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    I can say that this confederacy system is a sweet deal for raiders. No spiking. Maybe only losing troops every now and then to natars, but that's more than acceptable.

    WILD seems like a huge hug box. :D

    The background is too bright. It's actually a bit tiring, maybe if the grass was a bit darker it would be better?

    Also Suggestion: any chance the background can change based on how advanced your city gets? maybe making the bridges look better, and add some classy stones the area in center if your pop is after 250 or something

    What? the older background is brighter…
    I like the second idea though

    What bothers me most doesn't concern whatever change to background or user interface ... it's the way of looking at speed servers. Why is everything multiplied by 3 except warehouse, granary, cranny (and trapper for gauls)? I started late this evening with a production of 144 and a capacity of 800.

    A similar thing for the beginner's rewards. On a speed server we do have to focus on warehouse and granary. No rewards are seen for reaching the required levels until other quests are fullfilled.

    I think the point behind a speed server is, as it's name hints, do things faster. That doesn't mean larger. It means you have to build and train faster and in order to do so, you get the resources faster too. That being said, if you're spending at 3x the speed, there's really no need for having three times as much space in your storage buildings, hence, no need to focus so much on storage either until a later stage. That's my take on it at least.

    You don't have to do double click. In every page there's an "X" that closes the window you've opened and takes you back to wherever you were (Buildings or fields)

    There seems to be a bug when you settle your second village, The quest "Found new village" doesn't work. No reward given and it stays in the quests outliner (being so, we'll have the friendly fella watching us all game).

    I personally like the new sprites. It is true that it's a bit hard to identify buildings at first, but within 2 days you'll know what is what. Some are very intuitive like always. I'd like to learn how to draw like that :D

    I'm all for Gauls. They have a versatility the other tribes don't. Even if they were severely nerfed with the introduction of Huns and Egypt, Gauls is still my first choice. Not gonna lie, I haven't had the chance to try the two new tribes and I'm very interested in the african one so this answer may change after i play as either one of them.

    Still, I find that Theutates Thunders are too expensive compared to other Tribes' cavalry units and their capabilities offense-wise. For a time now I've thought that either TTs need an attack buff or a price reduction, specially since Gauls were sold like the main civ for cav (before Huns).

    Training Gaul hammers is a viable strategy because they pack a punch for a good crop consumption. It's also possible to build a ghost hammer if you go with TTs, which can be very useful if used with scouts and a smart strategy. However a Gaul player, even if playing mainly as an offensive one, can easily build a defensive army for an acceptable price (Phalanx + Druidriders) or train mobile anvils for a higher price but way higher speed.

    You're playing with NIck again? :)

    SGR has to prove themselves. They already shit the bed with losing 2 valuable artefacts.

    VICES are the strongest, but I commend TEN for actually trying something against VICES.

    I seem to recall Lowlands hitting VICES before merging with TEN. No commendation?

    A lot of below average players can do wonders if they are in high enough numbers

    Vices is the most numerous team, I guess they'll do wonders :)

    The biggest compliment what we can give you is a fact that we actually thought that you were a decent ally, for about 3 months when server started...after comment.. your actions spoke more than your words

    Certainly, like your cowardice when you joined forces with Diamond, that was quite a speech. ^^

    You were so afraid you had to team up. And if I'm not mistaken that was the last three months, not the first. I've said it so before, I wasn't here at the beginning.

    But then again, that doesn't matter anymore.

    At this point there's no use on insulting anyone (or trying to).

    I said this and you immediately jumped in with a passive aggressive comment. That speaks a lot of you like a person, regardless of the kind of player you are.

    Have a good one lads and lasses :)

    He would make no difference,btw I think you have more chances in upcoming server if you get rid of your "leader", he is obviously new to this game,not using some basic knowledge and also leaving she ship when its sinking, no dignity whats so ever..

    Well, our leader had the most troops in this server, 2 WW hammers and held 2 Wonders, I can assure you he's not a noob, and with that being said, I can also tell he's probably the MVP of this com3 round (hence better than you by far). As for leaving the ship when it's sinking, well, there was no use staying mate. I don't think anyone would've stayed spending money and time on it after weeks of terrible sleep and accumulated stress provoked by our own players inability to play properly. You played a terrific game all things considered and we just played a decent one, that's why you won at the end.

    At this point there's no use on insulting anyone (or trying to).

    i gotta apologize for the first statement, lack of english knowledge got me there, but you saying you werent cooping with phoenix is funny, isnt the enemy of my enemy my friend? 1st pp ally was peace and phoenix,after that it was you and peace, and if i remember corectly we saw a few members of yours in our ops vs phoenix

    Can't say it 100% sure because I joined the server when Phoenix was dying (And it was already Pirates & Peace confed, not any other), but I think they were not with us nor us with them. But I do recall them asking for help and us denying it. Because the plan was 1v1v1v1 and they were in the way of a quad being united under one banner.

    This issue is concurring in many servers (and other Travian Games releases tooo).The first point has never happened to me though.
    As for the second, watching adds work maybe 1 out of 10 times at best and it's certainly annoying, specially when you're using mobile data.
    In low level building it's not even worth it because you spend more time watching 10 adds than the time it takes to build up with no time reduction...

    only if you let me buy u a beer first

    Be my guest :thumbsup:

    $$$ from former Phoenix mostly. They are with Pirates side obviously, cos their leadership connected with Pirates when they got hit by Slapice before artiface drop.

    Certainly, sometimes. They're what I call a wild card. Sometimes they help us and sometimes they attack us. Can't say they're 100% with us that way, but i can certainly say they're not with you.

    Saku dont spread things you dont fully know:)

    Even I don't fully know XD

    yeah saku, its OBVIOUS that pirates are all alone on this server making it unfair

    Excuse me, waiter. My fries are too salty. May I get some ketchup to help?