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    I hope SE7EN and HYSTERIA come again to keep the game spirit alive :/

    I am afraid i have to disappoint you as we didn't restart on com6 this time.

    We wish we could return to com6 to defend out title but it restarted too soon right after the end of com1 :/

    I dont think SE7EN are coming here. They lost com1 and will restart there.

    I don't know where you get that information from lol

    We are surely looking for playing another round but we still haven't decided whether to go Anglosphere, to stay on com domain, or to wait for next birthday server (or even TT qualification)

    However, if TG is to set up another 5-tribes normal server (like the previous com29 but with the new updates), there is a real likelihood that we will be heading there :D (like 99.99% xD)

    CT little OP was decent, almost everything was nicely timed and duom reported attacks very late but you cant do much with only 3-4 players. Sorry but i dont believe at all this lack of leadership reason for why Villains lost this server, leaders were too confident in their WWK's and they were more than ok with this turtle simming strategy. It was just a failed strategy that Villain leadership adopted and now all responsible for this are shifting the blame to anything but them. we all have family, jobs and limited time to spend on a game like this so i dont believe one second that reason.

    Decent with timing but only 4 fake targets... seriously lol?

    Btw as I said you always have the right and freedom to disbelieve what the others say. Just that we are the ones who are working inside VILLAINS and we obviously know better than you do. Also feel free to ask whoever from VILLAINS if what we wrote are true and I am happy to confront if necessary :)

    In regards to the WWs... We're still waiting to see how many troops SNOOPYS bandaged :P he's sitting on a trainer, so we'll probably see it launched close to the end.

    He did have some bandages but the amount would never be close to doing any damage whatsoever. And i think taking some good rests is way more important than spending the remaining troops xD!

    Yes, that's the other guy. But you're wrong about sending the other fakes. He did send on 4-6 targets after being scouted and I believe he lowered TS for those. Ofc that aided us in focusing the scouts on top WWK launch times but we still had some leftover scouts even after those.

    Definitely you did some damage with the OP thanks to cap switches. UA move was a risky move from us, but given that there were no rammer fakes on the way on NE WW (maybe 1), UA move was a good decision since wall at SE would be going down anyway.

    Yeah but we really don't have much choice there. Had you guys turn UA on, I am pretty sure Narcos and DLM couldn't even break through the wall of TEN WW. And not to lie, having one of our biggest WWR (CT) turning on our back is actually really bad for us.

    And in response to the earlier question about Mugiwara Luffy, I don't know why we stopped giving him trainers since somebody else from VILLAINS is in charge of the trainers rotation but his WWR size is not big at all and apparently he's running short of resources as he doesn't have any players supporting (except half crop feeding at SNOOPYS small diet). He's not part of our core 7 team and I think he crashed into one of our players when settling 2nd village due to failing to make reservations lol.

    Regarding these small-medium WWRs, not to lie I found it slightly hard to maintain direct communications to them (not sure because of not using Skype or because of being less active). I don't really know if i am requesting too much but imo its a lot better if you can always get in touch with your WWRs and WWKs. In fact their WWR size isn't that up-to-standard either, which is why i put in poor WWR planning as one of the key factors in my previous analysis. Its arguable of course but at least thats what I think :)

    I think you misunderstood me. The first one being caught is cyruslsy and in between the 2 scoutings where his troops was found at home and then was seen missing he only launched on Investors and nobody else. That is the first one who cause the suspicion. Only after that there comes the timed scouting on LoMo within 30 seconds which i never blame on him. I've reminded cyruslsy to hide his troops for so many times but he kept on insisting that the enemy wouldn't scout on him and putting 10k scouts is enough which of course is not the case but he eventually also apologized to the team.

    I personally don't think that OP splat is that much of a failure. After all 4 caps switched and less def / heroes were put at WW and UA was also moved. That damage on WW is, as i said above, way beyond our expectation so I am still happy with the eventual outcome :)

    Well first of all I am not complaining. If I am to complain, the first thing would never been lack of action, but things like nobody from Dirtyexpress account up to turn LA on, nobody take both LD on WW account so that we can activate LA/LD every 12 hours, Nocturne defending with his EC 2 times in a row, and Narcos and Luffy never bother to put scouts in their hammer village/oasis lol.

