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    Hello all,

    The protection has been in the game for years. There was a bug that did not connect accounts correctly, which was fixed at the end of April, so it now works as designed and the purpose of this is to prevent scam action/hidding pushing.

    About the "recently" part, it does not mean two weeks in this case. It's a short term limitation, which we can't tell.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I totally understand that it is intended to shut down hidding pushing etc. We were just surprised to see it being applied to public trade offers that are being picked up by random people.

    So I assume this connection type 3 that is created here does only impact the raiding, right?

    And if I pick up a trade offer from an enemy account, I could still chief his villages during an ops on the next day for example?

    As for the "recently" part, that's the time period that has been mentioned by your staff in the support ticket.

    I think the biggest impact of this new rule had not been mentioned yet:

    As the guy from TG staff mentioned in his reply to the support ticket, When player A and B trade with eachother by accepting random offers on the marketplace, this creates a connection type 3 between them and also the sitters of these two accounts.

    As we know, connection type 3 does not only affect raiding but also prevents you from chiefing a village:


    Rules for connection type 3

    • can NOT conquer village of each other


    • Wonder of the World villages can always be conquered as long as they are not the last village of the defender.
    • Artefact villages can always be conquered as long as they are not the last village or the capital of the defender.


    I mainly see two issues here:

    1) you can specifically search for trade offers on the market from dangerous accounts in your area in order to become unchiefable for them.

    2) you can try to accept as many offeres from an enemy alliance as possible, which will result in a chiefing protection between them and you and all the accounts that are sitting these accounts. Good luck running an ops like this. ;)

    Of course there also is the option, that this connection type 3 via trades only applies to raids and not to chiefing.

    Ameno & Ridder Huma would you mind to let us know if chiefing is also affected?

    I think in they end these Nutz won the server. It was maybe not obvious but there were with ML. They didn't do anything to help them, little like Istanbul, but they claim to be with them the whole server on forum and that's why they also won.

    Yes. In fact, we are the ML core group. The ML team itself was just a bait to cover it up.

    As it is said above, Istanbul fought at 4 fronts: Cows, LTU, RoTeam and NewOrder mid game WITHIN and OUTSIDE of the grey area. No alliance would survive that. I said it was unfair mid-game, I'm saying it now.

    Remember when your IST friends challenged everyone to come to their quad and fight them at the beginning of this server?

    How comes it's suddenly unfair if some alliances react on this challenge?

    İstanbul is winner of the server with ML.

    Dont you feel sorry for us.

    But we are sorry for you losers. :)

    exactly. Your 100s of accounts teamed up with 100s of ML accounts and still didnt manage to get a higher level ww than a team of 23 accounts. ;)

    thats quite sad actually, even if you ignore the whole botting and multi setup.

    Text comprehension sure is not your strongest skill, Lemon. :)

    I'll copy it again and highlight it, so it might be easier for you to spot without too much other text around it.

    I can totally understand that's not the funniest experience and might look like half the server teamed up against them.

    NewOrder, RoTeam1+2 and BK just attacked your ww, doesnt mean that they are with us so.... (do you realise how stupid you sound atm?). Complaining about losing while having an NAP with 2 gigantic metas, and not building wwks (ok, you built 2), great job.

    Well, RoTeam did synch attacks with you. Once Ape was rammer for them on ILS WW and once they were rammer for him on ML WW. Not quite sure what else these poor guys need to do in order to be accepted as part of your team. Same for StayHome or TLL who also lined up in some hammer trains.

    Also, why would cow leadership inform their players not to hit TLL several weeks ago? :)

    As for BK, they just said they've been working with you guys since the beginning after being asked why the let cows pick up small boots for free.

    Not sure what reason they would have to lie about that cooperation and give away an arte for free if that's not the case.

    Also regarding the complaints of ILS. They got attacked by NewOrder, DN, LoL, RoTeam and Cows within an hour on WW, 3x architect and the wwks.

    I can totally understand that's not the funniest experience and might look like half the server teamed up against them.

    Cows had to shoot down 2 wws, you guys, well, what did you shoot down exactly? ML did all the work for you. Also, cows also were a group of 60 accs, recruited the other 120.

    cows sure built some very nice hammers. Also the 5x steal was a very well executed ops.

    But I think you ended up recruiting a tiny bit more than the 120 accounts you mentioned above to support your ww and hammer trains. ;)

    If you add the RoTeam and LoL hammers, its pretty much the firepower that destroyed ILS ww. So in fact cows shot down 1 ww, not 2.

    Still a decent achievement for sure.

    ye Correct when other alliance passes arti to cow meta booo they're playing together ... when ILS passes it becomes a " Strategic Decision " ....

    Trading a 3x architect vs an additional building plan pretty much only has benefits for ILS:

    a) ML is less likely to attack them and take it by force while killing a good amount of defense of ILS, no matter if they're successful or not.

    b) Cows will be forced to throw more hammers on ML due to 3x architect. Which means less hammers can be hold back to knock down ILS later on.

    c) ILS themselves just benefits way more from having an additional BP as backup instead of an arte that doesnt really add any value to their ww defense and would also require additional resources or troops in order to be moved or defended.

    Who knows if ML and ILS really worked together.. But bringing up this trade as some kind of proof is just silly if you spend 5min of thinking about the pros and cons for them.

    As for the artes brought to cows by their friends. Feel free to share the benefits for the previous owners as well.

    Well, there was no WW on beta, so I guess we'll never find out. ;)
    And if you feel the need to debate about low gameplay in our alliance, go for it. Im truly excited what you will come up with.

    Anyways, I did not bring this up over and over. I just replied to your silly comment making fun of the guy who you backstabbed by sending that WW defense home.
    And I also dont see how a naive move like sharing password and getting an unreliable person on board on the WW account would justify your behaviour in any way.

    I have also been quite clear about this when we talked back on the beta.

    Do you hear that?

    It's the sound of noone giving a FLUFFY PINK UNICORN

    At least I came forth and said what I did and why. I could've easily be a FLUFFY PINK UNICORN and not say anything about it.

    Indeed, not being an asshole at all and showing great manners. Congraz mate. :thumbup:

    This feedback from admins here and the customer support in general is just one sad story.

    I have personally reported several of the accounts listed in the post that you deleted for potential bot usage and for being tech-accounts. And I know of at least 5 other accounts that have done the same.

    Mind elaborating why nothing happened all round long.“? Like how could you not see these bots? And the other patterns pretty much screaming ‚multi‘..

    There are basically two possible reasons:

    a) your admin in charge is totally incompetent.

    b) he willingly chose to ignore it.

    As others have stated before, the fact you have an admin in charge who is quite famous for his dodgy plays already shows that you, Travian Games admins and management, dont give a damn about these things and rather focus on how to get more milk from the cashcow.

    Shame on you.