have good coverage and somehow we also decided to settle every village to be a feeder after artes to get instant use out of them.

    I like to plan a lot and enjoy having someone else on the account to challenge me and my ideas, make them better. I usually have 4-5 different sheets/server for different kind of notes and plans. For alliance stuff, account stuff, management and personal.

    I was really confident with this account and setup. I had what I needed to be able to focus on leading responsibilities properly. But it all came down something like week before server started, as both Jönssi and Padalino informed that they had to skip. I was able to convince Jönssi to run a tech, but Pada was gone for good. That was the worst possible thing to happen. The account is the most important part of the game for me. I would not sacrifice from that, but there were no good choises for me. I did not want to start rearranging the account setups to get proper duals, not sure if that would have been possible even. I started spamming people that I trust and ended up skipping earlier, trying to convince even one proper players to the account, but that was just hopeless.

    I don´t wanna sound too rough on the others, but the setup I was able to make had only one person I could really trust on top of me. I had played with Ilpo earlier aswell. He played 50% of the nights and helped a lot during the days aswell. He was a solid guy and he cared for the account and took responsibility for it. As long as he was around I felt pretty good about things. Haukkajainen was a harmless drunk, he was okeyish, but not really trustworthy as I could not always trust him to be there. He also played mainly nights. These guys shared the nights and Bärsc was a really promising new guy from 3x scene. In the beginning he was really motivated and interested and I hoped to get more out from him, but in the end he did not play much and quit pretty early because of wanting to focus on real life. And then there was bruce. I know he is somewhat of a wildcard on snails as he calls these, some nights he helped out and some nights he did not. After some point when there were 2-3 days I was not able to reach him I just stopped asking. This setup felt okeyish so I just kind of let that be there waiting for the server to start so I could focus on more urgent matters.

    During the first 100 days

    I took control over KORNSNÖ in the beginning I played 14-20h/d and tried to get someone to cover the nights. It did not bother me as I was there anyway online pretty much around the clock. There is always something magical in the air when new server starts. We had a decent start as a roman and were able to settle a good 150% 15c in GZ. Haukkajainen was mainly helping out on techs during that time and we did a lot of boosting all around the alliance to get the settlers running as fast as possible. Everything was going smoothly and I did not pay much attention to what was going on as Ilpo was covering majority of the time I could not play.

    So yeah, Bärsc did not play much and quit pretty early on. I tried to recruit someone to take his spot, but it was hard and as we were managing it kind of just stayed like that. In the beginning it was a pain in the ass to play the account, because of the way we were settling and the pressure to get everything ready so that we could start queues in time. There were also goals for the upcoming war. Decided to go for +10k praets and chiefs. At some point Haukkajainen moved his focus to KORN aswell as I hoped to get a bit help during days aswell and at times it worked pretty well. We were also able to start all 4x EI queues in time, but at the time when we were pushing for the HDT´s I realized that we could prolly not make it. Also I badly wanted to hit something with horses so it was easy decision to drop one of the unique sweeps from the plans. Queue plans did not have much space for slacking, so it was really important to keep on schedule as after HDT´s we had to start going towatds GS´s.

    Everything was actually going pretty nicely on the account until Ilpo´s vacation started. He was supposed to be away for 3 week, but that break ended up being close to few months. That is when the problems started. I was already playing pretty big hours on the account and after Ilpo was away It started to be a bit too much for me. Haukkajainen was there at times, and at times he was not. I could really not trust him and often I had to stay up until 2-3am to see if he would come or not and wake up after 6 for work. Sometimes he did and sometimes did not. That was really exhausting in its own way as I could never completely trust if there was someone. I was able to get Bruce watch over at times and sometimes I even asked babel (crazy guy from kuwait) to watch for the account. My biggest saviours were Gonu and Hönö as they took over as sitters and helped when the times were the worst.

    At any point I did not let the account start idle. I even took some idle accounts to run during the way. It was mainly fun, but I would have needed a dual that had some self-initiative and more interest on the account and server. Too many times I had to ask help from my own duals to watch the account even for few hours. They knew it would be a pretty hectic account and I also might have had too big expectations, but I don´t want to settle for a half***ed work.

