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    The idea behind Anomander Rake started about 1.5 years ago with fnx and was decided to be implemented this server. The plan was to make an account as invincible as possible, not relying on a capital and focused on troop building. It was never about the moral bonus lol. The main duals were myself (an old player from 2007), ieatclocks, puggles and Ermal. It is a shame not to have fnx stay to watch the full idea being implemented.

    The account had 2 cousins helping it: No One and Lady Winter. We are allowed to have 2 cousins with all the duals on the account, no? Sorry to burst everyone's bubble accusing us of raiding hundreds of tech accounts. Farmlisting was done every 3 days. Raids were sent every 15-20 minutes. At some point, we had around 550 farms, double raided between EIs and Imps. All my farmlist, you can find on any inactive search website. GB and GS were running 24x7 by day 60. Catas started by day 40, although it could have been sooner

    Now let me break down the stuff. The hammer town was raiding the whole server, going 500+ fields for raids. It stored resources in 2 main villages. Obviously those will overflow quickly. So our cousins were helping us offload resources. Anomander villages were constantly raided out to take the resources and avoid overflows. At some point, other members from SGR started raiding resources out of our villages as well. This means that the raiding amount showing in top10 raiders was not the real raiding amount. Those resources were going into building those accounts (cousins help each other, right?) as well as building defense and more storages. We had to raid some of those resources especially in times of spikings just to recover the lost troops and loss of raid income which the account relied on heavily. Cheers to the spikers, I am assuming we lost around 15k troops at least due to their love. The server was totally under raided. If you compare it to the previous server there were much more raiders and much more income. Resources were very abundant just cause nobody wanted to take them. No One and Lady Winter each took from Anomander and stored between 30 and 40 mils of resources per week.

    Once Artis were captured and ST was taken, Anomander raided back those resources to push for trainer usage which is why there was a big surge of raid amount appearing in top 10 raiders. It is true that we were raiding some of those accounts resource production, but that was minimal since those accounts were producing defense as well. So basically, we were not leaching on other people’s accounts resources, those were our own resources that we were taking back on trainer usage. Spies can definitely confirm this.

    Now for the numbers. Anomander Rake was ranked 8th in resource on the server and 1st in alliance. You would think that with all this raiding, wouldn't it be ranked 1? I guess there were 7 other accounts who have better resource production just from leaching and receiving resources through merchants. Prior to artis, Anomander was ranked 2nd offensively on the server. After artis, the ranking dropped to 7 even though queues never stopped in all buildings (GS, GB included) and on small trainers.

    The only way for Anomander to drop rank is when Teutons push for trainers and Romans build EC WWKs. Putting EA's rammer aside, which was above us, this leaves 5 WWKs that have pushed their offensive power above Anomander. A Roman EC WWK needs 75 mil resources to train on all buildings on trainers for a week without considering the troop upkeep. With the rank 10 raider raiding around 40 mil resources per week, how did Vices have 3-4 Roman EC WWKs (and maybe more) without appearing once on the raiders list? Not to mention the EC WWks that were below us. The amount of Tech accounts that existed in the boonies is absurd and the pushes done were also extraordinary. WWKs were also garaging their troops, making them invincible to all the spikings that hit us hard. So before nagging and accusing us of multying, please look in the mirror or at least shut up and don't mention it. Anomander was working hard to get all the resources we got, and if we had the support that some had in the boonies, we would never need to appear on the raider's list or expose the WWK prior to artis.

    Anomander was a very demanding account, it was very difficult to maintain, and the level of activity on the account has caused us the ban which I will talk about in a different post in order not to risk this being deleted. We wish we had the luxury of simming all server in the boonies and just training on trainers because resources were always available, but we didn't.

    About the server. This has been the most boring server I have ever played. Vices strategy was to bore the anvils, making them delete, do 1 OP after 150 days and call themselves the best attackers. It is a valid strategy, it worked, alot of anvils deleted or starved troops, and people got careless and just started other servers wanting to stop this one. However, it is still boring no matter how you put it so good luck with that. WWKs simmed in the boonies and even boots were placed there until lately. Natars decided to delete probably because of that!

    The amount of ghosting was impressive; however it is because of 3 main factors:

    1. Friendly backstabbing...Cheeeeeeeers !
    2. Most of our players don't sim in the boonies, they need to spawn around the middle to raid for their resources
    3. People got careless and lazy. I am not defending them, but that is a fact

    It is true that being careless is not an excuse, but nobody really wanted to continue this server. If we were not trying out this idea, we would have deleted long time ago. So great job on the ghostings.

    I need to give a special thanks for TEN leaders. Without you, Vices wouldn't have won THAT easily. Their only aim this server was to slow SGR down and did a great job at it. After lots of rants and begs from tonz for SGR not to go after their quad artis, they lost all to Vices. Thank God UT was right next to tonz, otherwise they probably would have lost it too. We got so pissed at that fact that it caused us to lose UA (not that it is important cause we never switch to it anyways lol) and not login into the accounts. And after all, they just left like they had nothing to do with the mess they created. I won't go into all the details and all the lying and selfish decisions because it doesn't make any difference to the outcome of this server. We did lose artis, and steal an arti, but this is all part of the game. Also, I need to explain the difference between having standing defense and garaging offensive troops: an offensive player stores standing defense so that he can sleep at night without the risk of being spiked and can add defense to defend against new attack. Storing standing defense means the offensive player needs to work twice as hard to feed the defense and offense. However, offensive players garage troops at other accounts so that they don’t have to feed them themselves and that gives them more resources to train, making life easier for them. Both concepts are definitely not the same.

