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    I mean... Kinda too late for the other teams to arrange a secret pre-start confed, and do an early game NAP backstab.. When it's already past arties :P

    So, the claim is that all other teams are utterly crap, and Nordics would wipe the floor with them if they didn't cooperate... But now you complain that they cooperate against you? You executed your plans, pre-game secret confed, backstab NAP, good artefact setup. Your plans put you in a position of power (and as was mentioned above, you were making enemies with a lot of teams through your plans and actions, even before the confed was made official) - and now you complain that other teams react to the strong position you're in? I am sure a lot of the teams will bring a large amount of techs to the next servers they play, do more with artefact planning and so on, like your team did - but that isn't gonna help them on this server.

    There is a lot they can't do and I get that, but also a lot they can other than doing joint opses, just play smarter, use your strengths and spot our weaknessess and use them. This way you also learn. If you just abuse the numbers it does not really motivate you to find new strategies or smarter plans. Your focus is on overpowering and like it seems, com's have a history of rather doing joint opses to survive than focusing on what you already have and making it better. Tho this is just my speculating. Might be there are some masterminds working on plans and optimising your ranks while we speak at the same time.

    ... It is what it is, sad part is that you can't challenge us with better or more advanced game play and trying to be smarter, rather do something that we can't counterplay, because of pure numbers. We did nothing that you could not do, but you decided to do something that we can't do...

    ...I don't mind fighting several fronts at the same time, even cooperation between enemies to some extent is fine tbh, but when you bring the game play to a level where your opponent does not have a chance to compete, that makes me feel sorry for you...

    ...We take whatever you have for us...

    Read more carefully plz. As I said, we don't mind fighting on multiple fronts, we expected that. But we did not expect you to be one when we face you. Like I wrote long time ago, If com's are all about forcing situations where one gets simply outnumbered by rest joining together I don't really get what is the point in that. Does not matter how smart or clever you are If others will simply outnumber you :D So if someone could explain me why it is needes to join together against one instead of fighting your own wars seperately, even If the targets are same? Or is it just a com thing? Afraid to lose some hammers? This could be much more fun & exciting for everyone that way.

    The thing is that we are in this situation because we had better plans, strategies and played better than others and that is something that ANY of the teams in here could have achieved with more commitment & skill. Instead of trying to learn, adapt, work on your weaknessess and embrace your strengths you decided to take another way. Joint opses were your answer to this situation, where you could actually learn something and become better. It is what it is, sad part is that you can't challenge us with better or more advanced game play and trying to be smarter, rather do something that we can't counterplay, because of pure numbers. We did nothing that you could not do, but you decided to do something that we can't do.

    We have people with Kids, families, jobs, studies, lots of irl commitments like everyone else. We just use our time more wisely than the rest. I don't mind fighting several fronts at the same time, even cooperation between enemies to some extent is fine tbh, but when you bring the game play to a level where your opponent does not have a chance to compete, that makes me feel sorry for you.

    Although sooner or later you have to start planning against each others If you want to have a chance to win this server. Our actions in future will still have a huge impact to who has the chance to win this server, we might be the one to actually make that decision for you. But we will see :)

    Just wanted to give you some perspective, how I see this situation. We take whatever you have for us, but are you prepared for the same treatment?

    I don't wanna hear anyone say after this has ended "you are just saying so now because you were bad at playing this game so you decided not to play for win". Rather I can say I told you so. It's not away from us, but from you, but you decide what you believe :D

    I'm a huge fan of long and detailed end speeches and I can promise you a juicy one!

    We are not looking for a win. We are here just to have fun. You may come at us and slow us down on our mission, but as long as we keep fighting with someone, slowing the participants of the ww race down and bringing in some Spice as promised, we have succeeded. Someone will always suffer and someone else benefits, either you decide who is who, or we will.

    We'll see who gets def points when our ops hits :3

    It could be Duat, we might also want to replace 2.01 at DnD's side. We might also want to support GoW on their current situations easying their fights on multiple fronts or ensuring that now when TEN is finally on a bit calmer situation it stays that way long enough for them to recover In a proper way. Or maybe we just troll and go for GOATS again. :)

    I can tell you that we have pretty much decided our stand for now. NAP between Gunners and Disbanded has broken and this gives us a better opportunity than before to have a real impact on the future of this server.