    Its kinda funny how you guys say we shouldn't complain this and that when you guys have done so successfully such as planning OP for different time availability and for those who couldn't send same-second waves. The reality is VILLAINS has failed to do that and lost the server. Isnt this the point that we are trying to bring up lol? I am just trying to analyze where VILLAINS didn't do well, not where SGR didn't do well, and I've always been giving my maximum respect to all those hammers and OCs of SGR & TEN for the same reason.

    I personally don't agree with K19 that the middle level players who joined the leadership/Def/WW team have no authority to make decisions, simply because we've always shared access to def tool, WW and WWR/WWK details to all those people. Rather, more often i see people not confident enough to make decision or that we failed to come to a firm conclusion if cris isn't around to analyze the incoming attacks. The situation is similar when we discuss about doing a big zeroing OP while we launch our WWKs, as well as the last 3 WWK launchings so I would say the problem is more about lacking leadership type players who can actually do stuff and make decisions instead of lacking authority to do so.

    I strongly agree with Obi that we should've found someone to do OPs. We really spent very limited time and efforts on finding someone to do OP or to even execute an OP. But as someone who are responsible for def matters and many other stuff, I really tried my very best to plan those launchings and the only OP towards endgame. I always wish I have more time or that someone can ease my burden on other areas, but what happened has actually happened and there's no going back. All I can say is if we or VILLAINS are to move on to next server, we must find a proper OC and preferably an Off Team before restarting or else the same story will go over once again. Just a side note, perhaps we should also make sure that people like CT never get into planning any OP with other hammers (that early splat with punk and Wooky etc. on Duom is pathetic lol)

    Last but not least, I have to say this is a very challenging server for us. TEN is never a weak meta and they are a premade team (also the winning team from com7) and SGR is much stronger this round too. Although we 7 from com6 also joined in, VILLAINS in itself is much much weaker compared to previous rounds and lots of core VILLAINS players are not playing either. I still think that there are lots of area where VILLAINS can do much better and potentially even winning the server but this server is definitely tough for us and I am proud to be playing against SGR & TEN & others :)

    Congratulations to SGR and TEN. There shouldn't be any more surprise coming from VILLAINS side though I agree that its always a good practice to stay alerted til WW peaked.

    I would like to write something like an analysis or post-server feedback here but there are simply too much to say so please forgive me if I wrote too much here.


    1. Lack of Sufficient Leadership and People who are Actually Doing Stuff

    Very few villains had time to lead properly ?

    I don't believe it, last round when leaders had trouble greater players stood up to take the place.

    You probably have the right to disbelieve but the lack of sufficient leadership is real. James have been entirely away for most of the time (at least for like 100 days after artifact war) and basically it has always been me and cris making decisions most of the time (me mainly for SW and cris and others for NW). As someone who have been actively leading VILLAINS in the past, this is really impactful.

    While we have some others helping us, like bricktop (James and Krunal), Sarcy on WW, GoG of Tasty Tea, and Pascal, the lack of decision-making is real. While me and cris are always up with decision-making, we also have our own busy life, esp. cris who had a terribly busy year at work. And sometimes even us would like to hear some advice. But sometimes when we raise a question up, everyone would probably dive, or be kinda blurred like saying "yeah we can do that". I am not blaming anyone but this ended up being a serious problem in early WW phase when sometimes we have to make decisions promptly. For example nobody was alerted by Drama King's launching, and sometimes we simply have nobody to analyze those incomings, whether they are real or fake. We ended up having nobody turning LA on when Rough and others landed, thereby throwing the lead we gained from those early small-WWK hits.

    Besides, we rarely have ppl volunteer up to actually do the work. Most of the time some ppl only keep on asking, complaining or even suggesting but in the end they never volunteer to help, and even if they are among the helpers, they speak more than they actually do.

    Again, please understand that I am not trying to accuse anybody cuz imo we've done well enough and everyone contributed in different areas at different times. But what i said above is quite a serious issue to a meta and to a competitive server like this.

