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    Yeh we expected you to hit them, its the players outside of the grey zone that you have been hitting that may mean you are getting into bed with TEN. I don't know for certain but seems weird that you would be hitting 2.01 players not in the grey as we are current no threat to IKEA, as you know we are very much preoccupied.

    Willb1. You could simply ask Ikea directly. They have demonstrated to be reasonably transparent with their decision making.

    Only a thought, I haven't actually checked myself, but the players of yours being hit by Ikea atm. They wouldn't happen to be located on sites very very likely to be extremely close to future potential artifact spawn points would they?

    Both Ikea and Duat are very much here to play hard. It probably hasn't escaped their attention that the majority of 2.01 have been clustering in the region near the central grey area. I'm quite certain they are probably not charitable enough to want to give away any key artifacts they can reasonably reach from their positioning to 2.01 or frankly any other alliance. I'm honestly expecting a lot of jostling to occur between many teams over the next month in the Grey and spawn regions as teams try to position strategically as best as they can for day 100.

    Also as we've stated several times already, we treat this as a war game. But If you wanna discuss this with more detail feel free to send me a dm In discord.

    We are not gonna share everything as there really are meanings behind every decision and some of those are the kind we simply don't wanna put on the table quite yet. But this is the case with every meta . What is the meaning of strategies If you just show all your cards to everyone?

    Finally you talk of IKEA barraging DND and GUNNERS with fakes, well you will never guess where they have been sending the reals. I don't know if IKEA and TEN are now working together but IKEA are definitely doing them a favour.

    You should have thought that before recruiting the guys from GZ that are next to us. You expected we let them live In our territory? :)

    This server is far from over and even some small events can have huge impacts in future! So just wait and see our next suicidal mission, or someone else's, who knows what tomorrow brings :)

    What makes all of you believe that DND and Gunners will just hug it to victory together? I for one also thought that GOATS actually is a strong group and this would be just a minor setback. It slows you down for sure, but I can't really see how this would force you to give up on EG...

    And like I said, stop speculating so much and act instead. Use that time and energy on the game to make a difference. AFAIK Gunners and DND are both looking to win this, but not together.

    Very nice POV. Duat vs goats gives an interesting touch to the server.

    The chats i had with brezzok were created when Vices said they would come. After they announced they didnt come, the chats died a bit. There is for sure not a Goats/TEN/Gow. Our interest from goats was mostly ikeas vendeta with duat. Goats interest with us was our vendeta with gunners, who they see as their main opponent.

    But all this has changed now, there is no friendship between gow and goats and defenitly not one with the snakes from TEN.

    If there is truly no Ikea + duat meta then i can only say to you: GG :) go get em

    And even tho I knew this would start a ****storm in discord it is what it is. I knew it most likely is not the complete truth, but it is how we saw things and why we started this war. But nevertheless, I believe this server just got a bit more interesting and nice to get some action :)

    I for one appreciate you taking the time to articulate your position so clearly. This point I am unsure about; typically, speculation comes from a desire to better understand server dynamics. To encourage a dialogue which explains what is already there. There is a difference between commentating and directing :)

    I've mostly learned english via playing games (especially when leading alliances/groups with different nationalities), so my english is not excellent, but I hope you understand what I mean. Speculating itself is not bad or hurt anyone imo, but when it goes too far and is used as a weapon, justification, manipulation etc. it can have negative effects. Sometimes it is planned, but also often not planned and it just happens.

    Good evening fellow travian addicts. You have been speculating what is happening in SW and why and I decided to light our decisions a bit. There is actually some reason behind this, so try not to be stuck on your own pov’s and accept that different people see things differently. If you just take this post as another coverup or shitpost to speculate, I can’t help you and I ain’t gonna argue about this. And yes, we could also argue about us being rude because of coming out like this, but it is a game, a war game, often a dirty one so I don’t really consider us being nice or rude to be a subject that needs discussing. I have seen a lot worse betrayals during my travian career and from what I’ve heard about GOATS this should not really be a breaking point for them. I’ve seen worse groups recover from worse situations. Also might be that GOATS haven’t really faced much competition in the past or it is a cultural difference.