    I also recruited Murikka and Hemoz to help, but it was close to nothing as I was still playing those big hours. Hemoz was actually a good pick, but did not have much time to help, but when he could, I could also trust the account for him and relax. Somehow we managed, account did not suffer from this situation, alliance did not suffer from this situation, but I did suffer. I know it now. It was too much for me, I clearly could not handle keeping up with those +18h days. I just did not realise it back then. But we were able to queue 3x Unique sweeps. 2x were around 29k EI and third was around 23k EI, so enough with Hero.

    Arte time

    It was time for artes and I had to come up with a solid solution. I knew this account would not be able to serve it´s purpose with it´s current setup. Kalkkuna was playing on Bästis,, but his dual was not really playing much and he was tired of that. They had also croplocked their own account pretty early on and messed up their tech usage, so him playing on BÄSTIS was wasted potential in my eyes. He played nights and was really active and we made a deal, that I would rearrange new accounts to people on KORN and we would turn our ghosts to off´s and he would jump to help me. Hemoz also stayed.

    This happened pretty close to artes. Everything was mainly going really well on KORN. I could see kalkkuna getting a bit more sloppy as weeks passed, there were some incidents with starvation in our capital, minor ones, but still. He managed mainly well, but he was also hoarding accounts to handle and help around. Kind of a thing that can happen if you play nights, but I warned not to take too much.

    We started conquering feeders from Duat so our life became a lot easier. I could focus more on my schoolwork again and also on leading responsibilities and I think we did pretty fine for over a month. Kalkkuna was active enough and hemoz covered a bit and was helping also on some inactive accounts I had taken to run. But yeah, then that one night came. I got drunk, Kalkkuna was taking care of the account. I woke up next day, there had been a starvation party in the UD cap and it started a lot of drama and that was too much for me. I did not really have any breaks from the game for these 137 days. This was something like my 3rd or 4th night during whole server when I did not even think about the account. I needed that to relax. Things were starting to look better…

    I wanted to have a moment to relax, but it turned out completely opposite. Like I said earlier I have now realised it was not only about that particular moment, it was just the factor that pushed me over the edge. But I´m glad that happened.

    Part Four - team IKEA

    It is time to move to the interesting stuff that people have been waiting. First I will cover the management side and after that I will go through every account.

    Def Coordination

    Arget is one of the best guys I know and he is one of the rare cases that I would go with no questions asked. His attitude is amazing, in most cases he can keep the toxic bs to himself and control his actions and what he says. He is stable, fun to talk with, smart, but most importantly he has really good attitude. It always takes some time for him to warm up for new servers and actions, but you can always trust him to stand up and help when you are about to fall. Everyone should have someone like him on his team. He is also really dedicated when it comes to dc work and does not make a big deal out of it.

    I would say Tempus has grown to fill in big boots. Just in few round he became one of the most important parts of our core. He is not afraid to work and he is always ready for it. He is not as relaxed and experienced as Arget and it could be seen at times. His temper is a lot shorter and it can be seen :D He also can’t control himself that much, when something bothers him he is really open about it. He explodes at times, but not in public. That is what management rooms are for! He contributed a lot keeping our off bank & def numbers up to date on top of the excellent dc work.

    I don’t have much to say about Kadonnut. He is a bot. In some ways I feel like he has always been somewhat of a shoulder to lean on for me. Voice of sense. On top of that he is one of the things I know that will always be there and do what is required. I knew in the beginning he would not take as big role as earlier because of his irl situation, but he still did a lot of really good and important work and like arget, he stands up when it is needed.

    Tempest, Kämmis, Superriku. They were the extra helping hands supposed to also help on the def side. I can’t say how it turned out in the end, but atleast in the beginning they were there when they could. They did not provide as much as Tempus or Arget, but they were important parts aswell to make this work. I always hope to see people step up, but that is rarely seen. Does not make their work less valuable tho.

