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    What explaining is to do to a person who is cheating and buying resources

    and the Gunners do it too, so do not be such a hypocrite. Among the first things I heard and learned when I joined was how to use Tor. come on you are no better than anyone else.;) printscrens exist, sure i can ask any of my leaders to post them in the com2 chat. If it wishes.

    We've already been over this, drama from previous servers spilled over, people didn't want to play alongside you as they felt you'd cause a lot more drama and so Leadership had no choice but to let you go. You however don't want to take responsibility for drama caused by you on previous servers and keep trying to shift the blame onto GUNNERS leadership accusing them of being bullies. So I don't know if you're in any position to call somebody else delusional. I hate having to say this on a public chat, but since you seem keen on opening this topic on every public forum, i guess i need to respond to it on the same forum.

    Uh come on you're not doing me any favors at all trying to hide it. I did nothing wrong in gunners have not done anything wrong at all on any server recently pours. More than I refuse to play with people who talk shit about me. You did not give me the chance to show who I am. You listened to the rat and you can not stand for what you did but try to silence it. Your loss honestly and it just shows that the leaders of the gunners are weak.

    There is much more involved for a Gunners leader then simply just booting a player, this might be the norm for an alliance like Gow, but for Salme, Gunners players mean much more then that, and deserve to be heard out and given a fair go.

    I do not know what world you live in. But that is nothing but the experience I had of the Gunners. They definitely do not give anyone a chance and they kick very lightly. Personally, I do not understand the hype with gunners anymore just a bunch of players who think they are good and really are not. Only a bunch of bullies and hypocrites hides in gunners. :rolleyes:

    (sorry Tonzo i know no forum but this batman dude is living in like denusal alternative dimension.)

    In sweden it is summer so now we train harder than before soon it is time for this year's first competition. Today, Chippy got the training arm at skill for the first time and for just being 4 years he was really good. The spotet dressage pony's stomach just grows and grows. Kicking that live in the stomach are really lively and have managed to kick me on the cheek once when I shine on it. only four months left until kicks come out.

    What about me and kittens? Every spring and summer I bring in a lot of orphaned kittens that I care for and take care of and then adopts away. This year it is no exception but right now my little flat is full of kittens that are going to be fed and learn to walk on the box and play.

    Right now I have 15 kittens from 5 litters. They are all from a few days to like these almost 3 weeks old. the hard one is not feeding and giving love. The hardest part is giving all names. I need help! I can't have 15 kittens without a name. Please help! there are 9 females and 6 males who need names.

    CT little OP was decent, almost everything was nicely timed and duom reported attacks very late but you cant do much with only 3-4 players. Sorry but i dont believe at all this lack of leadership reason for why Villains lost this server, leaders were too confident in their WWK's and they were more than ok with this turtle simming strategy. It was just a failed strategy that Villain leadership adopted and now all responsible for this are shifting the blame to anything but them. we all have family, jobs and limited time to spend on a game like this so i dont believe one second that reason.

    CTs were really badly planned and it was rigged. we drove the hood so hard on the wall that it surely moved several meters. No record CT's really bad examples of an OP.:thumbdown:

    Embarrassingly that I participated but I wanted to show myself good. embarrassing.:rolleyes::thumbdown:

    But clearly we should have had more ops. then maybe another might hunt other than natars.

    Duom chievnig waas note rigged :)

    Its ur inebility to faake past 3 tergetz

    What good for it shows that CT really was a big bundle of nobbs because they were the ones who handled the attack plan.Even better, it feels that because I talked to them all the time, but they did not listen to the fact that we were going to wall with such a bad plan.:thumbdown:

    that you points out my spelling, say a lot about you as it is a handicap I have after a brain injury. :rolleyes:

    maria does, its not good..dont do it bro :evil:X/

    Chazz just be qwiet. :rolleyes:

    lots of tiresome trach

    I have to ask you two things.

    1 was the attack against Duom1432 was it rigged for us to wall?

    2 how can you be proud of yourself? You say you do not like the leders, but everyone else you fail, you have not only backstabat leders you, I also backstaba us members that the next server has much more to say about things than this server. Have you thought that you destroyed your reputation? Next server i can be a leder i wuld never take you in then.

    Must feel good to belong to B-team players who can not handle without taking backstabing to try to win. Must feel good playing in SRG TEN today. I had been embarrassed if I was you. I had left my ally if I had had leaders who encouraged such dirt. Too bad not to succeed with pure games without having to apply such methods.

    I'm not the one who celebrates Halloween but these ghosts meet me yesterday when I went to the store and buy breakfast. It was dark then and I went into my own little world thinking about something else. What does not appear is that they sound when you get close. I was quite scared. But they were so nice so I went back today and the pic a picture of them.

    Know that there are people who wonder but can not tell skype or dicord. Today's skill at arm and jousting went over the expectation I will get to ride the finals tomorrow. Unfortunately, it will be as bad as everyone predicted. I will ride against him who 10 years ago tried to kill me. But I'm in a really good shape and almost do not hurt just a few small things. I'm convinced I can win. I'll win! So I'll just listen to those who say I can win! Keep your fingers crossed!

    On pic me and my old boy Emp he is 26 yers old. He vill cary me tomarow to. <3

    was just maintenance on com1. I have cleared cache and cookies three times but still can not npc! I have also restarted the computer and tried by phone. I'm not the only one with this problem! My troops are starving!

    We can not organize parties anymore and we lose cp every day! you have to do something!

    Dear Travian team:

    The last few days there's been a couple of problems with com1. So, we'll describe them in order

    1. When arranging feasts in the town hall, one can click the button multiple times to get more culture points than one feast. This due to the button freezing, and the feast not starting when you spam the button. Travian will take resources for several parties until the resources run out, then the feast will start.

    2. There are error messages all the time about gateway 500 errors, when changing villages and switching between different pages.

    3. Today when I was going to send an attack the fourth and last wave was sent as a reinforcement on all the tries. I am a seasoned player but this did not work. The fourth attack always resulted in a reinforcement and not an attack. Even after retrying and double checking that the fourth wave was an attack, and not sent as a reinforcement. I cleaned the cache and cookies and then the fourth wave finally was sent as an attack instead of as a reinforcement.

    I know that the answer I will recieve here will be to report the issue to the MH. It is done, but unfortunatly we have not recieved any response over the past couple of hours. From what we know the first reports about the above errors starting occouring more than a day ago and the entire server is a real headache to play on.

    Sincerely, you players on Com1