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    Travian, you are not interested in cleaning up your game. So, after 11 years, the last 3 particularly worthless and filled with multi-accounts, I quit. Goodbye.

    There are books and papers piled on the floor close to the door. If the thief escaped through that door the books would have been moved away from the swinging

    door. Therefore the librarian is lying, the thief did not escape that way. Therefore the librarian helped the thief escape.

    I am a computer systems programmer by profession. I know that it would not take much programming effort to code gradual acceleration into rams and catapults so that they

    would pick up a moderate amount of speed the further they travel from their base. Now rams and catapults are set so slow on the speed servers that their effectiveness is greatly

    diminished. Yeah, I know what a tournament square is. Rams and catapults need to be a little faster on the speed servers none-the-less.

    The strip across the top of the screen is hard to read. By that I mean that the Resource, village buildings, statistics, reports, messages, daily quest etc. is hard to pick out. If a resource becomes filled to capacity a red bar appears but it is hard to see. The numeric totals of resources are also hard to read.

    I don't know why you let this version be released even this far. This background is hard to read, hard to pick out items and is certainly considerably LESS user friendly then the previous version.

    Come on. Why are you even considering this?

    Not easy to pick things out. Hard to read and find things....and no, it's NOT because I am used to the old display and can't change. With this version

    you are saving some process time and load on the server so I suppose you are going to do it in spite of what is said here. This is not a user improvement by

    any means.

    I have a HUGE ally player who keeps reinforcing my 15c capital with his troops. Uninvited. What can I do to prevent him from doing this? Msgs to him don't get read. My alliance

    leaders do nothing.

    as i said it was called new years server...

    I guess you weren’t happy with my answer in the thread you made about it yesterday :|

    New NYS X5?

    Got it now, thanks, Lemon. For some reason your post did not show up on my screen until a few minutes ago....the curse of living in Asia, funny internet connections.

    Is there now, or is there going to be in the future, a speed version of Pandora? Its a nice game but it is way too slow for my tastes.

    The only game I enjoyed was the comx speed server. Is this game now gone? Travian certainly allowed this game to be tainted by bot-villages generated by.....?

    How come when you go to "SERVER INFORMATION" there is very little meaningful "SERVER INFORMATION" with a lot of it out of date and uninformative? Where is the
    information about the comx speed server?

    It is really hard to find the Server Information button. Then when you manage to go there, there is out-dated information from two servers ago, there is not much info there at all. How about you folks make this viable and usable. Some of us have to make time and schedule our play around work. I know its an absurd idea but some of us work and travel. How abouts you guys give us a viable server info to help us schedule our play?

    Let's say you have a dually. You have a spat and he changes the password on you, in effect banning you from playing on the dual account. What recourse do you have? What can you do about it, if anything?