    Kämmis and Superriku were more stable, Tempest on the other hand was a bit all over the place at times. Really eager to help and work and has the activity and attitude for it. You should have trusted yourself more and not be so sorry about being there and doing stuff. You need some confidence my man! You were there and ready to work is the most important part!

    N3x3, we’ve had a long journey together and there are times when people get lured back to the real life. If you ever wanna play again, make sure to let me know, we still have not played together like we’ve planned several times during these years ;)

    Off coordination

    Jimb00 is the clown you should mainly blame for all of this. He was the biggest influencer when it comes to choosing Com2 and going for challenge. He wanted challenge and he is one of the best offensive coordinators I know. Getting him to play and lead was something I’ve wanted for many years, since he is more or less the former me in finnish scene. Amazing work! It was a pleasure to do this with you! He was also one of the main contributors when it comes to planning the bigger lines of this server. He does not make a voice of what he does, but he has his fingers on a lot of stuff.

    Metsamies. Once again you had no big role, but your presence was an important factor. Having support & opinions from a veteran like you is always nice to have. Even tho it could be seen in early game that your judgement was a bit clouded by having Galaxy Song there in the neighbour early game :D I believe I’m getting where you are and maybe find a more healthier way of playing this game.

    Gonu… you are a wizard! You are a freeking technology wizard with your softwares, but also a lot more. Besides Kadonnut you were the 2nd guy I always knew I could turn to when feeling down or needing help with mental side. You understand the burden.

    Duat management

    Loffe, Raymon and B0b were the ones we mainly did the planning with. They had their own side, we had ours, but interests and goals were mutual. Until bigger drama came forward I feel like it was pretty easy to work with you. We were on a same level with many things. Also I want to thank you a lot for showing me the ways on strategical front and your advice was really important for me. Thanks for being there!

    Loffe was the one that could keep himself together in every situation and in some ways I can see same things in us. We care and we want the best for our guys. Raymon and B0b in the other hand got a bit heated at times. Ofcourse people got heated on our side aswell when there were mistakes and stupid drama, but it is part of the game, atleast it has been for us for years. There has really not been times when you happen to get a dream team where no one does mistakes and it is just raimbows and sunshines. You are ruining the experience yourselves if you get too deep with that negativity stuff. From yourselves and from everyone around you aswell. When we have this kind of mass of players there are always some bombs in there. I admit that Zimpero was too much most of the time, if we did this again I prolly would not even consider taking him.

    Zimpero – IDALINNEA

    Good player, but horrible on many aspects. Often drunk, causing stupid drama just for fun, provoking… list goes on and on. I’m sorry to say this, but you are one of the main reasons that lead me to that mental stage of being able to quit. I can handle a lot. I don’t mind getting the negativity on me as usually someone has to be the bucket and there is a reason behind why people are like that. But after all I did for you, defended you and tried to keep you with us you kept blaming us and me for your own mistakes or whatever and could not admit making any mistakes yourself. Maybe I’m just getting old or tired, but you got me this time. Your attitude and continuous accusations for this and that were too much for me. Before I left we made some kind of truce and you gave up a bit on your ****. But it did not matter anymore.

    Arte coordination was a bit messy, but you also lost us 2x artes, because you were messing around. Then you blamed us for placing the catapoints horribly and everything was our fault. You lost the fool to GOATS which also started a war inside our alliances, but somehow we were able to calm the situation and even talk about getting you back in trainer rotations. You´ve said I´m one of the few who has earned your respect, but the way you treated me at times was stating completely the opposite. I know that is who you are and it is hard to be something else, but man…. I don´t have anything else to say to you. I´m done. Enough is enough.

    Keisari, miks, weeder – KURA

    I expected more from you guys. I understand there was lack of motivation and you did not quite know how to use your techs, but no one really did in the beginning. You were behind others on some aspects and atleast until d70-80 you kept blaming that on the fact that you had to push for early catas and it slowed you down. You were not the only one to make such sacrifices and that did not slow others down. All of this would not have been a problem if you did not make it one. You often found subjects to whine about and made noise about small details and things. You are amazing players, team players, I know that. I have witnessed that. But this time you did not do as good as you could have done.

