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    No not like the info box that a lot of people don't actually read.
    I know that it is not needed for everyone, I for once never had to clear cache. But for each maintenance, I have at least a couple of players on Skype or discord having this problem (solved by cache) and there is across all domains people posting here.

    So a easy solution to implement would be a simple:
    "Hey, there has been a maintenance, if you experience any problems, please empty the cache by doing this or that. If the problem still exists, please contact support in game"


    For each maintenance, there are always players asking why NPC and all stopped working.
    Maybe someone could ask the developers to add a small page informing the players there have been a maintenance and suggest clearing the cache when the player connects for the first time after a downtime, like when artifacts or building plans appear?

    Why change the things that don't need change?
    Kiri has been a reliable simulator for years so why not do one ig, except that it uses ressources that could be used elsewhere (ie finding bots, screw up less updates).
    Samedi goes for t report that if i understand corrrectly will not work for Some time, adding complexity to their creators without reliable alternative?
    Call me an old fart if you want, but there would have been more urgent matter than an in game simulator to work on..

    Indeed, the ash warden is then an excellent def unit for these calmer times.

    As I said, I still believe that a great player on egyptien will have a better account that if he/she was gauls. But, if you put an average player on an egyptien account, I think he/she will have a far worse time producing troops than as a gauls (because the limitation of the neg that scare a lot of player will come quicker...)

    Well, I am sorry to differ, but I am not certain that egyptien are THAT more effective than gauls. I still believe that Egyptiens will have a great advantage, if the bonus of the hero stay the same.
    But only saying that Egyptian are better than gauls to produce mass troops is simply not true, or not anymore after the start:

    A phalanx become more profitable than a slave after 102hours of survival: the cost of the upkeep + production is then better for the phalanx. It is more and more rare to be in an account where your troops die every 102hours in my experience.
    It is more complicated to take into account the waterworks stuff. Especially if we take the hyptohethis that with the heros bonus you get a better capitale. But the bonus would be around 65-75% more cereales, for the capital. It is huge, but a well simmed account in end game produces a lot via capitale but it would be false to say that the entire production of the account is 50% more than one of an account without the waterworks.

    Moreover: egyptien have really bad mercheants. To supply crop for a defense that need to last during the night, or thinking long term in a world wonder would be HELL! 750 capacity (extended to 2250) with the speed of romans mercheants (slow) to supply a slave based defense, well, good luck for that.

    So, I believe a well played account for egyptien would still be extremely valuable for an alliance. But, let's not bury the gauls so fast...