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    This not only concerns the background. I agree though that it's too bright.

    Villagename and village overview are way too large. The used font doesn't read easily. Better use Comic Sans or Verdana; those fonts have the characters closer to each other.

    To have a special place on top for the daily tasks seems good; it's a pity you chose to have dorf1 and dorf2 at the same place on top.

    As for dorf2 ... why change that? It has 19 places just as the former. I do have a place for everything and for everything a place. And yes .. the same. I don't mind to reconsider te placing of all buildings. Just wondering why you chose to this change and what you think it gains.

    What bothers me most doesn't concern whatever change to background or user interface ... it's the way of looking at speed servers. Why is everything multiplied by 3 except warehouse, granary, cranny (and trapper for gauls)? I started late this evening with a production of 144 and a capacity of 800.

    A similar thing for the beginner's rewards. On a speed server we do have to focus on warehouse and granary. No rewards are seen for reaching the required levels until other quests are fullfilled.