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    Loffe is lying to you.

    Duat tried to time cata's in between. total of 12k sword and 2,4k cata's lost by duat ;) + 10k gunners scout

    cute back it up whit reports ore its fake news.

    we wish to se reports to specally if duat aka from now the ducks and cryers are hugging that is intresting news. :rolleyes: but just now my horse trader is more trustwhorty than you. ;) so plez give me som reports :*

    Kadonnut Im not trying to lern you how to do youre jobb but everyone oute ther know that flyffy unicorns ned to be in pastel and girly colurs that is importent outerwise you totlay ofend all pure cute and flyffy unikcorns oute ther. and never ofend a macial creture it can ends badly :(

    I'm trying to increase my number of posts, so that i can graduate from this "beginner" rank :harold:

    I mean, bAD did nothing after being left alone for an entire server :harold: you'd know all about that though, wouldn't you ? Hey! I like being on the forum. I just have an account on the server so that i have a reason to be on the forum :kek: Yes, being on the forum is the only thing i can do :sadkek: I never proclaimed I'm the best though, so joke's on you :kek:

    oo that is way you post menles post. heyy work on it it maby happends sone... Grate that you compering youre self whit Bad:rolleyes: wel i se semalritys accatly i do.

    I haven't proclaimed to know everything. Thats the beauty of it xD

    Why would it be a mistake to leave us alone? We're just an ally of weak noobs right? According to you atleast. xD

    you do know that you can awnser sevrel plyers in same awnser so you donte dubble post...

    yee even nobbs can do god things if thya are left alone.... Evyone on this server are to exprece that leving you aloen is not an opptien. but stop being on forum and start plying ore is it the only thing you are god att being on the form and preclame that you are the best?

    Well... i just wanted to point out the reasoning behind the trashing xD you can continue doing it all server, I'm not overly concerned. I mean, someone who thinks 190k clubs and 14k catas is even close to a world record probably knows what they're talking about right? :kek: So yeah, I'm really really worried about your scary hammers and superior gameplay. Please leave us noobs alone to sim.

    OOo do i think 190k and 14k catas is a wolrd record wher have i writng that ? in the opertunety i have sad that is a small hammer and noting im prowd of that i have buld and i know i can do beter. :) If you men my signuter im wondering if my 66 finist slow server is a world record. im probly one of those that have plyde most servers in the world probly ther are some that have plyde more but i donte know. therfore the qwestion. im not preclame that im the one im asking. But ones agen you preclem to know evryting but donte get it.

    I can understnfd that you wish to be left aloen but that wuld be a misstake fore the server to do that. :*

    I think you completely misunderstood my point, like always. My point is simple, you've an irrational hatred of GUNNERS because your idealized opinion of us was broken when we kicked you. So you decide to take every opportunity to shittalk us.

    As for the ally being full of noobs, you're entitled to your own opinions whether they're factually accurate or not. So say whatever you feel like saying.

    As for simming not belonging in travian... again, you're allowed to have your opinions xD

    Well you obalsy cant get my piont in this and just gesuing and make up own conclustions.:rolleyes: I trachtalk all mettas so you ar not alone. duat sucks that i have always think. DND are a bunsh of hypocrutes and gunners are cowerds. :) I knos its hard to her the trut but somtines the trute is just what you need to her. I donte fel hate to anny of you i just feling pitty that you dont give me a chans but now after how i see wht kind of hummans you all are i wuld never play whit you enven if i got pay. :) i will trash you and youre team hole server just get juse to it. :*