    2. Lack of an Off Team

    First of all I have to apologize as well because in end game i also postponed the OP quite a bit because of my real life and lots of other stuff in game. I have to admit that I owe some guilt there though I am probably the only one volunteering up for this leftover position.

    Secondly I have to say something for the so-called VILLAINS' ONLY OP this round. We've tried our very best to make sure everything goes smooth and we reminded our players so many times to hide their troops but sometimes you just can't stop someone from being arrogant. One of the players was too lazy to hide his troops and ended up causing the massive splat. But still, given the fact that UA was moved and our WWR and WWKs done great damage way beyond our expectation, and having 4 enemy WWKs switching cap, that outcome is already much better than what we expect.

    I actually planned to chief Solidfan's WWK sneakily with FG and punk while we were launching on Investors but later on we have no CP and we are too busy to arrange chiefing FG's village away under limited time so we gave up the idea. Kinda sad as it turns out he empty-defended without changing cap. We also planned the hero fakes as you guys have seen. On that part, not to lie, I am kinda amazed that SGR didn't pick up the eagles and see if there are any chiefs at least haha.

    COMING BACK to the lack of OP question, it is quite prima facie that had we have a proper Off Team, VILLAINS might have done a lot better, and potentially removed some WWKs or even gained more advantage from SGR and TEN.

    Note that what I am saying is a proper OFF TEAM, not just a proper OC. Planning a good OP is not that difficult. What's actually difficult is how to execute and administer it. Its easy to think, and sometimes its even easy to fool the enemy by doing some tricks but first you need your hammers capable of doing what you intend to do. So we need a bunch of reliable off players who can launch same second waves in a timed manner, who know each other and can work together to do some local clearings, and those who can work easily with the OC.

    Furthermore, while VILLAINS have some really nice OP hammers, we truly lack active hammers who can send timed same-second waves. Most of the hammers who messaged me either aren't free to launch on weekdays, or have very specific time constraints, either they couldn't send same-second waves at all. Some even said that they only play on phone which makes the problem much more complicated as we seek to do a timed zeroing attack instead of sacrificing hammers one by one on artifacts or capitals at such a late game stage.

    Of course we can still do some off actions if they can't time it well, like some of the TEN hammers (which i really appreciate their effort), but that wouldn't work well in a late-game zeroing mission, and most likely their seige will be sniped hard.

    One thing i have to applaud the enemy, in particular TEN, is that they care a lot about OP hammers' siege numbers. This is a very good practice and should be promoted among all metas. Yet unfortunately we don't have many of these players and we actually quite lack good OP rammers after converting some big ones into WWR.

    Anyway, great great respect to SGR and TEN's OP planners as well as those who actually launch those attacks. Those effort in getting it done and executed is huge :)

    3. Poor WWR Planning

    While I agree with the importance of having an Off Team, lack of which is not, imho, the key reason to VILLAINS defeat. Have we been doing OP earlier on when James was still around, we probably could've more choices in offense such as aiming at arties, capitals or even def villages. However, I have to say, this round is probably one of the most challenging round to VILLAINS, and against 2 WWs and quite a lot of WWRs WWKs, had we not turned some of the hammers into WWR/WWKs and just spend them on OP, that probably would've ended up even worse.

    We have some really good WWKs, giant one and medium ones as well, but some of the other off players actually performed much better than them in terms of troops and in that scenario, we should've turned some of them into WWK much earlier, such as Salvus main hammer, Carmani and Fleming Rachiel. On this issue, the trainers rotation could've been much better and more efficient, and we should've considered this a lot earlier.

    However, the main issue regarding WWR/WWK is still the lack of WWR. Those who came with me from 7 never planned to go WWR/WWK except SNOOPYS and Vendetta as we thought we are joining VILLAINS instead of playing our own game. Its kinda shocking that nobody planned sufficient big Teuton WWRs in early game or even at tribes selection, and ended up we have to "rely" on CT's WWR as it is the biggest in VILLAINS and turns out he splatted on our WW among SGR attacks.

