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    Dismantling a Mad.

    First of all I want to make it clear that I do not come to cry. Rather to prove the use of traps by Mad. This time it is the use of Bots. They talk about hard work and more blah blah ... but it's all cheap wordy. In this case we will analyze the fake sequence of a member of Mad.

    Image number 1:

    Look at the last second of each fake. We can appreciate that between the first fake and the second fake there is a difference of 1 second. Between the second fake and the third, there are 6 seconds of difference. And between the third and fourth fake there are 4 seconds of difference. Remember these figures: 1 second, 6 seconds and 4 seconds.

    Image number 2:

    In this second image you can see how the same sequence of the last second of each fake is repeated. 1 second, 6 seconds and 4 seconds. Can you think, chance?

    Image number 3:

    Go again the same sequence is repeated in its last second. Again there is a sequence of 1 second, 6 seconds and 4 seconds. With this test is more than evident the use of bots used by MAD, both when it comes to fake, and when to attack. Congratulations and enjoy your cheats and bots. I also want to emphasize the embarrassment on the part of the Travian team. That in spite of all the complaints and denunciations put to the different multihunters. They have done nothing to end the use of traps. Now, if they want, they ban my forum account. Or the game account. I am indifferent, because this is a real shame.


    Jesus - Hades

    Congratulations Skynet, I wanted to say MAD. Congratulations to your bots for winning the server. They always knew how to attack and not unbalance the attacks day after day, week after week. Great work done by your bots. Congratulations hahaha

    It has no explanation. A player with several hours full stores and barns, which is obviously not in the account .. and does not stop sending robbers. It is clear that they have already won the server, in other circumstances they would be happy to win. But using cheats... No

    There is a mad alliance player who uses bot, smells kilometers, several robberies every minute to a player of our alliance. I spy on him in several periods of time without being detected and at the same time he is launching robberies, he has his barns and warehouses full for hours. Do you really think he is connected with robberies and does not waste materials? They are right when they say that mad are cheaters. If they authorize me, I can attach screenshots.