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    lol Moogle, were you on their accounts? My comments were tongue in cheek, which obviously wasn't conveyed into writing, my apologies.
    They both go through duals and sitters like a hot knife through butter.
    They won't change, I heard from one dual, that they kept trying to sell the cp helm! As happy was so attached to it

    Very hard to convey sarcasm in text :D

    No I had my own account and was not in their alliance - when I discovered one of them had chiefed a farm and reinforced it, I messaged them asking why it was just defended and no warning or IGM given to incoming raiders. My reply was;

    'This is war and I have laid a honey trap' - what a complete embarrassment of an account. I wouldn't mind if they were hoarding a WWK but they like 15k EC's? We in MFH were quaking.

    juggins and happy, in leadership? That's not happened since raki formed Goats, and left them up a creek without a paddle, that was UK1 too.
    Seriously those guys have a wealth of trav experience between thrn, and never quit, sometimes you just need an ally to adapt to differing interpretation of offence play

    They both simmed as priority, had terrible troop numbers and immediately put defence into chiefed villages rather than give raiders a fair chance to remove from farm lists. Most of this info I either know myself or gained from other Betrayed leaders.

    Whilst I agree they are both experienced they aren't exactly dynamic enough and definitely would have struggled with a same quad war on the extent of GotN & MFH.

    oh this thread is now lit.

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    I am literally astounded by FOX;

    1 - Being unable to chief back their own WW from a 3 village account

    2 - Thinking a 5k cata hammer was gonna destroy the MFH WW into smithereens

    MFH (the ones that did anything) and GOTN were pretty evenly matched and if they had fought for the rest of the server then Betrayed could have snuck the most undeserved win of the century. As it is MFH/GOT have a joint win so no problem there

    Yes this is 100% a joint win and we aren't douchey enough to pretend it isn't. GotN had their fun with us and then moved onto Betrayed, maybe as much for Loser's whisperings as it was for them not wanting to hand Betrayed an easy win because they had crippled MFH.

    In our defence - just like you said about Losers, many in MFH had personal stuff going on this server, but being in such large numbers didn't mean it wasn't a 'delete or suffer' scenario, which is what happened in Losers with such a small group. Massive Kudos to you guys though.

    I also feel MFH gained a fair amount of respect from GotN - those who stuck around and saw the server out. Anyone who stuck it out past 3 months or so of twice weekly ops deserves to see a victory at the end of it. Our joint confed chat was (on the whole) a friendly environment and we worked together pretty well to smash up Betrayed.

    However - I also agree with your points that there was a dedicated core in MFH who really made the difference both diplomatically and commitment wise, so bravo to them.

    A shame Breakskins and our account had to wall on our own WW!

    IGN (single or dual-account): Moogle (Dual Account with Ruben from May -> onwards)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: I intended to play this server in a smashy format to the previous uk3 server where I had a lot of success and gained some respect. Didn't quite materialise and ended up being a makeshift WWK account (still to launch sadly) - will touch on personal stuff later but all in all had decent troop numbers as always but not much focus or direction. Romans don't suit Ruben or I..!

    Alliance: MFH
    Best Alliance (Not your own): GotN - best on the server and became King Makers

    Best Player on the Server: Fenrir / Daegon / Alex / David Brent

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Breakskins - great numbers! Hope they splat!

    Best Opponent (offensive): Fenrir / Hot Loth / Jorm - all scary guys.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Puddle / David Brent - backbone of the alliance

    Best Opponent (defensive): GotN defensive organisation

    Best Leader (Your own): Everyone in that MFH leaders room except me probably. Felt like a bit of a spare wheel!

    Best Leader (Not your own): Fenrir - Rune kept a very experienced & bloodthirsty group of guys under wraps

    Stupidest Decision: Going Roman. Does not suit me or Ruben at all. Not participating in enough ops cos we hadn't built a specific ops hammer and didn't want to risk the main hammer, which was turning into a K. Bad strategy.

    Most Underrated: Kiki & Gel - great combo.

    Best Noob: Johnny. I like him. Destroyer of Spawns!

    Most Overrated: Betrayed?

    Biggest disappointment: Betrayed?

    Memorable Moment of the server: Holding the unique eyes gave us a bit of purpose post artefacts as we were able to provide good reports for others on caps / hammers / potential ghostings etc!

    Soundtrack to your server: Home - Decay

    - On a personal note, this server has seen me go (since Feb) - to being married, dealing with work stresses and eventually quitting and finding a new job I start next week. Romans were a real learning curve for me in terms of how I like to play and a new experience playing with a dual as well in Ruben. To my friends in MFH, I KNOW we annoyed the hell out of you for those first few months with our play style / attitude, but us learning to play together was a work in progress and I hope in future servers (AS TEUTS!!) - we can do you proud. Massive congrats to Alex , Daeg, Armchair and the def team for holding things together. The (hopeful) victory is dedicated to you. Please let me splat!