    I mean, if you want to just keep saying we're the ones talking about us and talking about how great we are, you're welcome to do so. As i told you previously, i really don't think it makes sense for me to try to convince you about anything because you love the attention and enjoy these arguments. We have never claimed to be the best or acted like we're the best thing to happen to travian. The truth is, you had an idealized opinion about us, joined us, left, begged to come back, was brought back in and then kicked out due to players refusing to play with you due to drama on previous servers and the whole dramatic episode when you initially quit. As for us being cowards, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? I have nothing to prove to you, and yes, we've not had an all out ally war yet, but its day 50, there's plenty of time for us to get started with that. The large majority of our players are good and can play the game well enough. Yes, we've brought in a few players who're not very good at the game and/or are new to the game, but what's wrong with that? Do new players not deserve a chance to learn and play this game well? It is that sort of elitism that is killing the game. I don't think your ally mates would agree with you on this, because TEN is actually one of the most open bunch of players when it comes to giving new players a chance. As for the fun in simming away, i like watching my crop grow, what's it to you ? About size and it being how one uses it, I will not comment for the sake of common decency. But maybe the way to use it is against the ally that helped you train and feed your hammer eh? You seem to be an expert in these matter :)

    You always geting to same piont evry thime. Even i can have wrong when i picking witsh i wuld like to play whit. And i defently hade wrong abute you and youre team :) you learn as long as you live. Taking in one ore 2 new plyer is noting but hwen hole ally is than .... Persanly i love the war. :) i love to se my enmyas cap get destryde and i do love to se BIG armys smasing all resistens and i love to know that when my enemys se my hammer walking agnst them thay whit ansigety asking fore defence. :) If i whis to buld things that donte get destryde i start a game of mindcraft ore sims. Travian is a wargame. simming can i do in outer games. :evil:

    Technically its not GUNNERS who're talking up GUNNERS or talking about the apparent hugging between GUNNERS and DND. Its everyone else that likes to talk about it. No Gunners leader has claimed that we're the strongest team on the server or that the server is about us. People want to meme us for being open about recruiting and being open about the NAP and quad split then go ahead and do so. But don't turn around and say WE'RE the ones making this about us. Thats intellectually dishonest. Also, if you're talking about the hugfest against the NE quad as the rude awakening for us, I'm afraid you're a bit late to the party as AFK has already shown that part to everyone :kek:

    Techkanly it is. You think you are the moste grate thing that have happend travian sens it started. wel you arnt. What you are is afride and a bunch of coverds that insted of fhiting yee this is a war game you recute evry nobb that you can finde and nap all treth and than just sim and whatch. this server will be the most hardest in yers and prbly that will come in yers to. and what is the funn just siming away? Its not the saze its how you juse it. and you arnt jusing it at all :P

    I said that as a joke because he's the guy she usually accuses of everything :harold:

    not true :) That we got bad wheter is youre folt . :)

    What makes all of you believe that DND and Gunners will just hug it to victory together? I for one also thought that GOATS actually is a strong group and this would be just a minor setback. It slows you down for sure, but I can't really see how this would force you to give up on EG...

    And like I said, stop speculating so much and act instead. Use that time and energy on the game to make a difference. AFAIK Gunners and DND are both looking to win this, but not together.

    My personely wuve of it is that thay can hugg as mutch thay wish. The server is more oppend than thay wish to belive. We got dukt this server donte foreget them thay hae in the past taken 13 plan just becus thay can. thay are relly i men relly god plnars all unik artys all lrage artys and triners is noting unjusel to them to grabb. This server is not only abute gunners and dnd. we got strong teams in evry qwad. we can not forget abute the hugging in NE. But this server is not abute gunners as thay try to make it. I predict that gunners are goanna get a relly rude upwaking in the end. :) i got a sutsh god meme of this unforaly i cant show it becus some smal thing band me from the discord. :* youre lost becus its was fun but in the nsfw catogary....

    Maybe I say in end, who is Batman and I will pass the torch and honor to the next super hero, untill then keep guessing ;)

    We got a real detective over here :D

    Ooo its essy the yer i playde whit vices/ villans/ cusins and now have become DND Batie her was a thing alrady but he was on the side of yee you dont gona belive it. SRG. :rolleyes: Just folow the trece der whatsson. Batie her culd only be ehiter verdie ore Packie. But verdie i have plyed whit and packie i havent plyde whit. that is evidenesn a and b. evideve c that flickt me over and finde ouse the suspect. was somting so elemntar Verdi is actaly a rel smart person...... :rolleyes:Der Batie her can only be one person. case solvd.