    Of course, we've tried our very best to mitigate this by planning carefully on our WW hits and not sure because of our planning or because of SGR-TEN finding UA less useful than UD, our remaining WWRs did very well on SGR & TEN WW, had we have proper WWRs, we would probably have done much better esp. when we launch the train of Wasabi etc. on SGR WW, and when we launch Sankets Minions 8 hours away from FG, and when we launch SNOOPYS on TEN WW alone.

    Small Conclusion

    There are really too much to say, such as the impact of losing UT, the impact to GZ with Chazz switching sides and DQ turning less active, the lack of old core VILLAINS this round, the very bad WW account arrangements, and the selection of -100 100 (as well as the impact of the rubbish -100 0 site). On the other hand, there are also lots of stuff that I would like to appraise for my teammates, such as all the hard work and effort from cris and others and our brilliant ghosting team (amar and xerii in particular). This server is indeed the most challenging one for VILLAINS and with such a team comp we have, we are already playing soooo well against HmB, SGR, TEN and even WAR-LNRS.

    But lets stop here for a bit. I will come back later and continue writing tmr ;)

    In any event, great game and great respect to both sides players (and leaders ofc). This is definitely one of the most challenging servers though also one of the most hate-cultured servers I've ever played.

    Best regards,

    yin @ Soa & Co.

    What about taking my word for it? Or simply ask ZZ if he chief-spiked or not? I think I also provided my conversation with him, where he was pretty much making fun of me with how much troops I am losing. As I said, I have never played in this server before so I was not even aware of 7 and V being different alliances. The only reason I igmed you was that I was aware of your deal with Lady Envy and the fact that you gave him your word. And believe me, I also dont have time and energy to chase ever single spiker, try to convince them not to defend, figure out and reach out to their leaders etc.

    Again, my assumption was that your word and responsibility binds all accounts in V and 7. After talking to you in game, I realized that this is not the case. When I asked about who I could talk about ZZ then, I am told by a few people that James is there (which turns out to be incorrect, taking your word for it). Ever after this incident, I had a chat with my duals and we decided to completely ignore spiking from now on. Up until this point, I still accept that this is a part of the game and I dont care. Look, I am not blaming you for anything, I am simply stating the fact (as you, yourself stated too) that you didn't care and didn't want to take responsibility about it.

    cris@ , it is not true that ZZ removed troops. He killed every single troop (8x 200 EI of mine or something, it was a big farm) and enjoyed doing so. I haven't heard a single word from anyone about it after you supposedly talk to him, not from you or from himself. As I said, it is done, I dont care anymore and I dont intend to prolong this discussion anymore.

    Lol while you said that you aren’t blaming, you are saying that because of me don’t caring NW VILLAINS affairs, namely ZZ’s chief spike, you guys don’t care about any spiking in the game because you see that as part of the game?

    First, you seeing spiking as part of the game is your problem. Don’t try to associate that with us.

    Second, as I explained so clearly, I completely don’t understand why should I help you to chase on the NW spiker when all you need to do is to contact CARELESSCAT which I believe I also reminded that to you in my IGM reply. It’s simply stupid to message TEN for something happened in SGR and vice versa. AND, not to say I’ve also done extra and left a message to cris and others.

    Third, I don’t care about NW stuff purely because I have no access to NW wings and I never involve in NW affairs. This is a FACT. Although the forum has always been describing V and 7 as two core teams I know you aren’t familiar with us and I explained in my IGM reply already.

    Fourth, I am not responsible for NW doesn’t mean I am not caring about spikings in my wing.

    Last but not least, even City&Colour (the real spiker from HmB) also said that spiking is bad. I really can’t see how’s you guys are still trying to argue that you now see spiking as part of the game, and try to justify helping City&Colour to defend against us.

    About spiking, if you guys keep going case by case, you will be driving at a cul-de-sac. This is a vicious circle. There was always someone who spiked before and there are millions reasons people would come up for spiking. "Never" spiked because he was really mad at sgb's spiking. TEN's guy got warning which followed kick/deletion, "Duracell Rabbit" got a serious warning. Even if he is in officially in leadership, he doesnt take an active part and didnt know some of the policies despite the fact that this was discussed/MMed many times. We did apologize for that and this wasnt an issue with him ever after (as far as I know). C&C was having his own fight against Villains, I dont think SGR could be held responsible for his actions.