    Practically this means we have decided a side we will support as long as we see that fits our goals. This means we have started to plan future operations and time after artes according to current situations.

    This does not mean that we stop clearing our territory, so don't expect us to stop doing what we have been doing this far. Rather wait for us getting organised and doing something bigger as an alliance In near future aswell.

    I know it.

    I had to manage the techs stuff for GOATS in recent times as we didnt know how to play alongside techers and some techs were being targeted for catting and clearing as no one knew they were someone's techs.

    So yeah, I know exactly how many are using techs and what those techs are. :)

    While taking this decision to integrate techs into GOATS, I also ended up alienating a couple of friends who were staunchly against the use of techs. As I said, I dont use techs and I wont, not because "its unfair" or "morally incorrect", I wont because I simply am not interested.

    We had few dropouts before server started, older players that just could not live with the idea of not being able to achieve top ranks without teching. I understand how they felt, but like some others I was also really tempted of the idea of bringing techs in. For us techs are not just some private farms or 2nd class players. They are on the same line with the rest, but with different kind of goals and a bit looser requirements from the management. Personally, I enjoy a lot that I could bring old friends of mine that would not have had the time nor interested to play proper main to tech for me. Planning the techs and how to use them together, how they fit into mains plans, but also into bigger picture of our alliance. Having techs can offer you a lot. And playing without techs does not make me think any lesser of you, I respect your stand and decisions. But just wanted to give a bit more context for this conversation. Techs are here to stay most likely so why not embrace it and find aspects you can Personally enjoy. It takes time for sure and it is something completely New for majority of the playerbase, but I don't see it only as a bad thing. People talk so much about the negative sides and effects and seem to completely forget that there is something good In this aswell.

    And to avoid this turning into teching conversation. We create an image, an opinion of you (GOATS) from what you write In here, discord, via angry igm's and reactions to certain events. We read between lines and feel the tone. That is why People behave like they do towards you. And because I believe you have a lot to offer I really hope to see the tone change. I believe part of you have moved on and you are already looking into future, but at the same time part of you is holding back not letting go of what happened. You need some strong leading during these times. Motivate your People and change the image that People have right now. And I truly believe you can do it! :)

    1) We will be locked in a fight with someone within our own quad. Not really a problem unless you consider the other points made here.

    2) Yea yea I saw brezzoks messages about techs but guess what, only 2 accounts got banned for getting resources from them. GOATS didnt have techs and have no techs. Except a few players. 2 players actually afaik. So yeah, makes no sense to go up against teams who spam infinite resources. SENSUELL lost a 40k roman hammer and was in the top 10 raiders a day after that ffs. This server is absolute complete BS. And I have no desire to learn to play with techs. Shit talking on forums and maintaining my own account takes up enough time and money to have 10 more accounts.

    3) NE sims in peace and no matter what says, until either DnD or GUNNERS attack the other one, their public NAP is a confed behind the curtains. So the rest of the quads waste their time and money in fighting each other while they sim away in peace. Anyone with a peanut size brain can tell who has the best and only chances of winning this server.

    1) Like I said to brezzok few days after we started we are not looking to be in war with you for the rest of the server. We wanted to make our stand clear and we did. It is up to you If you wanna spend your remaining server in war with us. We have other agendaa for this server. We will def If you come for us, but If you decide to grow some carrots we won't be on your way unless the situation calls for it.

    2) Blaablaablaa. Same old Same old. But you have the numbers to compete. Even tho it is not about the numbers, it is about what you do with what you got. Also, have you noticed that world changes? Things change? Not only on some game you play, but irl aswell. You can't just be stuck with your old habits and think that you can manage and succeed In the world by not monitoring what is happening around you. Pretty basic stuff and it happens In real life aswell. If some process or something else changes at your work do you cry how it is unfair or do you adapt? Are you one of those who has worked 30y In same place and cries about everything? Also, brezzok actually told me that cwl used to be really dirty back In the days. So what happened? Just ask for a ss If you don't believe me, you know I'm not shy with those.