    Vivis/Antti Tuisku/Nollastsataan – SMÅSPORRE

    I don´t know if there were some mental problems, alcohol, drugs, or what it was. The dramaqueen number one making problems and suspecting shady stuff to be where there was not. He was playing with Sant on köttbulle in the beginning and he had responsibility of småsporre as their tech. But somehow he was able to alienate himself and make even the few who tried to help him hate him in the end. I hope not to see you again. You did some really nasty stuff trying to leak information to other metas and doing spy stuff.

    Katatonia – FEMMEN VÅG

    Milix was there with you in the beginning and that is sad you had to end up playing alone. One of the old great ones you still are, but did not really reach your maximum potential this round. Despite that a great player and usefull account with the resources you had. Always playing for the team!

    Rasse, Körde - MAMMUT

    These guys have been beasts for few years already. Amazing account, but you disappeared, screwd up arte day by not being there to send our biggest TT sweep (we asked to send, but it never happened and you never told about it) and were not that active. I know you had problems with motivation etc, but I hoped you would have been more open about that taking into account our shared history. If you ever feel like it tho, I´m always ready to play with you if you feel like it. Amazing players when motivated.

    Janis, Zircon – BLANDA BLANK

    Another case where it is shame that dual left. Zircon leaving affected Janis for sure and he took some longer breaks from the game and afaik also quit at some point. All in all, great teamplayer and amazing account without techs and small cap (with some love from Ptt and help to feeding from us).

    Vilho & co – KOPPLA

    Vilho always comes and brings small drama and his ego, still we love him in some way. He is part of the old scene, but at the same time I wish these guys would either step up a bit and do some goddam work or just stop playing (which is a funny thing to say because most likely they only join because some idiot is asking them to come). Okeyish account & sloppy work, best days are behind already. And he always drags a bunch of 3x scene players with him that really do not do much 😀 Although no any huge drama this time 😊

    Sant, Sirppis - KÖTTBULLE

    I´m so glad you were able to convince sirppis to come help you, but also sad at the same time because of what you had to go through because of vivis. You would have deserved a good run together, sad that it took this long from sirppis to realise what he was missing :D

    Kuike, Janskuh – SNOBBIG

    These guys just disappeared pretty early on. Communication was really hard pretty much always. I believe I talked the most with you before server actually started. You have the skills to actually have an impact on things, but that happens to all of us at times. Real life comes to our way. Would be nicer to let us know when you quit, would make it easier.

    Kalkkuna, Zeppe - BÄSTIS

    It is sad that Zeppe was not active enough. Also you guys had problems using your tech correctly. This led you croplocking your account early game with all that we required. Account development was not your strength. Kalkkuna did a great work on KORN for a while, sad he disappeared aswell.

    Appeli – ALEX

    Really promising account from a 3x player and good work as long as you were with us. One of the most important parts of our early game. Sad that you decided to quit, but team STUVA took a good care of your account after that 😊 Oh and yeah, points for actually telling us what is going on, respect for that! #Justice4Pax

    Lasse, Eldersnarf - OANVÄND

    Boys disappeared pretty early on and left me a decent account to grow as an extra tech.

    Legoland, Jason - DRÖMSÄCK

    Not much to tell about these guys. At times they were actually active and sounded really interested on stuff etc. But at the same time that talk was really not seen on account development.


    Struggled alone with account full of stuff without a way out, but in my opinion not bad solo account from a player who does not have much time.

    People from 3x scene – KLAPPALANDIA

    The player just deleted his account and I decided to have some fun with him. He did not like that and blocked me :/ I take this game pretty seriously, so I dont really like people coming and going how they like. Especially without even talking about that beforehand. One of the reasons I did not like the random rush of these 3x players right when the server started.

    Ricin, GreatA, Zucke – HEJAREN

    These guys were showing some really nice potential, but there was also some wierd behaviour that could be seen at times. Afaik Zucke was pretty much idle, Ricin something inbetween and GreatA doing the lifting. We had some good conversations and it was nice getting to know you, but further we went the wierder stuff there happened.

