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    That’s not the main reason to split the chiefs though...

    You split them from the main off, in case that the first person chief the village and the 2nd off don’t accidentally hit the first hammer.

    What are you even doing on com? I don’t see Hegemony on here? :/

    Main reason? Or equally valid reason :/

    The post i replied to mentioned dropping loyalty to allow the chief to go through and kill the attackers, so i saw no need to mention it again.

    And I somehow managed to trick people into thinking i'm not a nub, so i got to escape hege for a round.

    I don't get what's point of not using chief in same wave..

    Ofc they might get killed while cleaning def but if all def is dieing then why not just send with it..

    And yeah people can lower loyalty and kill them.. but that only work when you can gain more.. that villa have around 700k+ off there.. ofc u won't lower loyalty there to kill some off.. so what's about learning there.. it's some off against hammer/ rammer and u guys have almost 8+ just from trainer tab it shows.. easy targets actually but then again who is gonna do it.. atleast 6 senetors needed for it.. and I guess there aren't any perfect wave sender Disney have who can sit for 12 hours and so for sending... sadly..

    Qummi gets a like and blaze a dislike.. yeayyy.. funny..

    You need 6 chiefs to reliably chief a 125% villa. If 1/3 dies in the sweeping wave you might not get the villa, and sending same second attacks is so easy there's no reason not to do it.

    In case that doesn't convince you here's a report from a chiefing done earlier in the server that would have failed had i sent chiefs and sweep in the same wave. In this scenario sylvester had the shortest travel time, but we wanted me to sweep, so i added a 1s delay between waves as well so the landing order went: My sweep, sylvesters sweep, sylvester chiefs, my chiefs.

    Blame sylvester for not archiving his chief wave, and the report converter qummi origionaly used that bugged out for the first chief wave not showing.

    Me and sylvester chiefing black pearl

    Ruinning qummi's beautifull thread by posting half reports :(

    If you want to get some salt out of your system at least back it up with full reports like we've done all round.

    Sure, as soon as you send us the reports of where Disney lost 5 hammers, including 13k rams and 5.5k cats, on a couple of worthless feeders.

    A quick scroll back through the thread will show that the only thing disney have done offensive wise is lose hammers, so go take your pick and you'll find 5. Sure they might not have been on "worthless feeders", but when the end result of an op is a dead hammer and some dead def the target is pretty irrelevant.

    Glad to see thread isnt about qummis report spam. So nice others are particepating. Keep it up :---)

    War threads are best when both sides comment. Sadly with how one sided this has been disney don't seem to want to pipe up :(

    Combine that with only leaders knowing the full scale of our ops it's easier to just let qummi report spam :P

    Hi there,
    Nope, I didn't use any GB/GS to train it. But it would still be nice if you decide to wall another guy next time. ;)
    And don't worry too much about training time. It should be back on its feet by the time I managed to wall the other hammers. :D

    Pretty sure this cost was on about my hammer, but i can also say that no GB/GS was used to build it.

    Why pay 3x for a slightly bigger hammer after all when i can just have multiple being built instead ^^

    Any context for that report? A report on it's own is pretty but seems like a stupid waste of troops from both sides to just see off troops hitting def troops.

    Geez, an account called "defense"hub didn't clear the unique architect, the best artifact for the WW holder to have, by himself. He must be a bot/multi, definitly not an account that is spamming def troops and keeping such an important artifact safe for us untill the WW holder needs it.

    That's called working efficiently as a team, if you think you need to cheat to do this you really don't understand the point of alliances and teamwork.

    Dominic you’re not new to this game are you?
    They didn’t get banned because they were not for their own benefit (facepalm). Friendly farm has existed for a while and is legal according to travian. Done in their major tournaments too. That isn’t a reason for a ban.
    You’re honestly defending a lost cause.
    And if you say it isn’t obvious to you what has happened then you are simply naive.

    Never said i wasn't nieve, and yes i am new to the game, this is my 3rd server and first where i was lucky enough to have a friend get me invited to a competative alliance.

    As for (facepalm)? I apologise that my interpretation of the rules offended you so much. If friendly farming where the farm account exists purely to produce resources for another account actually is allowed, then clearly the rules need to rewritten.

    As for defending a lost cause, i don't see what cause i'm even defending. I guess i'm defending that i have faith in the MH, and that because all accounts other than uganda were banned that his is clean after it was investigated? If trusting in the people who enforce the game rules is a lost cause then it's a sad game indeed.

    Ye we shouldnt speculate, maybe some1 else made 100 multi accounts in 300 300 next to uganda and were trying to frame him as cheater, ugandas raiding just happened to decrease by 100 million this week because every player on the account is busy in real life.
    Also its funny leap of logic you are making that me knowing what vpn is would be percieved negatively by others. You are claiming you dont know what it is and im 99% certain . Out in the first world countries vpn and proxies are not some kind of underground travian cheater community thing, but in mainstream because of all the data collecting, scams, hacking, government spying etc, i mean there is even popular browsers that use it by default. Hope you learned something today, and tomorrow you stop cheating ; D

    Ok, you seem to be missing my point, so let me make it nice and simple.

    Uganda was raiding those accounts. Those account didn't do anything to defend themselves, therefore they broke rule 1.1, so they got banned. This is a good thing.

    However, there are no rules against what uganda did, and no proof he himself was multi ing on thise accounts, so you need to stop saying he did,

    The final takeaway from ugandas farming spree last week should be that the rules need to be altered to prevent such an abusive playstyle that circumvates key game mechanics.

    The obvious? Forgive me as i've never ran multis so i've no idea how easy they are to do without linking them to the main account and getting that banned, but the obvious here seems that part of rule 1.1 that states "An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned," was the rule that was broken, so calling him a multi user is as far as i can see not true.

    Do the rules need to be changed to make what uganda did against the rules? Absolutley, i don't like people friendly farming in any way shape or form, but untill the rules get changed to make what the uganda account did punishable, calling him out for using multis is as far as any player can reasonably tell not true.

    I have indeed, although i wouldn't know how they effect the MH's decision making as i've never seen the tools MH's have to work with, or played accounts, legit or otherwise using proxys or VPN's, although you seem very knowlagable about the subject, so maybe your account needs checking ey?

    The fact remains the Uganda Knuckles account is not banned, therefore we have to assume no multi accounting was involved, so you should probably find another thing to be angry about.

    Rumour has it you need to look up the definitiion of multi account. Because i'm pretty sure if it's multi accounting all accounts involved get the banhammer.

    SW have so far stolen:

    1 small boot from ally turkler
    1 small diet from ally turkler
    2 small trainers, one from istnbl34 and one from istnbulx
    1 large storage from ally hf
    And the unique boot from an account that has since deleted, though i believe it was part of the hive ally.

    Only reports i have to hand are these ones from the small trainer that got stolen this morning.
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