    There are many other instances most people are unaware of. Zero Zone, for instance, killed thousands of EIs on a recently chiefed village. He further sent me a mocking message something like "hahaa, you will put me in top 10 defenders xD". I tried to communicate with many V and 7 leadership about this. 7 simply said that they dont care since he is a member of V, and later learned that Zero Zone himself is in leadership (or some said he is THE leader, I an not sure). "Your guy did before too" is not a good enough reason if you want to have principles on anti-spiking. Although knowing that this person in question killed our WWk (get schwifty) and stolen LE using his planted multi-account, his actions and mockery didnt come as a surprise. It was upsetting, though, not hearing anything from V, except "but your guys did it before too", and seeing 7 not willing to take any responsibility.

    You all should also appreciate that spiking hurts SGR more than Villains. Most of our raiders raid all 4 quads and contrary to common belief, they are also impacted by those spikes planted on your quad. Besides, note that while SGR's WWks are raiders, Villains WWks are simmers who grow safely in boonies. Anyway, the bottom line is spiking should not be tolerated even if you have been on the other side of the equation before. If you have principles about this, it doesnt matter who started this or how much was the spike quantity, either 140k or 40k or a single troop.

    Man I actually never had any access to any accounts in the entire NW (VILLAINS or VILLAINZ). How am I suppose to look into whether ZZ had actually chief-spiked and how much did he do lol? I mean, like, if there's someone from SGR spiking, one would've reasonably contacted Lady Envy instead of EA right xD?

    I understand the leadership structure isn't that clear in VILLAINS but as I explained to you at that time basically I am mainly and almost only involved in SW matters whereas cris and pascal are involved in NW matters. That is the reason why I suggest you to contact NW leadership, and even so, I still left a message to the NW VILLAINS leaders for them to follow-up on that. I am not at the position of VILLAINS' customer services. I truly dont have time to care more and I really can't see why I should be taking responsibility for that, particularly as I can't even verify that by myself... :/

    1. The one AND ONLY ONE who spike on com6 is called Otang. He's not part of our core team. He didnt listen to us and keep on spiking hard. He didnt only spike you guys, but also spiked us hard killing a shxt ton of SNOOPYS EC causing us pretty much stopped farming any non-natar farms. Turns out com6 ended up becoming a spike server with Otang and Smnam both spiking the rest of the world.

    Otang didnt get banned for any other reason. He is a long term patient living permanently at hospital doing treatments every Monday, and he passed away suddenly in December without us knowing, and as a result his account as well as two other allies' account (I only remember Salvus, couldnt remember the other guy's name) where he bought gold to support them were all banned for the reason of Paypal chargebacks. I ended up having to pay an incredible amount of money for bank transfer to unban Salvus's account from the chargebacks. We only knew Otang passed away until very late near end of server where his wife logged on his account and told us what happened. But everyone in our meta knows what happened to Otang. Our WW was also renamed into RIP Otang in the end.

    We dont support spiking. We tried very best to persuade him but we failed. He even raided lots of allies and caused lots of troubles there, though he has a shxt ton of def on his own and no matter what we do, we simply couldnt change his minds. He actually never participated in any def calls and he simply plays his own game...

    2. We didnt know Plato until very lately when darkorpse from derp said that he's a loyal member of his team on com29 (Odin) and ask if we can take him in. We offered our condition that unless he obeys all rules, cooperate and stop all spiking, we will not invite him. He ended up stopped spiking instantly and since then. I can't see how this can become an evidence of us supporting spiking. You can go ask Plato or darkorpse if this is true.

    Regarding Sgb who spiked 40k in mid game, we never expect nor intend that and we've already formally apologised to SGR leadership as well, and we also taken the punishment by the counter-spiking from one of SGR members.

    As to sss123 for his tiny spike in week 1-2, we apologised when we first found that out on both VILLAINS skype chat and to someone from TEN who politely messaged us and I remember we apologised, stopped him immediately and replied in a polite manner and also reminded you that there's someone in your side also spiking.