    OneandOnly – ÖDMJUK

    Decent guy, not really vocal, decent work. Silent okeyish guy who could really benefit and take a leap onwards if he got himself a proper dual!

    Sako, Ilpo - MICKE

    Ilpo was originally supposed to play with Sako, but Sako decided not to play at all so I picked up Ilpo. At some point it came to our attention that Sako had actually made an account as his irl situation was not as bad as expected. Okeyish work from the account in a scary location.

    Teris – LOPPSTARR

    Trustworthy def player. Always pulls his own weight and is a true teamplayer round after round.

    Tigereye - EKORRE

    Few of our nordic recruits from past years have been really good. Tigereye is a guy I like more and more, round after round. He is willing to do work and carry more than what we expect. Amazing work once again! He truly deserves some applauds for his great work!

    Gonu, Hönö, Ben – HILJA

    I was dualing with Gonu and hönö last round and we had a lot of fun together. This round they did not want the pressure of playing on a crazy account, but all in all amazing work ingame and outside of it! Ben was the third guy, taking care of tech, but afaik he also had a role on the main when it was needed! This kind of setups are nice to have around and see them work and shine!

    Arget, Tempus, N3x3 - STUVA


    Karpaasi, Ptt – LACK

    These Boys originally started on different accounts and there were some promising 3x players running LACK, but as you can quess, they went buuf one by one. I took care of the account for few weeks before the situation got arranged. Ptt moved from Ikeamestari which was left as a tech and Karpaasi moved from BRAMSÖN, which continued to be ALGOT´s tech by other player. Karpaasi goes to the same category than majority of these guys I have played for long now and I understand really well how irl can affect, but I´m glad you still came and was able to do something. Ptt on the other hand. I can´t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you enjoy this game again after these past years. And to those who don´t know, I´ve played with Ptt on something like 20 accounts this far, shame we are getting old, kind of miss the old days :D

    Jimb00, Sane, Antza - BLÅHAJ


    Tempest, Petrn - ALGOT

    Petrn is still moody, but in some way I enjoy having him around. He has become part of this group in some wierd way. I quess you just get emotionally attached to people after few years of playing together. Tempest on the other hand has taken huge leaps during past years on many aspect. Although like said before, you need more confidence my man, you are just fine! 😊

    Lyks – TROFAST

    I can´t really remember what I wrote about Lyks after last round, but I believe it looked close to what I´m going to say this time aswell. A great player, learning curve has been huge when comparing few years back. You have learned to play this game and you are an awesome person to play with and have around!

    Jontsi – POKAL

    Convincing work again from solo account without techs. Good job man! Great example of a basic teamplayer you need to have on your side to have a properly functioning alliance!

    Jola, Potku – STOPP, DIMPA, DAIDAI

    In some ways I feel bad for you and I feel responsible for that because of dragging you again to play another round. Amazing players, can´t say anything else. I put you in a hard place, but you know how I am. Hope to see you again in the future! You are the best!

    Moxxi – TACKAN

    Like bread and butter. I don´t even remember what I wrote about you last time or before that. And I don´t care, I love you man! You are always welcome and hope to play with you again in the future (Not in a gay way, tbh if you did not screw up badly I prolly don´t remember even if there were some hustle going on with someone :D)

    Stone, Nikuzz – SENSUELL

    This combination really scared me in the beginning, but it actually went really well. I got what I expected to get. Lot of banther, bad jokes, maybe one good one aswell and a decent off account with working techs. Nikuzz can be a bit rough at the edges at times, but he is a team player. Stone is a bit more flavourless and colorless version of Nikuzz imo. Not in a bad way :D

    Havocc, Superriku, Karppi, Romppa – KLUBBSPORRE

    Congratz for a nice off account! You had to do some sacrifices early on because of others making mistakes, respect for that! (Although not for cataing KURA in the end, even tho mans gotta keep their word right? :D)

    Aeklav & Tarmo – JÄTTELIK

    Dunno if tarmo actually played much there, but send my regards anyway… I still remember the first server we played on same team, it has been few years :D Gotta say it was a pleasure again after a while 😊 Hope to see you again in the future!