    Der swet Batie. I dont know wher you got all of youre ides from. But taken meninge from ther contet is youre specalty you totaly need to lern hole messiges and hole content. And not just take oute what you wish. :) When you do this i start to wondering over youre adge if you cant even understand and reade hole messiges. :) i googeld you i find i pic im not shore if its okay to put it her do to pravicey and things but i must say you lookt even more yunger than robin whit youre cute pifiser bib and diper. <3 Wel cutie im rhater cerus way you donte write white youre real namne Packie? ;)

    2:01 have just realis that evryone knows im the best plyer ever! so sayonara! im packing my backs to change team. :D wel 2:01 will be gone in a week after i have impoded them ;) essyest winn ever. Was my first thot when i got that. then i herd that hole TEN got it!..... im aprantly not specal and the winner of somting what did thya win do annyone rember? aperently is not a god team thay are just nobs. ^^ so thime fore next ennemy is it now i shall start looking at DND ? ore are ther acctaly a ally out ther that can give me some resitisttenc? :rolleyes:

    That’s what I love to hear, passion and a never say die attitude, goats could definitely use some of that right about now. Hopefully ten have more like you who will not cry foul or just roll over and let themselves get smacked up.

    Wel you ant geting to be a elite atletic if you roling arud and showing youre tommy evrytime you get an obstical in youre way... And if its nesssary i will show TEN mebers the art in never giving up. :) But as i se it TEN is a god team im impress of ther defence im impress of ther ofens im totaly impress of the team. so wher is the dubts? as i se it im not impress of gunners ore DND up to now not in defence ore offence. I pesoranly donte se them as a treth. I persoanly only se a fast recuted bunsh of nobbs. :)

    When dnd start hitting ten in force, I’m sure they don’t want It to be easy or for ten to just roll over either. Ten in the past have proven to be a very strong defensive team and for such a small team like dnd to step up to them without fear is a huge statement in the game of what dnd truly believe they are capable of.

    Ooo will DND attack TEN? when? intresitng have they even the capasety to attac annyone? becus if i was DND leder and if i was as week as thay aper i have wuld start hitting gunners by now. If i hadent have a nap/ confed..... wel qwestion is will DND hit TEN? i dubbt it. DND is not vices thay are just a bunch of week plyers that hade a grate repututen on thime now... wel somthimes leftovers is just leftovers. :*

    I will happily bet against it.

    Ooo intesting this maby is the new thing beting on travian. Maby i suld do that to a bussines as seling viliges and resusures have ben nowdays. How mutch do you bet agenst? 100 gold? it it to litel i think so im more shore of my precalme than that. :)

    unfortunately did you know Maria it’s because leaders like mist4 have lost faith in their players like you

    I donte think he has lost his faith in me he dosent know me. i donte think he has lost his faith in TEN ehiter. I have totaly have fahite in him and the outer leders. Thay know what to do thay are experns plyers. and if he start to lost his faiht if that happends i will talk whit him privet and that faihte will be restord.(he will not like that conv) ;) TEN is her to fhight we are reddy and we will give you a match. that in the end will make you roll over so i can pet youre tommy. :* Der batman you are in the losing side this thime.

    Ooo have we allrady given up? way im bying goold and bullding accut then? :rolleyes: a server is not over before a ww is 100. Untill that day i will fhigt.

    What i belive is that DND and gunners defently have a lovestory on the move maby a lite temoary brakeup fore now but in the end thay will buld a ww togeter. Im so shure of it that i culd bet on it.... Annyoen that wish to bet agenst?

    What the rest of the server wuld do of that lovestory? wel we cant brake it, we cant forbid it but we can make it hard to cuddel and just give them a relly tuf server if its not real love than it will brake as all reletionships dose when its hard thimes. :evil: i do love war.

    He also said you faked your death and that you hide children in your basement... he is telling this to everyone in com2.

    Maybe is good you join com2 chat and explain yourself?