    If you guys are to pick on those who spiked, i would like to remind you that there's also someone from TEN who before deleting spiked at least 100k def points against us. And yet, we've done nothing to spike back. I can't see how we are anywhere close to be encouraging spiking by stopping Plato from spiking and by not spiking back when that TEN player spiked a ton.

    3. We never said anything about anyone planting any spikers. Even we knew HmB was helping SGR in mid game (at least for artefacts), we also never put the blame of spiking on SGR. The blame of spiking is on HmB players themselves. Rather, we had been accused over and over again for planting spikers or planting Plato who instantly stopped spiking permanently once he joined us. I strongly invite you guys to think about this logically. If we are to really plant a spiker, why would we ever bother inviting him to our team, letting you guys know he's on our side? Not to say we did nothing to help him defend or what in early game.

    Last but not least, you might probably have some names there, but there has long been chief spikes from both sides and we just dont bother complaining anymore nor remembering their names so that i can fk around and say you guys are shxt, cheating, evil or whatever.

    That's all I wanna clarify. Believe it or not, its wholly up to you and i really dont bother giving a fk. This is not the first time where you guys accuse us for something untrue. I am starting to get use to this com1's political arena. Good luck on winning the verbal fight here, i am not interested at participating this political forum any further :)

    I've mentioned it for many times that I started getting fed up by this kind of accusations so i think its still better to clarify up.

    Those cata villages in SE are set up and played by real players who didnt join us on com1. Our team size on com6 was much bigger than we have on com1 and I had been the leader of the NB tournament team for 2 years in a row and as a result there are lots of people who can do us a small favour.

    Whether or not you guys think setting up cata villages under BP is an abuse of the game mechanics is another issue. I dont mind you guys discussing that, though i think the burden rests upon TG to close registration after certain days have been lapsed. I, however, do not agree that this is anywhere close to be immoral, or even as immoral as spiking. Spiking harms others directly, whilst setting up cata villages under BP at most only disable you from attacking, which, to be frank, I can't see why we must allow people to attack any cata villages set up by the enemy team... And with all respect, I think TEN leadership dealt with that perfectly well by settling cata villages nearby.

    That's all I am going to say. I've already told you the truth. Whether you guys believe it or not I really dont care.

    P.S. If we are doing multies, then we dont really need to have me, Salvus, vcxz, Joannab, Damon, Pantherwa, derek3100, Jimmy, rooter, Jangus Khan, bombom, Joker, Carmani, MIF, 4mins, SecretMan etc. to help us set up cata villages lmao

    Not sure why you guys would argue over the past history - the arguments between VILLAINS and SGR gonna be everlasting anyway. But as a new joiner of this VILLAINS-SGR battle, I find it really unhappy, tiring, annoying and sometimes even depressed to see that much of bias, hate and stuff like that from both sides on to each other. And from my personal experience, that kind of hate and bias exists not just between the old players, but rather ironically it got extended to whoever joined VILLAINS lol.

    I dont know what happened before and neither am I in the position to discuss that, and if there's something done by each side on this current server really questionable, I dont mind putting that out being discussed or even flame on, for example I dont mind you guys blaming for VILLAINS doing no OPs at all and had a boring server (at least I have nothing to be ashamed of and I can't commit more to this game). But is there genuinely a point to over-assert on these past history burdens? Do we really need to do that much politics in this game?

    Probably there may be big things happening before which I dont know, but why are we even talking about someone recruiting players from SGR in pre-server room or vice versa? Why can't people have their own choice as to which team to play with? Why do we need such a huge split and fraction even in travian game? Did we all not had enough in real life?

    We joined VILLAINS because I think it is a well-performed elite team that gonna bring us a great round. Ofc I am super disappointed this round and the outcome is clearly not a great round for us at all, but still I am not prepared for such kind of unhealthy hate culture where people love digging out the old history of conflicts between this and that player and continue this battle (both verbally and in game) endlessly.

    If you guys wanna carry on, go ahead. Me, had enough.

    (will replace with report with damage if James or someone else in Villains can share it, it won't parse damage for Dacamster himself)

    How come I don't even know James is still alive lol?