    Vempula – KELGRIS

    Was really fun talking with you about stuff. It is always fun to talk with someone who has brains and it is actually a conversation and not just a situation where you try to get something out from someone! And I don´t mean that others did not have brains, just that this is what came to my mind when I started thinking about you and this round. Really good work ingame aswell!

    Basic & Twazi (Och) – PAX

    I´m almost finished and I feel a bit like I just wanna get over with this fast, but at the same time I wanna tell you you are not the players that deserve that kind of treatment. Once again, amazing job from you two. It has been a pleasure getting to know you both during these past few years and see how good players you are. Really valuable pieces of this team, always a pleasure to play with you!

    Metsamies, Kämmis - HJORTSVANG

    Blaa blaa blaa, you already got your plaudits, nothing else to say to you! Try to stay alive!

    I quess this is it. Tbh I´m a bit surprised that this was it all. I´m used to lot more. Although this story is just the beginning and there will be more. On the other hand. I´ve spent years building this group, this is a decent group and I´m proud of these guys and girls even with the drama and stuff. It was a pleasure once again.

    Untill we meet again,


    PS. to all the fins, I will never tell you my previous nick!

    I mean... Kinda too late for the other teams to arrange a secret pre-start confed, and do an early game NAP backstab.. When it's already past arties :P

    So, the claim is that all other teams are utterly crap, and Nordics would wipe the floor with them if they didn't cooperate... But now you complain that they cooperate against you? You executed your plans, pre-game secret confed, backstab NAP, good artefact setup. Your plans put you in a position of power (and as was mentioned above, you were making enemies with a lot of teams through your plans and actions, even before the confed was made official) - and now you complain that other teams react to the strong position you're in? I am sure a lot of the teams will bring a large amount of techs to the next servers they play, do more with artefact planning and so on, like your team did - but that isn't gonna help them on this server.

    There is a lot they can't do and I get that, but also a lot they can other than doing joint opses, just play smarter, use your strengths and spot our weaknessess and use them. This way you also learn. If you just abuse the numbers it does not really motivate you to find new strategies or smarter plans. Your focus is on overpowering and like it seems, com's have a history of rather doing joint opses to survive than focusing on what you already have and making it better. Tho this is just my speculating. Might be there are some masterminds working on plans and optimising your ranks while we speak at the same time.

    ... It is what it is, sad part is that you can't challenge us with better or more advanced game play and trying to be smarter, rather do something that we can't counterplay, because of pure numbers. We did nothing that you could not do, but you decided to do something that we can't do...

    ...I don't mind fighting several fronts at the same time, even cooperation between enemies to some extent is fine tbh, but when you bring the game play to a level where your opponent does not have a chance to compete, that makes me feel sorry for you...

    ...We take whatever you have for us...

    Read more carefully plz. As I said, we don't mind fighting on multiple fronts, we expected that. But we did not expect you to be one when we face you. Like I wrote long time ago, If com's are all about forcing situations where one gets simply outnumbered by rest joining together I don't really get what is the point in that. Does not matter how smart or clever you are If others will simply outnumber you :D So if someone could explain me why it is needes to join together against one instead of fighting your own wars seperately, even If the targets are same? Or is it just a com thing? Afraid to lose some hammers? This could be much more fun & exciting for everyone that way.

    The thing is that we are in this situation because we had better plans, strategies and played better than others and that is something that ANY of the teams in here could have achieved with more commitment & skill. Instead of trying to learn, adapt, work on your weaknessess and embrace your strengths you decided to take another way. Joint opses were your answer to this situation, where you could actually learn something and become better. It is what it is, sad part is that you can't challenge us with better or more advanced game play and trying to be smarter, rather do something that we can't counterplay, because of pure numbers. We did nothing that you could not do, but you decided to do something that we can't do.

