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    congrats winter's winners! and also the italian team for their good fight, strange thath nobdy of thei talian team seem to post here, if there are some I receive recruitment propossals via PM for the next server.

    great progress of the russian wonder, I'm deadly bored of this server and me and my aly comrades don't see the our to have our codes for the finals and see wich team are going to join, I wonder if is it possible on a 2x server finish the wonder before the ugly natars strt building?.

    the reports where great, dont ruin it with weeping again please.

    how are everyone? how are you handsome girl?, well it seems that suleiman's confederacy is vanishing like a bad smelling fart, I hope don't nbeing acused by someone me again for being unpolite.

    zatarra from group europe.

    my tip is simple but useful, it only works if you have activated plus account, for having more benefits of your link list, It's very common to put an important upgrading building as the smithy as well, if you want to use the same link for the smithy or any other frecuent used buidling working for each of your villages, you must use the same construction place for the smithy or desired bulding in each of your villages, for example 13, then no mathers wich village have you picked, you will acces the smithy in each one.

    it's just strategy, as some say, fair or not :)

    well, there is that saying ''In war and love everything is allowed''.

    I don't know anything about that suposed traps of death, but for example I picked up a 15c as my capital with 125% oasis bonus, with fully upgraded capital's crops fields I can have a very respetable off-def roman army, and I don't need so many villages to support thath village, because when I didn't have a large army I was converting the crop in other resources with npc and I had every resource on thath only 15c to create a well army, someone would compplain about the existence of gold like I read so many times.

    whateaver, I hope you denunce those players if there are cheating against the game rules, and I hope they will be baned.

    If you know there farms on purpose accounts, thath apareantly you have been posting, what stops you to raid them you?, if are farms accounts shouldn't have defenses.

    since qhen having a small account for having moral bonus is unfair?. I just and strategy.

    whom growth winds siege storms

    Even when I received siege attacks to my initial village, I always seek for no fighting withouth reazon and I keep my promise of no agression, exept thath time in wich I attacked a conquest village by mistake because it was at my farm list and I confused it with a rebel farm because i didn't knew the meaning of reislendi, but when I could reach peace i didn't attacked again as I agreed with my then rival.

    I was considering to forgot the destruction of my initial village just for placer, when I tried to negotiate peace with someone who i'm going to call suleiman (because it acts like if he where suleiman) I received answers like I'm going to attack you because is more experience for my hero, if I may conquest your village why I shouldn't?, and it's true everyone can conquest a village if it's rentable, but I answered to him thath i detected his attack and I was going to stop it,that the reinforces where coming and I had enough law tablets to resist the conquest, so the answer of suleiman was "then I'm going to clean of the bottom of my map''; there is a rule against it? of course it not, and I don't complain about it, I told suleiman thath I was not going to attack any of his villages, thath I swas settling at the east, and he told me it's ok to play away us, go on the east, and he continues with seige attacks, a village in 16|130 has chanced to be defended in the earth of the nest of tc coalition?, so I drawed back all the reinforces to avoid unesesary losts to my comrades and i gived my village for lost.

    I considered to just forgot my initial village, but then a friend told me about a message to him, like I was insulting everyone in his confederacy and now I recognize my guilty on it,I said stupid things in a message to suleiman, about something thath nothing has to do with travian game, and it's not certain just because I went angry and i didn't tougth wath I was saying,I public apologyse yo suleiman itself and everyone for it, everyone may decide if forgot me for my mistake or not, I received a punishment on the game for it and it was totally fair.

    but involving my friend really freaked me out,so, anything unlegal was done to me, but each action has it's consecuence, and a lot of suleiman's teamates enjoy destroying my village just for placer, exept thath one whom keep his promise at me of non agression I must remark it.

    so I'm on the obligation of take actions, suleiman you should end destroying my initial village as you started it two days ago, I for instinct hide my off, there is a lot of ways to acomplish it, I just remained 63 fire catapults wich at this moment of the server is a little amount, but used in the wright way can send a message, so this morning someone woke up with one of his villages like a colander, I want to see if you are able to delte our accounts as you told me if I didn't forgot the destruction of my initial village, your aly may put in trouble some comrade like you and some of your friends did with me, but we are going to help for sure, and I don't think you can acomplish the erasment of our accounts. have a good day.

    I post this message as public because it seems that shaq34 likes to manipulate things and lie other players tolding them thath I'm referering to the rest, but that message is only for him and what I think of his way to do things, wich in the game are legal of course, I don´t think the same of the rest of turkey players or turkey as a country supporting any tipe of negative actions, I would like some day to visit turkey and a lot of historic places in that country, shaq34 if you have a problem with me or whath I said individualy to you is not enough with your complain to the admins of the server?, thath is the only wrigth way, not involving other players thath nothing has to do with I have against you.

    P.D post the message here if you want, but it was destinated only to you thath message, not to any player more.