    Please let me know if you can locate him so that I can punch him in his face :/

    Mistakes were made from our side (not going to explain that in details for now - mainly some miscommunications - will probably write up a long post when com1 comes to an end), but that is definitely some good luck there from Rough with brewery on xD

    Great def numbers on both WW of SGR & TEN btw

    When you have to set a ton of trade routes to a certain location from maybe over 20 villages, you will find the link really useful.

    You can also share the link to other players as a way to encourage them to set-up trade routes sending crops to WW.

    In practice, we used to have a google spreadsheet where you can input how many res/crops you wanna send, and a list of village IDs on the side for easy reference. That way everyone can help themselves.

    Visual Changes

    First of all, as revealed by those video, clearly the visual image of all buildings will be changed with each tribe having their own slight speciality.

    5 tribes for sure

    And obviously the game should be a 5 tribes server (with no Natarians for us to play XD!)

    There should be no WW

    As to the game itself, I think it shouldn't be that different from ROA or Fire and Sand. This is obviously a birthday server setting so at least there should be no WWs.

    Map? More like ROA type with regions to be unlocked

    As to the map, I am not sure if the map would be the Europe map again, but I guess it should still be sectioned into areas just like all previous birthday servers, with each area having an artifact effect that requires population control to unlock.

    My guess as to the game features

    So what I am thinking is that the map in general might be divided into 6 areas, with each tribe owning one area (i.e. 5 areas) + grey zone (maybe they made a new map for this and called it Pandora lol)

    Once you selected the tribe you might not be able to choose quadrant because you will only be allowed to spawn in your tribe's area.

    You can attack all players of course, but you might not even be allowed to settle into other tribe's area. Only the grey zone would be allowed to be settled by all tribes (of course there should be more good croppers in there that attracts people to go in XD - but this time i think you can produce culture points in grey zone lol)

    But still, you can join whatever alliance you want, and to group up with your teammates to conquer, control and unlock the region.

    Otherwise the way to unlock region and use artefact effects should be more or less the same, and the winning method would still be the team with most victory points to win.

    Other features?

    There might be other features like you can only reinforce players in the same alliance, maybe there will be raiding limit on each farm again or maybe merchant setting or embassy max limit would be different, but these are too distinct for me to make a guess, so I will just leave a note here and wait for the answer XD

    P.S. I got this idea just from reading the story and seeing the images of the story + this thread lol. Surely no confidence but if the game is going like this, it would actually be real fun :p

    Growth curves, login times, village names, village positions, village layout...
    Either the biggest coincidence the world has seen since the Bible containing stories from the Gilgamesh or it must be multies. Shall we have an MH have a look at it? See what they can find before this lovely timestamp?

    I dont understand why you are putting this here. Again, as I said, if you think whoever is violating game rules or cheating, you can message MH in game and MH would deal with it but it helps nothing if you put it here. Or someone wanna say UN are all cheaters again just because Rainfall got banned lol?

    I am against violation of game rules but its MH's job to monitor this and give appropriate penalties to those in violation of the rules. I have faith in .com MHs and I dont think there is much to discuss about that.

    Last but not least, as a kind reminder, I wish to remind you that there is an in-game function called sitter.

    It happens on every single server where people gets busy or turns inactive and set someone else as sitter who do all the day-to-day management on that account. Its true that the account owner may just be logging on and off and do nothing more than that, but I can't see how this made the account become multis because of that.

    Yeah people can access with a different IP and then hold the account and use sitter to play on it. But there are also rules in game controlling and preventing abusal of sitter function.

    But again, if you think it is the latter case, or if you think the sitter function or rules relating to it are completely rubbish, then please talk to MH but not us lol.

    I am glad to see you guys doing that much with just a 20 ppl pre-made (whether or not it includes Storm, thats still great works!).

    I am not sure what you mean in that photo but I am not going to repeat what I said above.

    I came up to this forum just because I saw ppl talking about number advantages and having myself being annoyed by these irresponsive "numbers" i find this very untrue and thats why i am here voicing the truth lol.

    - - - - -

    Anyway, I feel like this discussion gonna go endless if we dont stop here lol.

    Any idea why ONE* has all confeds and NAPs cancelled?