    We have people with Kids, families, jobs, studies, lots of irl commitments like everyone else. We just use our time more wisely than the rest. I don't mind fighting several fronts at the same time, even cooperation between enemies to some extent is fine tbh, but when you bring the game play to a level where your opponent does not have a chance to compete, that makes me feel sorry for you.

    Although sooner or later you have to start planning against each others If you want to have a chance to win this server. Our actions in future will still have a huge impact to who has the chance to win this server, we might be the one to actually make that decision for you. But we will see :)

    Just wanted to give you some perspective, how I see this situation. We take whatever you have for us, but are you prepared for the same treatment?

    I don't wanna hear anyone say after this has ended "you are just saying so now because you were bad at playing this game so you decided not to play for win". Rather I can say I told you so. It's not away from us, but from you, but you decide what you believe :D

    I'm a huge fan of long and detailed end speeches and I can promise you a juicy one!

    We are not looking for a win. We are here just to have fun. You may come at us and slow us down on our mission, but as long as we keep fighting with someone, slowing the participants of the ww race down and bringing in some Spice as promised, we have succeeded. Someone will always suffer and someone else benefits, either you decide who is who, or we will.

    We'll see who gets def points when our ops hits :3

    It could be Duat, we might also want to replace 2.01 at DnD's side. We might also want to support GoW on their current situations easying their fights on multiple fronts or ensuring that now when TEN is finally on a bit calmer situation it stays that way long enough for them to recover In a proper way. Or maybe we just troll and go for GOATS again. :)

    I can tell you that we have pretty much decided our stand for now. NAP between Gunners and Disbanded has broken and this gives us a better opportunity than before to have a real impact on the future of this server.

    Practically this means we have decided a side we will support as long as we see that fits our goals. This means we have started to plan future operations and time after artes according to current situations.

    This does not mean that we stop clearing our territory, so don't expect us to stop doing what we have been doing this far. Rather wait for us getting organised and doing something bigger as an alliance In near future aswell.

    I know it.

    I had to manage the techs stuff for GOATS in recent times as we didnt know how to play alongside techers and some techs were being targeted for catting and clearing as no one knew they were someone's techs.

    So yeah, I know exactly how many are using techs and what those techs are. :)

    While taking this decision to integrate techs into GOATS, I also ended up alienating a couple of friends who were staunchly against the use of techs. As I said, I dont use techs and I wont, not because "its unfair" or "morally incorrect", I wont because I simply am not interested.

    We had few dropouts before server started, older players that just could not live with the idea of not being able to achieve top ranks without teching. I understand how they felt, but like some others I was also really tempted of the idea of bringing techs in. For us techs are not just some private farms or 2nd class players. They are on the same line with the rest, but with different kind of goals and a bit looser requirements from the management. Personally, I enjoy a lot that I could bring old friends of mine that would not have had the time nor interested to play proper main to tech for me. Planning the techs and how to use them together, how they fit into mains plans, but also into bigger picture of our alliance. Having techs can offer you a lot. And playing without techs does not make me think any lesser of you, I respect your stand and decisions. But just wanted to give a bit more context for this conversation. Techs are here to stay most likely so why not embrace it and find aspects you can Personally enjoy. It takes time for sure and it is something completely New for majority of the playerbase, but I don't see it only as a bad thing. People talk so much about the negative sides and effects and seem to completely forget that there is something good In this aswell.

    And to avoid this turning into teching conversation. We create an image, an opinion of you (GOATS) from what you write In here, discord, via angry igm's and reactions to certain events. We read between lines and feel the tone. That is why People behave like they do towards you. And because I believe you have a lot to offer I really hope to see the tone change. I believe part of you have moved on and you are already looking into future, but at the same time part of you is holding back not letting go of what happened. You need some strong leading during these times. Motivate your People and change the image that People have right now. And I truly believe you can do it! :)

    1) We will be locked in a fight with someone within our own quad. Not really a problem unless you consider the other points made here.