    Having said that, it was never a super meta. Ten had their own agenda and never shared anything, and sometimes did the opposite of what was agreed on. Of course, you can call it a super meta for your ego, but still it never wasn’t.

    Also, another special thanks to Close2insane. He probably reported us more than Vices did. Just because you don't know how to create a farmlist, that doesn't mean you should report the players that are better than you. If you need help with farmlisting, I will be glad to help you.

    Now for the funny story posted on No-Starvation at the WW and how SGR is taking advantage of it. I would like to thank you for exposing yourself with it. Is that how you were able to store 6.5 mil defensive troops before plans? You were running up to -3mil/hr while building support villages around the WW and raiding approximately 60 mil per week without reaching 0 crop level except on day 195? You chose to report it 5 days before the plan release, knowing that support will need alot of time to check it and by that time crops at the WW will be halved? Is that why you stored catas and rams at the secondary WW with no support villages around it and you needed to supply it with approximately 400k crop/hr by merchants? Yes, we have scouting of that 2nd WW and afterwards. You removed the troops before writing that lame forum post that means nothing. You totally knew about the bug and abused it, putting big number of defense at the WW because of it and then when you thought we figured it out, you tried to “expose” us and by doing that only exposed yourselves. The funny thing is, SGR WW was starving, troops were lost and we have received a big amount of IGMs and skype messages nagging about why starvation was happening at the WW so thank you for clearing this matter out. For a group that has ADMITTED spikings, hacking, foul play and backstabbing, you expect the whole community to believe that you were -3mil per hour while building all support villages and never reaching 0 crop till day 195 which is when you reported it? If anything, by day 195, support villages were ready and crop should be abundant for a group so dedicated as you. I wish we knew about the bug, we would have stored much more than 1.5 mil defenses at the WW by plan time lol. Even after the rollback and during a cease fire while everyone was discussing the next steps and nobody focused on the accounts (most of the troops weren’t even available to use due to the rollback), you went all in and decided to snipe Tiberius troops which shows how much your words mean to you.

    Defense wise, the supplied troops were very impressive. I am not going to go into details of how several Vices accounts go inactives for 5-6 days and they go back active and change pop on the day of an OP. Inactives searches tells that story perfectly. I will leave this to the imagination of the players to figure it out. Still, number of defenses especially at the WW was impressive.

    Of course, when I am referring to Vices, I don't mean all players. Alot of players there are decent, but the people I am talking about will recognize themselves.

    Nowadays, every alliance has players that play with Techs. However, SGR has never preplanned alliance wide Techs which is why it differs from Vices. It is true that in the past and currently SGR have players who use Tech accounts. Nobody every denied it. But Vices preplanning alliance wide Techs to cover resources for everybody is lame. So good job your plan worked all server, and good job on losing all your recruits which at the start of the server looked very promising.

    If that is the definition of a well-established team nowadays, and the method used to build WW, wwks and anvil, then it's time to just leave the game. It is no longer about skill and planning; it is about how many multies an alliance can spawn lol.

    Haters are going to hate; trolls are going to troll. But that doesn't change the fact that Anomander pushed the limit of the concept of tech accounts without actually abusing tech accounts the way others do it. The account worked very hard for all the resources and didn't rely on merchant pushes to supply it with 70+ mil resources while sleeping in the boonies. Actually, our merchants were always busy with offloading resources from the account. Especially after we took over the task of feeding WW. Compared to Vices, who had a full tournament setup in the boonies, 100+ tech accounts pushing normal accounts for resources without having to raid and getting risks of spiking.

    Now you can quote parts of this message and comment on it, but nothing that you do can negate the fact that everything written here is true and valid no matter how much you try to diminish it.

    Cheeeeeeeeers for Robert (Hot&Wild) who in my opinion carried SGR this server, and for The Grim as well. They both worked together and independently for the OC work and did a great job keeping our troops on the move. There may be some other people involved in OP, but since Anomander wasn’t really an OP hammer, I didn’t know all the details.

    Cheeeeeeeeers for Ice who accepted to take over the WW with all the terrible situation that SGR was in

    Cheeeeeeeeeers for the duals who put up with me all server long...

    Now that the server is coming to an end, Anomander deserved to end it in the way it was planned. A 0 pop WWK. Since vices never attempted at that task, we had to do it ourselves.

    And on that note, this account is the end of my travian game time. Shame I have to end 11 years of playing because of this reason, but the game is getting lamer by the minute. I probably won't be replying to threads cause I am too lazy for it. The same reason that I’ve never been on forum before...

    Garages and Techs FOR THE WIN !

    Best Regards


    How is it possible that players with no raiding all server can make wwk armies with over 20k catas?
    Calculation wise, his account cannot produce the needed resources to feed current troops and train new troops, so how is that possible?
    Answer is: Garages
    Why do you allow people to use garages and are not banned on the excuse that the garage account can produce lvl 20 defense? That is the same as having a Multi account and is ruining the game!!!