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    Here in Sweden we have extreme drought and malnutrition. Many farmers are looking for feed for their livestock. Today we took in hay in the old way, as we did well back in it when no machines could drive on that field. Now our horses have hay for a few days.

    If you dream of succeeding and have a goal outset, then nothing stops one's 30 degrees and noisy sun. up at 6 this morning to prep the water before riding 6 horses, of which 5 are in full armor. When this is hot, I lose about 4-6kg of weight every day because I sweat so much and then do not drink plain water without salt, sugar must be included. But salty sugar water tastes yakky then the lemons must hide it. (yes it is quite normal that there is a sword somewhere in our apartment.) #joustingworldchampion

    Last week we have found poo in strange places in the stable. The cats have seemed nervous and very hungry. We have wondered whether there were foxes, other cats or even wolves because the stable is in the middle of a wolf reef. Today, I found the cause of the cat's big problems. A very sweet but angry hedgehog! As he froze and barked on me when I forfeited our sweet little cat food thief! The other picture is when he flies after I get on him.

    Thank you! I don’t know about my patience though; I didn’t finish the blanket in a year so I guess I lost my patience a couple of times. X/

    yes patience is not the best i would learn to stick for four years ago, started with a pair of socks they are still not ready ....

    The filth is great! I'm always jealous of people like your patience starting with crafts.

    Time for customs on the border to Germany. This is all you need in the paper's way to get through me, 4 horses, weapons and a medcine stock through the customs almost painless. Just took 1.5 hours.
    earlier today we drove on the train that runs between England and France. Very crowded and excited to drive.

    It is Wayne Manor in the Batman/Dark knight film series. It is called Wollaton Hall and lucky me lives right next to it :p

    Omg thats howe i drem to live. I love old englich contry huse. :love:

    Today, when we packed to go to the competition area and today's first start, the packing differed slightly from what it used to be. I usually have only one crown and a sword. Now there were a pair of louboutin shoes one more crown and one tiara to not talk about an evening dress. sometimes my life is a bit too much extreme.

    Decided to drive by local food grill to pick something up after work yesterday, but it looks like I wasn't the only one enjoying the smell. Little devil constantly kept headbumping be below the desk. :D

    How you could resist those cute sad puppy eyes from that sweet thing is a mystery to me. I had he / her my dinner at once and gone and bought one more, just because it was so sweet eyse.

    Today it was so hot that we rode into the woods and found a lake. It was so beautiful that I sat down and we stood for a long time and only philosophized and solved world problems. On our way home we find a lot of strawberries that we poured into us. Very nice to be a little childish and not having a lot of demands to succeed in itself.

    @Bad Ghost/Lejon That must be very painful! I am very sorry to hear about that and I hope you will get well soon!

    Thanks, it hurtand hurt and iam alrady riding daly so ima faine sort of, but I blame myself when I practice a new stunt without proper
    protective equipment. If I had only used gambeson and ringbrush, I had only got a bruise after the sword. Fortunately, we get knight when we compete for used preparations that are not recommended in any sport otherwise.
    But the picture of your beautiful pictures made me smile big.

    Bad Ghost/Lejon, yes, I'm looking at cameras for the time being, to find one that is right for me.But I maybe should had several.
    You should have seen them, climbing on my balcony-door, just to make me aware there is NO food left!
    Or up and down a long the big window. My cats goes crazy inside, wanting to play with them ;)

    I hope you are okey after all that happened the other day.

    Tahanks iam almoste. :) My parents have a place where they feed birds and have three squirrels who visit them daily. The same thing there is not my parents' cat out, their squirrels can sit for hours and bullie the cat on the railing outside the window. If the cat is outside, they are in some spruce or numbers and make climbing up and down and are really fun. And my parents' cat is very frustrated by the squirrel. There are three potential meals that he now tried to get in four five years but failed..... pure cat ;)

    My morning-guest wasn't exactly pleased this morning.
    The enemies arrived! Noisy doves.

    Your squirrels are extremely cute, having been fun to have a webcam at the bird table to see them. There are few animals that can have as strong a sense of feeling as squirrels. They are very funny.

    What the hell did you just say about me, you little noob? I'll have you know I finished top of my alliance in Com1 and I've been involved in numerous operations on your alliance and I have over 300 confirmed capital kills.

    Ooo dear is it now iam going to be afraid start crying and pissing in my pants because you? Boasting is not fine, but I call your 600 killed capitals. 10 years of plying 61 ended the servers, million sent farmings. kills
    capitals I finish counting for 5-6 years ago then up to almost 500.
    Overtimated offviliges will be well 10-20 count each server. The
    number hammer killed at home nearer 1000. As said, boasting is not
    fine, but it should be remembered that there is always someone who is
    better than you.

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