    First of all, yes, we agreed to join SW as GOATS friends after we had discussed with different metas about the upcoming server before server started (and yeah, they offered us this, because they wanted a small friend in their quad instead of a hostile one). It seemd to offer us best possibilities to reach our goals. This happened before Vices announced the disbanding, which was the first time we started to think about changing plans, because being able to be a balancing factor between the two metas that came out as strongest for EG in discussions was the main reason to take that deal. Also, I stated already back then when I took the deal, that if GOATS would end up doing dick moves in our eyes we would turn against them. Anyway… we chose to stay and see what will happen.

    I could say that the main reason we ended up starting this war was caused by GOATS & co. Themselves, but I quess that is only half of the truth. It may be norm in here or something that they thought they had to do, but in our eyes GOATS & TEN & GoW sharing so much & planning together behind the scenes was too much for us. And the fact that it seems they justify this threeway by stirring up their own speculations about gunners+dnd+2.01+duat being together. Not something we wanted to be part of. And I know, having a NAP with GOATS does not really include us in this threeway, but we just felt like we have to do something about it before they actually go too far.

    I’d say the moment we started to seriously consider our stand was when brezzok said that ajax is planning to go against duat and asking when we are gonna do so/if we wanted to split targets & ops at the same time. I don’t lie, ofcourse we thought about that, but it would have forced us to pick a side and force us against duat, which we tried to avoid all along. I even talked with GoW about this, not only with brezzok/goats. I’ve said that us vs. Duat is most likely inevitable because of our locations on the map, but on the other hand this gave us another idea. To go against GOATS.

    The other half… You all can call us naive or whatever you want and I don’t deny the possibility of similar **** happening on the other side or at latter stage, but we atleast don’t want to be part of that nor encourage that kind of play. 3~4 wings should be more than enough for anyone to compete and bolstering your numbers by even preparing for more is just idiotic from my pov. When a greater force is created it usually creates a counterforce and the more you speculate and "try to find" arguments for someone else doing it the more you prepare for it yourself. The more reason you give for this the likelier it is to see that happen.

    We could have acted differently, solve this in a cleaner way. But for us this is a war game and we treat it like one.

    If you define who is the best this way, by speculating who is with who and forcing the server to be 600 vs 600 I admit us being the worst meta here. Even tho we don’t find anything enjoyable in that. But if you are really looking for a challenge and wanna do something to remember drop those goddam speculations and play the game yourselves and we’ll see who is the last man standing instead of biggest zerger around!

    Bonus; As it started to feel a bit hipocryte that GOATS claim to be so clean, I thought it would be best to share that brezzok admitted to me that they have/had a professional russian team providing resources for them.

    Also, we prepared a nice propaganda campaign to support our crusade to purge GOATS from our neighbourhood and it worked well. Because it is against the rules to publish private coversations on the forum you can contact me in discord (AFK#7270) for more proof than what you've already seen!

    I would also like to point out few facts why IKEA wanted to try out techs...

    First of all, after we saw how swedes managed their techs on last n4 it brought up a lot of negative feelings in the beginning, but as time passed people got more interested into that side of this game. Techs were never a mainstream thing on earlier fi/nordic rounds expect few individuals who have been playing like that for years. It also provided us a way to bring in people that did not have the time to properly play anymore, we gave them a way to contribute as many were still hanging out in our chats etc. But did not have time to play a lot.

    It is not only about multis. I know that side is a problem that needs fixing, but allowing tech's is not only a negative thing. It also gives us another lvl to plan this game even further. Atleast for players that have done a lot and tried out different things during +10years of playing this provides some fun new aspects and also gives motivation having more people on their "personal crew". No matter how fair/unfair it is or how much you dislike tech usage, but I can say from experience it is not just as simple as have someone run an account and gain immediate benefit over others that way.

    Other thing that affected the decision making came from threads of past com servers and things we heard from com players. Those were our main sources to gather info about others before server started. It was clear and you can read it all over the threads of past servers that techs are not a new thing in here.

    We were really small in numbers compared to other metas even before including techs. Even while including those that we have we are still heavily outnumbered by any other Meta on this server.

    So it is really hard to see it as a major problem because even before server started it was well known fact for us that majority will be using tech accounts.