    2) Yea yea I saw brezzoks messages about techs but guess what, only 2 accounts got banned for getting resources from them. GOATS didnt have techs and have no techs. Except a few players. 2 players actually afaik. So yeah, makes no sense to go up against teams who spam infinite resources. SENSUELL lost a 40k roman hammer and was in the top 10 raiders a day after that ffs. This server is absolute complete BS. And I have no desire to learn to play with techs. Shit talking on forums and maintaining my own account takes up enough time and money to have 10 more accounts.

    3) NE sims in peace and no matter what says, until either DnD or GUNNERS attack the other one, their public NAP is a confed behind the curtains. So the rest of the quads waste their time and money in fighting each other while they sim away in peace. Anyone with a peanut size brain can tell who has the best and only chances of winning this server.

    1) Like I said to brezzok few days after we started we are not looking to be in war with you for the rest of the server. We wanted to make our stand clear and we did. It is up to you If you wanna spend your remaining server in war with us. We have other agendaa for this server. We will def If you come for us, but If you decide to grow some carrots we won't be on your way unless the situation calls for it.

    2) Blaablaablaa. Same old Same old. But you have the numbers to compete. Even tho it is not about the numbers, it is about what you do with what you got. Also, have you noticed that world changes? Things change? Not only on some game you play, but irl aswell. You can't just be stuck with your old habits and think that you can manage and succeed In the world by not monitoring what is happening around you. Pretty basic stuff and it happens In real life aswell. If some process or something else changes at your work do you cry how it is unfair or do you adapt? Are you one of those who has worked 30y In same place and cries about everything? Also, brezzok actually told me that cwl used to be really dirty back In the days. So what happened? Just ask for a ss If you don't believe me, you know I'm not shy with those.

    3)if you truly see that this current situation can't change it is quite sad. Not because of the situation itself, but because statements like this just strengthens the image that you are weak, If you want People to start thinking differently, you gotta change. What happened to the group that used to destroy 3~4 times bigger enemies? Or were you just bragging because of destroying bunch of farms In the past?

    It is ridiculouss how much whining there has been about things that does not really tell you **** about what can happen. Or then you have never played on a real challenging server. Get your puppies together and grow some balls!

    For us it just looks that people are more interested in hoarding a mass than actually try to focus on their strengths and be good. We could have easily recruited a lot more to be on line with the rest, but it would not have been that much fun. Just lots and lots of work on aspects that hardly pays off. Also, with fever people it is a lot easier to control and monitor everything and everyone. Dunno how you even do that.

    Definitely not low & Ikeas game play is certainly not boring, very entertaining and showing the server your much more then just boring simmers and not afraid to risk hammers and have fun.

    Keeping the server intrigued, balanced and action packed and that’s what this game is all about!

    Balanced is still to be seen, but agree with the rest. This is something that everyone should aim for, not just whine about the current state, but do something about it and entertain yourself and the People you play with.

    It is easy to find the things In our actions you dislike and believe are unbalancing, but at the same time you fail at seeing the bigger picture. We took a huge risk going for goats and it payed off. It set as back a lot. And I don't see anyone else going full against DND, Gunners nor Duat. Most likely for same reasons we don't, yet. Also you often seem to forget that we are nearly 1/2 compared to any other meta in here.

    Also regarding techs. It is not about the quantity, but quality and how you use them. We don't have many, but we try to find the best ways to use them as an alliance. Not just as single accounts bumbing their egos like some others seem to do. And like already said several times, we are far from masters. We are still learning how to play/benefit of those thus we are on the same line with metas like TEN, afaik are aswell just learning. But everyone can make their own assumptions on how we are doing with that compared to others.

    We are not gonna stop here. This was just a good opportunity for us to have some fun and give you more to speculate, as some of you seem to like it more than actually doing stuff In the game :D

    This is a long game and a lot can happen. Right now we, like many others I assume are just working to build the ground for artes and time after that. The ones who can really analyze rationally what we have been doing (and saying) this far might even figure out where we are actually heading with all of this, but like I said previously, there is no reason to put your gameplan to the table for everyone to see it. Just think about it and you might find some reason and a bit clearer path for what is going to happen. Put things into right context and you might figure it out.

    We are just getting started!