    3)if you truly see that this current situation can't change it is quite sad. Not because of the situation itself, but because statements like this just strengthens the image that you are weak, If you want People to start thinking differently, you gotta change. What happened to the group that used to destroy 3~4 times bigger enemies? Or were you just bragging because of destroying bunch of farms In the past?

    It is ridiculouss how much whining there has been about things that does not really tell you **** about what can happen. Or then you have never played on a real challenging server. Get your puppies together and grow some balls!

    For us it just looks that people are more interested in hoarding a mass than actually try to focus on their strengths and be good. We could have easily recruited a lot more to be on line with the rest, but it would not have been that much fun. Just lots and lots of work on aspects that hardly pays off. Also, with fever people it is a lot easier to control and monitor everything and everyone. Dunno how you even do that.

    Definitely not low & Ikeas game play is certainly not boring, very entertaining and showing the server your much more then just boring simmers and not afraid to risk hammers and have fun.

    Keeping the server intrigued, balanced and action packed and that’s what this game is all about!

    Balanced is still to be seen, but agree with the rest. This is something that everyone should aim for, not just whine about the current state, but do something about it and entertain yourself and the People you play with.

    It is easy to find the things In our actions you dislike and believe are unbalancing, but at the same time you fail at seeing the bigger picture. We took a huge risk going for goats and it payed off. It set as back a lot. And I don't see anyone else going full against DND, Gunners nor Duat. Most likely for same reasons we don't, yet. Also you often seem to forget that we are nearly 1/2 compared to any other meta in here.

    Also regarding techs. It is not about the quantity, but quality and how you use them. We don't have many, but we try to find the best ways to use them as an alliance. Not just as single accounts bumbing their egos like some others seem to do. And like already said several times, we are far from masters. We are still learning how to play/benefit of those thus we are on the same line with metas like TEN, afaik are aswell just learning. But everyone can make their own assumptions on how we are doing with that compared to others.

    We are not gonna stop here. This was just a good opportunity for us to have some fun and give you more to speculate, as some of you seem to like it more than actually doing stuff In the game :D

    This is a long game and a lot can happen. Right now we, like many others I assume are just working to build the ground for artes and time after that. The ones who can really analyze rationally what we have been doing (and saying) this far might even figure out where we are actually heading with all of this, but like I said previously, there is no reason to put your gameplan to the table for everyone to see it. Just think about it and you might find some reason and a bit clearer path for what is going to happen. Put things into right context and you might figure it out.

    We are just getting started!

    Yeh we expected you to hit them, its the players outside of the grey zone that you have been hitting that may mean you are getting into bed with TEN. I don't know for certain but seems weird that you would be hitting 2.01 players not in the grey as we are current no threat to IKEA, as you know we are very much preoccupied.

    Willb1. You could simply ask Ikea directly. They have demonstrated to be reasonably transparent with their decision making.

    Only a thought, I haven't actually checked myself, but the players of yours being hit by Ikea atm. They wouldn't happen to be located on sites very very likely to be extremely close to future potential artifact spawn points would they?

    Both Ikea and Duat are very much here to play hard. It probably hasn't escaped their attention that the majority of 2.01 have been clustering in the region near the central grey area. I'm quite certain they are probably not charitable enough to want to give away any key artifacts they can reasonably reach from their positioning to 2.01 or frankly any other alliance. I'm honestly expecting a lot of jostling to occur between many teams over the next month in the Grey and spawn regions as teams try to position strategically as best as they can for day 100.

    Also as we've stated several times already, we treat this as a war game. But If you wanna discuss this with more detail feel free to send me a dm In discord.

    We are not gonna share everything as there really are meanings behind every decision and some of those are the kind we simply don't wanna put on the table quite yet. But this is the case with every meta . What is the meaning of strategies If you just show all your cards to everyone?

    Finally you talk of IKEA barraging DND and GUNNERS with fakes, well you will never guess where they have been sending the reals. I don't know if IKEA and TEN are now working together but IKEA are definitely doing them a favour.

    You should have thought that before recruiting the guys from GZ that are next to us. You expected we let them live In our territory? :)