    What happend last yers is privet. But yes i did write that presentation and it was rl truma and shitt. Noting that i will go in to on forum more than that. Noting i will expeling in a public chatt ehiter its privet.

    wel it can be true that i hide things in my basment but its not children. Its noting ilige ehiter just my stach of wine. now when you know my secrtet dont come and knick them plz. ;)

    I’m not sure about Loffe maybe your right and he is wrong. All the best in ten. Do you have link for com2 community discord ?

    We are also discussing it there.

    Btw Pay no attention to Ajax if anyone tried to eat a bat, I would stomp on there head. #Bat lives matter!

    Sorry as i have allrady say i will not enter that chatt not even if i get payde. so have the best thime ther i will enye the reports i get from that chatt abute what you all say abute me. I have relaise that im a myth in travian comutey and i can never explen all falch repetutin outether abuet me. only thing i can do if pepeol gives me a chans that show thay are wrong. give loffe a bag of polly frome me as i reber he loves the red ones.


    Come to discord Maria, people miss you.:(

    I wuld rhater be lifethime band from forum than enter that chatt. and im disepionted on you fore sendig me the links. if i refuse to be in vices chatts whti those pepol i defently never goan enter a chatt white them that is a server chatt.

    Your reputation precedes you..

    I heard you get kicked from every alliance or have to leave because you keep upsetting everyone ?

    If its true then, why you do this ?

    No it defently not true. I have plyde whit sevrel alainses and have ben welcome back fore rund 2,3 ore more runds after that. I have listed evry server that i have plyde on a blogg essy to find ther can you se all of my records and se that preclement isent true. This is just some olof propagand and vices that got pisst after i say no to them on com1 becus i totaly refuse to play whit olof. What happends now om com1 that i lefr tha ally i was playing was becus one of the leders is an totaly *forbiden word On forum* and that on outer leder shitt talkt behind my back. i donte play whit pepeol that trets me badly. One of the resson i dont play whit loffe. As i say just becus loffe preclames somting its the truteh.

    Loffe and i disslike ehuter i got my ressons he gots his. but its not me that dosent talks abute annyting els in chatts than me as he does.

    Just a brief intermission from memes. What a increadibly weird coincidence that every server Loffe joins you just happen to also want to join despite him being - according to you - this big bad bully.

    Gunners -5 reputation with Saravan for even considering this clown to play in your team.

    i deside that i shuld play this server more than 2 weeks before that loffe anuset that he wuld play. So i culd say tha same thing way do Loffe always wish to play hte servers im on? last com1 this com1 and now com2?

    I told you joining back was a bad idea, but you were insistent on joining us again. You left a bad impression before you left the first time. Eitherway, we felt you deserved a chance since you wanted it so badly. So we let you back in acquiescing to your insistent request to join back. But, your prior exit and the conversations before that, followed by the drama people claim to have seen from you in previous servers caused some discontent amongst our players. They said they were uncomfortable playing with you and factoring in the requests from multiple players, the leaders were left with no other choice than to kick you. This was all explained to you when you were kicked, but you refuse to accept any responsibility for all the drama surrounding you and insist that we are bullies. Eitherway, it is what it is. I understand that you're going to keep calling us bullies and what not and its just the way its going to be. You do you my friend. I have already said what i had to say, both in dms and now on 2 separate public forums. So i will most likely be ignoring anymore of these messages on this thread because its simply not worth responding to them anymore as i have stated what actually happened and have no need to satisfy someones need to constantly play the victim. I have no need to silence you, you can feel free to repeat this nonsense everywhere that you please :)

    I have not made any drama at all so a little difficult to take responsibility for what you have not done. You also know the two reasons why I left the first time. and both were for not creating drama. It was partly because I felt threatened, although I reacted there, but it was in connection with the team connecting to the server. But my wish was actually not to make a drama. I did not want to create anything but at the same time I did not want to be driven away. I have not done anything wrong and you know that, so I can not take responsibility for your actions when it is you who is wrong.

    Then friends do not bully each other but of course you can see me as your friend but you are not my friend.